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Internet In Shopping Centres

This is one of the best ideas since neverwinter nights. If it wasn't for these computers I wouldn't be able to alk to my friends over the internet while I am at the Gold Coast. Thank you people who do this service.:twisted:


My computer crashed:evil: and as a result I lost most of my information and important files so I am sorry to all who were waiting for the wallpaper But I have managed to produce an advertisement for assassins creed. So I hope you like the movie:lol:


The Wallpaper is nearly complete I just have to add the finishing touches. I downloaded the spore creator and it is great, I want to buy the full game now.


I have started work on a wallpaer for lego starwars. I expect it to be finished in a couple of weeks. I will keep you updated.:idea:


Most of these servers we have at school don't even work. I mean what is the use of having the best servers if they don't work.:twisted:


I was reading the bok "the book thief':roll: weird title.anyway. It is about death who goes around following this one little girl. And all this bad stuff used to happen to this girl.:| I mean who deserves all that. No wonder all this bad stuff keeps happening she has the devils cousin behind her.:cry: