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Guild Wars 2 vs The Old Republic- in one CERTAIN respect

Honestly, I'm growing weary.

In my current state of mellow sadnes I've taken to the internet (probably not a very wise decision) to vent out a few frustrations I'm having with the industry recently, in a pretty specific area.

Guild Wars 2. The game many of us (including myself) have been waiting for since 2008. 4 years ago.

The Old Republic. A game announced later than Guild Wars 2 in the same year.

The Old Republic has been released, with a few minor launch hiccups, in grand fashion.

Guild Wars 2 has not even seen the eyes of a beta, or a projected release date.

Problem? Yes.

As much as I respect Arenanet as a developer, as they did a pretty phenomenal job on the original Guild Wars, I'm beginning to lose faith in their strategies. They are really dragging out this release, and if the game isn't released by LATEST summer of this year, they will not only lose a large market but the game will suffer dearly in technical regards.

The Old Republic is a very polished game, and honestly, Guild Wars 2 practically has to be eons better to justify such a drawn out release date. I'm afraid this won't be the case, to my sadness.

Don't fail us Arenanet. It will be the end of you.

My [Personal] best games of the last decade

Halfway through 2011 and realizing the amazing games that are sure to come later this year and in the near future, I think it's only right that I personally recollect on and share with my fellow Gamespot members my personal best games of the past decade. I've played all these games (obviously), and they've all really stuck with me; let me know how you guys relate to the list and if you have any different opinions.

BEST GAMES OF 2000-2010

4. Gears of War [X360]

5. GTA: San Andreas[XBOX,PS2,PC]

6. Halo 3[X360]

7. Mass Effect 1 + 2 [X360,PC,PS3](can't decide :P)

8. Star Wars: KOTOR[XBOX,PC]

9. Halo 2[XBOX,PC]

10. Fallout 3[X360,PS3,PC]


Narrowing down the top 3 games of the millenium's first decade was a real challenge...but I trust my judgement and I won't be able to post this blog without having been fully confident of these decisions:

3. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion [X360,PS3]

Best RPG of all time? Debatable. Best RPG of the decade? Without question.

2. Half-Life 2 [PC]

Half-Life 2 is not only one of the best first-person shooters of all time, but it's mind bending puzzles and groundbreaking technological feats for its release date were unparalleled at the time. I'll truly never forget this game (and never stop playing it.)


As much flack as I'm going to get for this, I couldn't really decide where to put this game. I was having trouble deciding how low or high on the list it should be ranked; 5th? 4th? After a while, however, I finally realized the problem: it wasn't number one. Grand Theft Auto IV is my personal best game of the decade; why you ask? It shattered all expectations; the world needed a GTA game and it delivered on all fronts: amazing graphics, compelling story, realistic physics, interesting characters, and a sort of charm to its setting that will never and never should be forgotten. GTA IV was a true masterwork on all fronts and not recognizing it as one of [if not the] best games of the decade would be doing it an injustice.

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Guild Wars Economy

Anyone else hating the inflamation of the GW economy recently? ectos and blacks have doubled from a few months ago, which isnt really surprising. All the more reason to FoWsc though

Does Nintendo understand the term "Next-Gen"???

Is it just me or does Nintendo not understand that if they want to make more money they need to develop a console with the power to handle next gen games. Nintendo's Wii's lack of hardware has begun to frustrate me since it cant handle titles like Assassin's Creed, the DC of GH and Rock Band, and much more. I think they need to make a console that isnt all about "family fun" and more about gamer's needs.

Windows Vista Review- Is Windows Vista really better than Windows XP?

Windows Vista has faced a lot of criticism since it was released in late 2006, due to the many bugs, glitches, and installation pains that creped through the minds of many people who were anxiously awaiting to use the new Operating System. I decided that my time had come to use Windows Vista, and now I write this review to reveal my thought of Windows Vista.


In terms of GUI, Windows Vista definitely dominates Windows XP. The hideous "Luna" disaster of XP leaves a lot to be desired. Media Center 2005 did introduce Royale however, which was considerably better. However, compared to Windows Aero, Windows XP's GUI is nowhere near as good.

Score: Windows Vista- 5/5 Windows XP: 3/5


Stability, Stability, Stability: Windows Vista knows all about stability. Well, it knows all about how to not be stable. Vista has been plagued with problems due to stability, with many programs not being compatible, and constant program crashes. XP however, has been fairly clean in this category. So in terms of stability, XP takes the gold, hands down.

Score: Windows Vista- 3.5/5 Windows XP: 5/5


In the category of speed, it is a very close call. However, in my case, Windows Vista pulled out faster in the end. The Windows Aero Interface uses memory from your video card, therefore it frees up RAM on your CPU, leading that to one reason why it is faster than XP's default Luna. Other than that, overall Vista is just faster than XP in my opinion. In this category, Vista pulls out.

Score: Windows Vista- 5/5 Windows Xp: 5/5 Tiebreak: Windows Vista


Gaming is the main reason why many people chose to upgrade. Windows Vista makes use of Direct X 10 (DX10), whereas XP makes use of DX9. This can show some considerably better graphics in Vista games, but the performance is usually faster in XP when playing the same games I was playing in Vista. Vista wins in graphics, but XP wins in performance.


Overall, in my opinion, Vista is a better OS as a whole. It's not necessary to upgrade yet, but If I had the choice between Vista and XP, I would go with Vista. It's overall a cleaner (and more user-friendly) operating system than XP.

Final Score:

Windows Vista- 4/5

Windows XP- 3.5/5

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