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My Theory was Wrong

Yet another summary of my life=

when i got home from asia i became involved in the Mexican Metal scene...which means:

I was a Photographer / GraphicDesigner

And video editor, if your curious i can hook you up with a link

I moved to Vancouver Washington about 3 months ago, because i felt i had to move on even though i re-feel in love with the place, hoping i dont grow to regret this

But im guessing the people i knew on here are long gone or have forgotten me :P

me in general=i hold the same interests but am more into music these days :P

still love ma animu ( i passed the 100 days mark on MAL not long ago :B)

showing that im alive


Back from the Entrails of Asia

Something ive noticed is that when people "come back" they expect everyone to remember them and talk to them, when they realize that other users are gone or not interested in them is when they trully leave the im coming back expecting all of you to be either dead, lost in the woods or homophobic :D (not was just random)

Where have i been the past 10 months? well gosh i gave you a heads up!! i was...

In the US for some time (i live in mexico yup) then i went to Guam then on to Thailand for some time, stoped in Vietnam for a couple weeks and toped it of with China...then flew home :D

So whats hip now? wheres the good unions? who are the cool cats?

deprived from the internet,a hate for WoW,and stardom

my first reason for not being here

1)im at my cousins house and he has dial up, dial up that hates gamespot

2) i have been semi-busy (i dont wanna die from the GS life but being on so little is basicly being dead, for you guys in the fast lane)

So im in Guam because my cousin lives there and its close to Thailand....which is my destination...if you did not know this...yeah yor out of the loop (yeah its a click now!!)

The times i do get on the internet its in these "G3" places which is a bunch of (blowing off steam) loser WoW players with headsets screaming their heads off, frikin ticks me off, i see lil kids boasting that they could (in real life) beat the crap out of people (gaah!) i feel like putting him in his place (beating the crap outa him yay!) but yeah i never would have thought that WoW would be such a problem on an island this small (yeah even the senior citizens and polititians talk about WoW and how big of a problem it is) and woop da frikin doo here comes the expansion FUN, i wouldnt have a problem at all with it being so widespread but when i see the loud mouth jerks that keep on looking at my screen and mumbling crap (grr)

anyways Guam has brought me back to using the beloved PS2 :) yays!

On another note i found myself on youtube :P yeah check out these seconds 00:32-0042 and look at my crazy hair :P

and last for random pics of me here is my myspace i aint shy and dont block people from seeing its :P

i seem to always ask whats up, and i bet it gets old but yeah....whats up? :lol: man i missed :lol:

Kickin through Walls,Fading Legend

So me and my family are driving to MN from WA, short distance, but its its sad to see my father getting tired.

The man used to be a legend! we drove from Mexico City to the US in 12 hrs :O we would drive from Canada to MX City in a week and so many other things every year, yet now with only a couple hrs hes tired :cry: hes even got an AARPce card :P

So were in Montana and we get to this hotel, my dad opens the back of the car and shows us that he has had a Wii for the past 4 days =.= i hates you, in the same hotel we were going upstairs, and my good ol pa whos been pissin me off all day, pisses me off again. In my rage i kick a wall :P hahahaha im used to concrete walls that are not hollow, uhh...this one was...well it had an inch of concrete, and yeah i kicked through it :D so ummm yeah we told the manager and he has yet to decide my sentence...:shock:

Big concert that im going to is coming up, feel a little guilty since it is on my birthday, so i wont see my parents because ill be at this 3 day concert :D

Peace my brothers, Ill return to the TV

Still Kicking (Rate New Banner)

Why hullo there! how are you guys doing ^___^ see the new look? how ya like it? it only does the motion twice so ya have to refresh after :P

Been in WA for a while now, good things have happened, my trip to Guam is 100% confirmed i leave the 25th of July and will stop in Japan for a bit :D,I am going to the Sonshine Fest on my birthday and i got accepted to Thailand :) which is verry good news.

Gotten several DS games which i am currently playing, and :o i have watched some anime :P i guess this is a "life is good blog"

After playing Wii at my cousins my father decides he will buy a Wii....=_____= why diddnt you get it before old man??!?! :P but i guess i get to claim the 360 if he does.

I beat The World Ends With You, got me a lil confused with the ending, but it was great overall...dunno if ill get into the extra stuff... but at least i beat it :)

Theres no internet at my brothers house (well....we rob the internet from a neighbor that doesnt secure his wireless :P...but i gotta share internet with 2 other im not on much)

So I havent been on much, so whats new? and how do ya like the look? :)

Graduated,My Work,Booked for the next 2 years

Well....its been a while, but iI GRADUATED :D by the skin of my teeth but yeah...

Now probably no one has noticed but i dont post many of these...(blog posts) and i guess i regard blog posts highly, some people can do their "daily blog posts" but me? i have to loose a leg or a kidney to do a blog post :P (riiiight) but yeah something big has to happen for me to make one of these...or if months pass i do a summary :/ THIS! is what i have slaved over the past few days, tell me what you thing, 100% my work (first flyer too) so tell me what you think.

Its quite sad over here, i have already had to write a "goodbye letter" to one of my friends and i have to write several others to go. And its quite sad, i have a little over 2 days left in MX and im trying get plans running, were gonna see each other last at a concert (the one of my first flyer, so i guess thats good.

On my 2 month voyage to the states my faithfull DS will fight boredom with me!! hurray for my DS!!! but after that its cold turkey, no anime for 9 months, no videogames for 7 :cry: whhhhhhy?!?!?!?! but i guess i must suffer....I hope to be talkingto you guys these next few months i have internet...that would be ace -Fire, look for me on MAL....i have been addicted for a while :P


In the last 10 days of school it hits me...i am a senior, for no reason i feel fatigued and saddened by the prospect of not seeing my friends for a long time, and so i take out a sheet of paper and write down the things i must do to see when i will have time to hangout with them i write down things that are important, and the things i want to do before i graduate...when i am done writing i am overwhelmed in my last 10 days of school and last 17 days in mexico i have too much to do.

1-Get the Senior Pictures done (did them today.... yeah were a SMALL school)

2-Senior Trip, plan details, make it run smoothly (this will consume 2 of my days to work)

3-Senior Page (being one of the few with Photoshop i want to do my best and not settle for less....but i cant take forever :/)

4-Make my Graduation invitations (yes knowing photoshop comes with a price in a small school)

5-Read my book for Algebra 2 extra credit (im not doing too well so i must read)

6-Make up Algebra lessons i diddnt do

7-Arrage a concert for some friends (they are counting on me and i want to leave them off on a good note since they all suck at promoting, again....the price of photoshop)

8-Arranging something quite big which i cannot say on here because its a surprise for some friends of mine that have GS accounts.....hope it works out

9-Editing, we are edditing a new video, this has been going on for a long time (to finish well we need 2 more days of puuure editing....will put some on youtube for yall)

10-Get my YWAM application in (prty much done)

11-Get my one year trip to China with some friends a green light (its a year from now but i gotta plan now! since i wont see my friends when im in YWAM)

12-I have wanted to send another letter to someone for quite some time, i hope i can

13-Gotta do some talking with some people

14-write my graduation speech :(

15-Watch the millions of anime DVDs i have since ill probably go cold turkey on the anime

16-do my research report that i have squat done so far

17- duuude...its not even cool how much awesome manga there is (deadman wonderland,doubt, bitter virgin,and suzuka i hiiighly reccomend)

18-dont forget my normall homework, studying for tests and school in general

19-make a new look for here in GS and put it on photobucket, so i can heve it for when im in Thailand

I can tell now that my bussyest school year is at its climax....i will have to battle sleep countless times, i hope to win this battle and get ALL done (maybe not all the anime :P)

On the good side, i won my schools tshirt contest 3 times in a row (submit desighn, people vote winner gets the shirt printed for the whole school) i tied the record brother :)

Saw Speed Racer, twas quite good for speed said on GS "greater than the sum of its parts"

Gaah! i so wish i was on here, playing a game,watching anime, or reading a manga but for the next 9+ days i must fight my addictions.........i hope i win


True 10.0 for GTA IV? or just a nudge in the grading

So it seems that GTA IV has achieved the prestigious score of 10.0 here on the magical site that is Gamespot, i have to say that i am not a fan of the GTA saga, I do not play the GTA games and I even "boy cot" the games, and im sure by doing so Rockstar bleeds... but thats besides the point.

All i want to say is that with Gamespot's .5 grading system theres gonna be a lot of 9.5's (since they will be within a 9.3-9.7 range and because they will be hesitant with the 10's) I kinda dont see GTA IV as a true 10.0 and this will most likely carry on to any other games that get the 10.0 with the Gamespot score nudge, I mean other 10.0 games had to earn every point (if there are cons in a game it is not "perfect" it is "almost perfect")

In the end I want the old grading system back so that the 10.0 podium is not defiled, and congrats to all you GTA fans, you beat FF to the Perfect score *cough* If they had the nudge.... *cough* .........*cough* advertising for GTA IV all over....sounds like Kane and Lynch but without Gerstmann in the mix *cough*