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Its been a long time... shouldn't have left you

wow i havnt blogged in so long. well its not like anyone read it anyway but a little update.

i got my ps3. its pretty good. i got grand tourismo prolouge for it. which is a very pretty game. as for the realism...thats for another time and subject.

i also got Metal Gear 4 and thats great. i dont think i have to post anything about it because all the reviews pretty much say what needs to be said.

F1 championship was another game i picked up. Awesome if your a F1 fan which i am. not too happy about codemasters picking up the license because i hate there games and i personally think there going to kill the series.

and finally i bought assasins creed and beat it in 3 days and sold it back. it was a fun game and the story was sweet but it was short as ****

and thats about it. i kinda want to do more blogs here so if you have any suggestions on what i should talk about just leave me a message.

college is

wow...another that means more procrastination...yay i finally chose my major and i transfered to a different school...its not all that starts next week and i still didnt pick out any classes...ill do that later today though...o and i cant wait for the 16...then new shin megami game comes out and that should be cool...o and im going to try to take japanese since i have to take a im just hopping all over the place...o well...

stuck in the gaming past

yea...i dont know... it just seems like im not going anywhere in gaming... like im playing guitar hero 2 and raiden 3 and socom like all the time but i just havnt made that next gen jump yet...its just way to exspensive... and nothing looks good to me...i know i know just wait...i saw e3 just like the rest of you... it just seems to me like im in this funk...the pc gaming is out of comish until the graphics card comes in the mail...and i dont know if ill get a ps3 or 360 anytime soon...and i still to this day cannot find a wii to save my life... but what can you do...