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COD WAW Complete (Wii version)

I rented Call of Duty World at War for the Wii since my PS3 has been down and had fun, but overall the Wii version of this game is about 1/2 the game that the PS3 and XBOX360 is.

Some missions are not even in the single player campaign(Black cats - air gunnery mission), many modes for online matches were left out (S&D, Domination, capture the flag, sabotage, Headquarters)

Also no unique challenges were in the rewards system other than the simple marksmanship challenges (shoot XX number of people with X weapon).

Overall I give it a 6 out of 10, but if you only have a Wii it is a good game. It took some time to get used to the controls, but I ended up completing the regular single player and the online mode to level 65 (max besides prestige, in which you just go to level 65 over and over again) in 12 days.

Oh, and this game HAS NO ZOMBIES either....what????

Oh yeah zombies are not family fun, but shooting people is????

Black Friday Complete!

Well I finally did it, I woke up before everyone else and hit the stores for some good deals. I had to read the paper and ads for an hour or so then I made a spreadsheet so I could cross-refrence the stores, their hours, and the "deals".

I was able to get to Target at 4:40 AM and get in a line that wrapped to the end of the entire shopping center (about 500 feet). After the store opened I made it right to the desired item and was out the door to the next store. The next store was Radio shack and the line was 10 people, I ended up number 2 and got one of the limited items. The next store was Big-lots, I found quite a few items there and then off to Wal-mart to finish it all. That store was a mad house. I got there at 7AM and they still had a good amount of stuff, but I was not trying to get a $200 laptop or $250 LCD (32 in). I was home by 8 AM and I have 70% of the kids shopping done. I will post some of the deals I got after the holidays so the kids do not find out ;)

Seattle Auto Show 2009

I went to the Seattle Auto Show this year and had fun, but it was not like the big auto shows (LA, Frankfurt).

Some cars that were cool up close and personal:

Chevrolet Stingray (concept from Transformers 2)

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Nissan GT-R

Spyker C8

Lotus Exige

Lambos & Ferrari's

Audi R8

Short Slideshow:¤t=28891d6f.pbw

Biggest disappointment -

Dodge has two Challengers but both were locked :(

Ford Tarus SHO sticker price was $47K? for a Ford?

Nothing to do besides ONE Forza simulator!

I owned an 88 SHO and that 3.0 L Yamaha V6 was a beautiful engine, the car had a manual transmission to match the power. I was not impressed with the look or lack of umph for the $$


I went paintballing yesterday and spent today recovering! Man that was fun. I managed to survive all the spped ball rounds but one without getting hit. For the entire day I only have 6 welts (bruises) from the paintballs.

Bonus - I got to shoot my daughters boyfriend!

drawback - my kids shot me (friendly fire)


Airborne Update (40th Jump)

I safely landed this week for jump number 39 & 40. I performed jumpmaster duties on the 39th jump (1st jumper out, responsible for spotting the drop zone and checking all equipment). I jumped from a small commercial plane out in Shelton, WA on a sunny day. I was a bit nervous since the last time I jumped there the winds gusted and carried me off the drop zone and across a highway to a sapling forrest. Luckily I made it unscathed. But these two jumps were good, the 40th jump I could have landed while standing up it was so soft. Last September I only had 19 static-line parachute jumps, so I am getting closer to my goal of 65. After 65 jumps I will be rated as a Master Parachutist (one of my careergoals). 25 more to go!

This week I will be performing my first duties as a Safety on a C-17 jump (controls static lines as all jumpers exit). Wish me luck, Safeties do not have to jump, but I will wear a parachute with no static line in case I was to fall out while jumpers are exiting the plane.

See this older blog for some more info on what I am talking about.

Promotion (real-life not COD)

I just got a promotion at work, now I am a Major in the US Army. It was a bit surreal since moving from company grade to field grade is a big step. A decent raise too. However, that means next year I go off to school (8 months), maybe I will pickup a second masters degree...

and yes my PS3 is still dead, I have not even mailed it yet. Just closed out this fiscal year at work and it has been busy.

RIP (My PS3)

I got home from work the other day and noticed my PS3 blinking red (not good). It apparently over-heated so I must mail it off to get fixed. So I will be using our Wii and PS2 and PC more often.

COD4 Prestige Level 10

I have finally achieved the goal I set out to do last year. I started this last July and set out to achieve one prestige level per month. Lots of matches later (21 days worth pf total playing time) and after that long training period I am finally that opponent that wins the game for the home team. I have learned each weapon, each map and most matches.

I have to say this game is the first I have done "online" but at least it has an end.....Maybe. Now I can try to achieve all gold weapons (achieve all headshot and other challenges). This may not happen for another year, but by then Infinity Ward may pull the plug. Especially since COD5 is releasing this Nov.

Onto World at War?? Maybe not I am not a big fan of WW2, so I may play it but not push myself to achieve the highest multiplayer prestige rank.

Holiday Gaming Update

Time for a casual gaming update

1. COD World at War (PS3) - My wife rented it for me for New Years Eve and have pulled two all nighters and am at level 25 for the multiplayer ranking. I have finished two Co-op online matches (yes for trophies), and two missions in solo play. So far this game is a ten for me. Why? Simple:

a. ability to play the campaign mode (story) online with others

b. online matches are far superior to COD4, not nearly the number of drops and lag

c. variety of online matches is almost twice as much as COD4

d. The only well done pacific theater war game to date

e. The variety of weapons and special equipment will keep me busy for years (to master them)

f. Bonus - trophy supported game!

2. Soldner-X: Himmelssturmer (PS3) - if you are a fan of the arcade type shooters (like Metal Slug), this one is good, cept you fly - I cleared the first level to bag a trophy, so far the game is a no brainer, but level two is intense

3. Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (PS3) - I did not think they would improve on this series, but I loved the Lego Star Wars for the Wii and this one is superb. Everyone in our family played this and enjoyed it. I give it a 9/10. The humor is spot on.

4. SOCOM: Confrontation (PS3) - after one night of playing online this game gets a 4/10, I hate the controls, game lag, and lack of simplicity while navigating the menus. I do like the price ($39 vs 59), and the fact that a good amount of customization is avail immediately, maybe time will improve this one.

Other games I have been playing are Stardust (PS3), I got three more trophies for (and Sony got $10 for me buying the expansion pack). This HD version of Asteroids is intense and fun. I picked up a copy of Futuristic Harvest Moon and it is a light kid friendly game. I beat The Last Guy - this game is really fun and simple. I liked the satellite photos of each area (Japan, Germany, US). Leading the citizens to safety was fun.

Hardware - I only have added a Bluetooth PS3 headset and second sixaxis controlled (dualshock)

thats it for now