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There are a few more differences between the American game and the one they play in Canada.

Here are few:

Endzones are 20 yards

  • 12 players per team. The extra player is usually called the Slotback
  • Players can run pre-snap
  • No Fair Catch
  • Those one points that you often see/hear are called Rouges or Singles - They happen if a team misses a fieldgoal and the receiving team can't take it out of the endzone. Same if a punt goes into the endzone and it can't be taken out.

There a few more differences but these are the major ones.

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So True North finally revealed the logo for the Winnipeg Jets.


-I like it. It has a classic look, which is still quite trendy both in Canada and for the Sport. I'm eager to see how the jerseys will look like.

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I just got that top ten list. At first, I thought the Gladiator clip should have been #1 but that montage for Driven makes me glad I never actually watched that movie.

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I agree, don't take a review score so seriously. A Review is one person's opinion; just because they enjoyed something, you can't call them any less of a person. If I enjoy a Tuna sandwich and you do not, does that make me a bad person, probably not, but it definitely doesn't make you a better person.

Judge a game on your own accord. I read so many great reviews of SSMB, but then I tried it myself and hated it and I wasn't afraid to say so.

If the reviewer gives a game a good score and backs up his/her reasoning, then you cannot complain. If they just say 'graphics are good' and don't state examples as to why, then you shouldn't be reading that review.

Try the game yourself and only you should be the judge.

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A close first-half but the second will be all New England - yet another ring for Brady.
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Well not everyone sits and plays the game non-stop and most people are not musically inclinded. I had to teach myself to play the Guitar (the game) in righty as I just didn't find the controls to be easy for my fingering as a lefty. I can kick butt in medium, but on hard, I just cannot finger to save my life.
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I didn't realize how Prized the 60gig versions are. There is a Best Buy near my work in Downtown Vancouver that has about 5 or 6 of the 60gigs in Stock. If I had money to waste, I should pick them up and resell them on eBay.