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I stumbled across the old gamespot account

If anyone actually reads this, please comment for my amusement?

So I just logged in after a really long time and had the misfortune of reading my old blog posts. Seriously, I must have been on something when I wrote those. They are basically just the ramblings of a happy go lucky kid. But at the same time, it made me laugh, seeing how much I've changed over time. I'm still happy, but I got rid of the go lucky.

I'm 18 years old now believe it or not. I just graduated high school and I'm heading off to the beach for college in a few months. For freshmen year I plan on majoring in beer and girls (in other words I'm undecided). My whole dream of being a movie director faded away. My new ambition is music. Believe it or not, I have become a metal head \m/. I go to a bunch of concerts where I have met a bunch of bands and other amazing people. Most recently, I was a part of the August Burns Red live DVD shoot.. which was amazing... Thats just a simple outline of my life now, but the point is everything is going just fine.

As far as gaming goes, I still have my PS3 which I play from time to time. Most recently, I've been playing through Final Fantasy XIII. But sadly, the PS3 is staying home while I'm away at college. Eventually I'll probably stop console gaming alltogether. But there is a possibility I'll pick up PC gaming. Especially since I just got myself a new laptop today :) I'm actually typing up this blog on it.

This will probably be the last blog I ever post on here. I just wanted to give a proper goodbye to the Gamespot community which once meant so much to me. You guys are all awesome. Thank you so much for everything.

I got a PS3!!! and new artwork!

So yea, I got a new PS3 awhile back and just as I predicted... I can't put it down! I've been laying Oblivion and NCAA Football 2008 almost nonstop and plan to get Assassins Creed and the Orange Box this Christmas! I actually really lucked out on getting the PS3 because my friend wanted to get the new 60gig for the wireless internet and wound up selling mw his 20gig for only $200 with 3 games!!! I just got a long ethernet cable and can play online anywhere in the house so thats good and the 20 gigs of memory doesn't bug me so yea :D

In other news I decided to completely redo ALL my artwork in anticipation for Grand Theft Auto IV and I'm pretty pleased with it :) lemme know what you think!

Would you believe it!? I'm playing games again!!!

I'm not only playing one game...but four! This is after not playing anything for months and months.

I bought Final Fantasy XII and am 20 hours into it. It's pretty friggin awesome! :D

I borrowed Gun, Yakuza, and MK: Shaolin Monks which I'm not as far on but definately plan to beat:)

I'm telling you guys this because previously I wasn't a gamer whatsoever and now I think I might be getting there again!

Need Inspiration (Movie Ideas)

I just finished a script to a short film and kinda wana write another one. I know you all are very creative people here at GS and was wondering if you had any ideas for a short film. It can be anything! Send your idea and I'll tell you what I think, and if your lucky...ill write something up using your idea!:D Credit will be given of course. So lets hear some ideas!

I haven't been actively on here in a year =O / Life

Hey guys, you may or may not remember me. I used to be very active on GS, especially in the art department. I was in a union and thousands of posts. Well before I started HighSchool a year ago I knew that I wouldn't have enough time to be on here actively so I didn't come here really at all. And believe it or not this changed me in some ways. I'm not exactly the FA you used to know. I thought that I'd write a little something to update you on thechanges and eventsof the past year of my life.

First of all I stopped liking anime a LONNGGG time ago but I still got a soft spot for a couple like FMA (obviously) and Ghost in the Shell. Second, Im not really a big gamer anymore, I can literally go months without playing a single videogame (but if I got my hands on a PS3 that would change :P). Even so I still like to check in and see the amazing advancements being made on games! (which are pretty amazing!) I've always been a huge movie person as you all know and have been pursueing my dream of being a movie director of late. Other than that I'm still the same old me for the most part.

Events wise, schools not half bad and I'm going back next month as a sophomore. I played some sports last year which is typical for me. I met many new friends, one of which is a best friend. I had four girl friends during the year, last one being the best I've ever had. And well yea, I'm at a happy spot right now. I hope you all are doing just as well if not better.

I thought I'd leave a little something for you guys because I still remember how great you all are. Even though I'm not a GS person anymore, I think you should keep it up because this is a great community. Much love you guys. :D

Making this clear

A lot of the people that have requested artwork from me are starting to get PO'd at me.

I want to make this clear. I cannot devote all my time to making artwork for you guys and feel that you are abusing the privilege. I even have stopped making gamespace banners and tags (two things I love on GS) over this, because I don't have enough time to do them now.

You cannot tell me when to have something done or push me around until I do it, cause I'm taking my free time to do it. You can only do that if your paying me, and I'm not seeing any money.

I'll get stuff done when I get stuff done, don't like it? fine.

Have I been neglecting you (I'm sorry)

Lately I haven't been having as many comments as I used too, and I figure It's prolly because I haven't been aroud to comment on your blogs. So if you comment here say  "Post on my blog" or something and I will comment 3 of of your blog posts. I just feel bad that I haven't been around...

On another note, I rented 3 movies (which I need to return tommorow :?) Here the movies are with their scores:

Syriana: 6/10

Elephant: 7/10

Cold Mountain I still need to watcg, so 'll prolly do that tonight :?

Thanks for reading!!!


Cold Mountain: 8.5/10

I'm back

I'm sorry that I've been neglecting Gamespot of late. It's been because of a couple things like my girlfriend, movie scripts, A LOT of art requests (lol), and friends. I will try to be on more, but as school gets closer, life gets more busy. I'll get started on requests then.

Oh, and btw, in the time that I've been gone I've started 3 other scripts, lol. I know, I'm insane.

Convention Time! (and other stuff)

I'm happy because I'm going to a convention for one of my hobbies (Wargaming, even videogames like Warhammer: Dawn of War come from this hobby) tommorow :D. I also get to see a lot of old friends that I haven't seen for 2 years from back in Allentown. So yea, I'm happy and can't wait for the Historicon convention :D:D:D.

Not much news on Project Red Rose accept I've started on one or two sketches for sets that I plan to have in the movie. I think I can tell you people when and where it takes place for now :P 1879, Great Britan right after the Zulu War. Are you happy? :P

I have a dilema tho, my goody two shoes, taddle tale, "perfect" *cough* sister has found a way to access my blog, and is sure to run anything she reads to my parents. This is a BIG problem and I may have to set my profile to private because of it (which I really don't want to do) I hope to God she doesn't read this as it is. She's breached my GS life, and it sucks. She's already holding me on a leash for using censor bypass in past blogs. And if my parents find out, there will be hell to pay. What should I do!? :?


Hey ppls

I am happy to say that I am more than halfway through the dreaded lvl 20!!! :D:D:D A whole 65.21% to be precise :D

I watched Munich and Hero like I said I would and here are my scores:

Munich- 8.5/10

Hero- 9/10

They were both very good movies :D

I've made some progress in my Project Red Rose and am 11 pages into the script :)

And that's about it :D:P

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