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Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

So i finally got my hands on Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (3ds) a couple of days ago. I can't express with words how exited i am with this new installment, everything in the game is amazing. The battle system is similar to Birth by Sleep's, only better. Not even mention the flawless graphics, but also the dream eaters spirits system is great. They added some sick features like flowmotion and reality shift that really boost up the game experiences we had in previous games. Nevertheless the Drop system is kinda annoying at first, but once you get use to it it'll get pretty useful. This are just my first impressions of the game, i have only beated three worlds so far... I just couldn't wait to let you guys know how much i love this game.

Tell me, what do YOU think of the game?


A Mortal Kombat

We made this video about 2 years ago, I did not uploaded it by the time because we never really finished. My main purpose of this video, besides boredom, was to put Andrew Kramer's Lighning Strike video tutorial to the test. I certainly enjoyed making a fatality while playing with After Effects...

I know is true we haven't upload anything it quite a time now so... here you have something.

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Filmsider is now on GameSpot

Greetings my friends!

I'm Orlando, I live in Puerto Rico. "Filmsider" is the name of my Youtube Channel (Also my PSN username). Besides video games, i really enjoy film directing and video editing, so i'll be using this account to upload some of my videos.

In terms of software, I use Final Cut Pro 7 for video editing, and Adobe After Effects for VFXs compositions. Most of the videos on my youtube channel are comedy sketches that are usually combined with some random visual effects. The only problem is they're filmed on Spanish since the actors are friends of mine from here (Puerto Rico), and they're not fluid with English. I will definitely subtitle them in the next couple of days so you guys can enjoy them. As for this GameSpot account, i will be uploading videos that are in some way related to video games. You can expect music videos or sketches here too. As for games concerns. I'm a definitely a Role-Player... Final Fantasy VII & X are my favorite games so far, followed by the Kingdom Hearts series. Overall I enjoy every game that makes me have a good time. Right now, I mostly play Skyrim on PS3, Kingdom Hearts BBS on PSP, and Ocarina of time on the 3DS.

Thanks for taking time to read. Hope we can be friends.

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