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Luck of the Devil

My entire life I was taought to get straight to the point so when it actually comes down to writing a report, or an e-mail, or a blog its always relativelt short. Not that it lacks content, its just that I have a hard time "fluffing.

Well now that I "fluffed" I can get to the real reason for this blog...

A week ago my arm was twisted into joining MySpace. You know of it even if if you aren't on it you know of it. At the time I was convinced that this was some kind of joke, the reason being that I was already on a similar mass be-my-friend site, and I couldn't see how anyone could have such a low self esteem to need to be part of another.

Now I told you that so you would understand where I was coming from.

After loggin in, I immediatel realized that the page layout before me was terribly blank. Now you may or may not know this but I am in marketing, however before marketing I was an art student. Weird how things tend to work out. Well as a former art student I felt compelled to destroy this blank page burdening my path to higher esteem. Note: The higher esteem was sarcasm.

After what seemed like hours I was finally getting somewhere with my page. More time passed and I soom realized that I had spent the better half of the night doing the most obnoxiously minr detail changes. MySpace had claimed yet another soul.

The problem is a week passed and now I'm in finals week. Everytime I start to study my mind drifts into an evil place. Wondering what pictures people are posting, what comments they are writing, and who might be looking at my page.

It seems as though this happens all the time. Every time someone twists my arm into doing something I think is pointless and dumb, I get completely hooked on it and it disrupts my entire life in some negative way. MySpace is the devil.

Here are some random facts as of 2006:

  • There are over 106 million registered users of MySpace
  • The average MySpace page is visted 30 times a day
  • If MySpace were a country, it would be the 11th largest in the world (between Japan and Mexico)

I am but a mere honest, handsome, perverted businessman.

Four years ago a friend told me that, "You have to take to make it yours, that those who fish will never catch their true potential and that when you work, not to work for the money, make the money work for you." Its funny how life grabs you by the hand and whisks you off to destinations you never seen, presents you with opportunities you never dreamed, and at the same time strip you from everything you are.

I have been studying business administrations in marketing for the past two years which has opened new ventures of self discovery that I never thought myself possible however; the price of discovery has been enormous. Most of which has been paid off and reconstructed save a few last binders. I held off on coming here for the longest time, maybe it was out of guilt or maybe it was fear of change. But there is a certain ambiance in this place that, for the first time in a long time, has made me feel contented.