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My Thoughts On The Best E3 I Can Remember

I don't want to get to in-depth talking about the games so here's a quick run through of the games that got me the most excited for each system. XBOX 360: Gears of War - I just got a 360 and plan to make it my main console, so I can't wait for this one. Wii: Super Smash Bros. Brawl - I'm definitely getting a Wii (hopefully at launch) and this looks to be the ultimate party game...and the whole Solid Snake thing of course. PS3: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - The price has made me put the PS3 on the back burner but MGS4 is the only reason I see for shelling out the $600. Nintendo DS: Final Fantasy III - I love Final Fantasy and just like the tag-line says, I need to complete the series. PS2: Final Fantasy XII - Love Final Fantasy and this'll be the last one I'll be getting on a Playstation console for quite a while. Gamecube: Super Paper Mario - Zelda will be awesome but I've been waiting long enough for it and this new side scrolling Mario on a console in who knows how long looks amazing. PC: Crysis - My PC would explode if I tried to run this but if I could handle it, I'd be pre-ordering it right now and I rarely pre-order games. PSP: LocoRoco - I don't have a PSP, but this would be on my list if I did. Xbox: N/A - Their weren't any Xbox exclusives that I found note-worthy. Overall I thought this years E3 was phenomenal and it made me look forward to a bright future for the gaming industry.

The Journey Ends

After hearing some great stuff about Dreamfall from Gamespot, I decided to head over to Amazon and lay down $10 for the original, "The Longest Journey." After playing it for a week, I'm finally done with it and can't believe what a great experience it was. It's not something that I have experienced often if ever in a video game; but it really goes to show the power of great dialog, voice acting, and story. I truly took joy in hearing what every character had to say and was genuinely sad to end the game. However, this just means that I now get to fully enjoy Dreamfall. Btw, just wondering if anyone got the glitch where the rope dissappears on the clamp when you're trying to the the iron key with the inflatable duck...heard it was rare :(

New site...new beginning?...ugh, that sounded bad

Well it's been almost a year since I've written and really, the only reason why I'm writing is because they redesigned the site and the blog is right their smackdab on my profile page. Well as far as the site goes, it looks great and I'm sure I'll really enjoy it once they work out the kinks. It's currently going very slow for me and I'm find a lot of dead links. So I guess I'll wait a bit, come back, and see that really new with the site. Anybody else have thoughts about the site?

Beat Prime 2

I just finished beating Echoes and can definitely say it was worth my $50. I think overall the game was better and provided a greater challenge than the first. I was aiming to get 100% in both scans and items but I got lazy as usual and finished the game with 97% scans and 83% items. Now I'm moving on to Ace Combat 4.

Echoes Echoes Echoes

Just wondering what people's opinion on Metroid Prime 2: Echoes was. I got it on launch(haven't beat it yet) and I think it really lives up to the first. Even though some might look at it as a rehash...when you think about, it has the most dramatic change from any Metroid sequel. The weapons have ammo, no wave/ice/plasma beams, no ice/fire levels, dark/light aether and seeker missles. I think it improves on almost every aspect of Prime and does nothing worse...everything's either equally as good or better.

Black Friday ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or at least the specials do. Especially when you're buying online...there were no lines and I was able to get 6 used games for $55. Apart from that...I got Prime 2 on launch day and have to say that the game is awesome. Everything in the game is either equally as good or better than the original, and I really like the fact that they changed some things from the routine Metroid formula. I also recently got the holiday demo disc from Sony and quickly placed it as far as possible from my PS2. Just wondering if anybody actually lost all their data from the glitch??????

Naruto 106

So...it's finally over. It looks like that's officially the end of the filler episodes and now they can get back to the main storyline. I haven't read the mangas so I don't know what happens for sure but by the looks of it...it's going to get very interesting. I can't wait until Naruto and Sasuke go at each other. They made it look important in the previews but I have a strong feeling that won't be their only fight. It's probably going to culmimate into something much bigger. Now all I'm hoping for is at least a glimpse of Rock Lee...I haven't seen him in a while and am really starting to miss him.:cry::cry::cry::cry:

FFVII Overload

Ok...I like Final Fantasy as much as the next guy and even consider FFVII to be the best one, but now I think SquareEnix has crossed the line from pleasing the fans to milking the game for every penny it's worth. After hearing about Advent Children for the first time...I was pumped, it looked awesome and definitely filled any desires I had for some more FFVII. I was very content and thought that would be the end of it, then I hear about something called FFVII: Before Crisis. So I'm like, WTF why make this for cellphones and not a handheld, then I realized how huge cellphones are in Japan and thought it made sense. Again, I was at peace...until I hear about Dirge of Cerberus. Don't get me wrong...Vincint's cool and all but why have an action game about one of the more minor characters. So I thought to myself, this isn't to bad an action game might be good. Now I'm hearing about Crisis Core, yet another FFVII spin-off action game. I of course don't mind that many spin-offs too much. The only problem I have is that it looks like it's all for profit (which I know it is) and that the games won't be well done. I for one plan to buy them all (except Before Crisis) if they turn out to be good.

PSP *shock*

Wow, am I surprised after seeing the price for the PSP...$185!? My single biggest problem with the PSP was the price. Nobody knew it but rumors said it would be high, I was expecting something over $200. That alone kept me from even thinking about getting a PSP. But now, things are completely different, it's only a couple of dollars above the DS and now definitely within my price reign. The battery life is still quite low but higher than previously reported. So now even though I'm going to get the DS first, the PSP won't be too far behind. Has the recent announcement changed anybody else's mind?

Rayman 2 Revolution...

Well...I just beat a 4 year old game that I finally got around to playing. I bought it because of its score and price but now slightly regret it. Its age really showed and I found it boring at times. I have no idea why they gave it a 9.1 but I'll have my own review posted up in a couple of hours after I come back from school. I already posted an OOT review but it was a crap review just for the hell of having one. I'll put more effort into this one and hope some on you can go and make me a trusted user.
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