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Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I haven't been playing games much, so I don't have much to talk about. If someone wants to take the leadership of the PS3EU, even though it's probably dead, PM me, but only current officers. I don't deserve to lead it anymore. I may post again someday, but for now, I'm going to remain on hiatus.

Thanks for understanding,


High School Graduation

I just got home from my high school graduation. I'm officially finished with high school and I couldn't be happier. In case anyone was wondering, I haven't logged on for the last few days because of finals and the like, but now that I'm done I'll be on more often.

So many games, so little time

Ever since the new semester started, I've had a lot more work to do in school and I haven't had much time for games. I have like three new games I need to play, I'd like to finish FFXIII, and I'd like to play Heavy Rain a second time, but with school I haven't really had the time. That coupled with a broken computer (which I just recently got fixed) has really cut down on my entertainment.

Now Spring Break is here and I hope to begin playing again, at least for just this week. I'm gonna start with the new game I just bought, Resonance of Fate, which will probably last me a few days, then I'll try to finally play White Knight Chronicles, and hopefully after those two, I'll still have time to finish FFXIII and play Heavy Rain a second time.

Wish me luck.

FFXIII and Trophies

Final Fantasy XIII finally came and I haven't really bothered with it yet. I'll talk more about it later, but for now, I figured since some people asked, I'll post the trophy list.

(The majority of the trophies are locked, but I'll post those as I unlock them.)

Bronze: Commando's Seal - Mastered the Commando role.
Bronze: Ravager's Seal - Mastered the Ravager role.
Bronze: Sentinel's Seal - Mastered the Sentinel role.
Bronze: Saboteur's Seal - Mastered the Saboteur role.
Bronze: Synergist's Seal - Mastered the Synergist role.
Bronze: Medic's Seal - Mastered the Medic role.
Silver: Limit Breaker - Dealt 100,000+ damage with a single attack.
Silver: Adamant Will - Felled a heavyweight of the lowerworld wilds.
Silver: Master's Seal - Fully developed all characters.
Gold: Treasure Hunter - Held every weapon and accessory.
Gold: Loremaster - Discerned the full attributes of 100 enemies.

The trophies sound really difficult. :?

Below are the locked trophies (that I've unlocked). Only veiw if you absolutely wish to know what they are for. If one trophy is too much of a spoiler though, I won't add it.

[spoiler] Updated Jan. 10
Bronze: Instrument of Fate - Took the first steps toward challenging an unjust fate. (Beat the Scorpion thing at the beginning)
Bronze: Instrument of Dissent - Survived the Purge to confront a greater peril. (Completed Chapter 1)
Bronze: Instrument of Tragedy - Strode into danger's den and paid the consequences. (Completed Chapter 2)
Bronze: Instrument of Flight - Slipped Through the net and lived to fight another day. (Completed Chapter 3)
Bronze: Instrument of Vengeance - Resolved to be more than a victim of circumstance. (Completed Chapter 4)
Bronze: Instrument of Survival - Evaded Pursuers, though memories of the past still gave chase. (Completed Chapter 5)
Bronze: Instrument of Rebellion - Made plans to infiltrate enemy occupied territory. (Completed Chapter 6)
Bronze: Instrument of Shame - Carried the burden of guilt to the end of the line. (Completed Chapter 7)
Bronze: Instrument of Wrath - Took the fight to the enemy's door. (Completed Chapter 8 )
Bronze: Instrument of Truth - Recognized the true threat to the world's future. (Completed Chapter 9)
Bronze: Instrument of Hope - Traveled to the world below, seeking a new way to alter fate. (Completed Chapter 10) [/spoiler]

Stuff I got for Christmas

You may have read my previous blog about wanting a bunch of cheap games for Christmas. Well I changed my mind short of Christmas day and asked for a new TV instead. So I got a new Samsung 26 inch LCD TV. Here's a pic:

I also got two new games as well: GTA: Episodes from Liberty City and Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for PS3, but I got them a week ago. Lastly, I got a total of $155 in cash and gift cards from the rest of my family.

I'm pretty pleased with this Christmas, but I'm still waiting for FFXIII to come in the mail. That will be the best Christmas present I think.

I imported FFXIII

Yes, I couldn't wait until March and imported FFXIII for $100. :shock: I found a pretty useful translated guide online so hopefully I can use that to play the game (for those of you on the fence about importing, here's a link to said guide).

I hope it comes sometime after Christmas.

Something funny I found out (And Christmas List '09)

As I was making my Christmas list for this year on Microsoft Word, I found out that when you type Xbox, the red line indicating you spelled something wrong doesn't show up under it. However, when you type Playstation, it is underlined with the red line. Isn't that slightly funny? I hate Micro$oft.

Here's my list:

  1. Lost Odyssey - Xbox 360
  2. Chrono Trigger - DS
  3. GTA: Episodes from Liberty City - 360
  4. Mass Effect - 360
  5. Assassin's Creed - 360
  6. Kingdom Hearts 2 - PS2

Yes they're all old, cheap games (except GTA: ELC), but that's all I really want. Also, most of them are for 360. Allow me to explain: I've wanted Lost Odyssey for some time now, GTA: ELC was prevented from being on PS3, after playing Dragon Age: Origins, I really want Mass Effect, and I want Assassin's Creed for 360 because there are no trophies on PS3, so I'll get the achievements instead.

You may have also noticed I don't have KH2, I know shame on me.

Update: I got Chrono Trigger

Gonna give Far Cry 2 another chance.

Last Christmas, I got two games, Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3. Fallout was fantastic to say the least, but when I tried Far Cry back in January, I found the game to be very tedious and dull and I never touched it again...until yesterday. I decided I'd give it another chance, and after getting used to the controls and everything, I realized it's not that bad. So I'm going to try to beat it before Uncharted 2 comes out. Then I'll beat Uncharted 2, and afterwards, I'll finally finish Uncharted 1 on crushing.

There are too many games coming out next year!

There are so many games coming out next year it's rediculous. :? A lot of them are PS3 exclusives. :D And to top it all off, I want every single one. First MAG in January, Star Ocean: The Last Hope International (which was just revealed for PS3) in February, White Knight Chronicles, God of War III, and maybe Final Fantasy XIII and Heavy Rain in March. Mafia 2 sometime around here, Modnation Racers, Resonance of Fate. That's just the beginning of the year, who knows what's to come after that? Agent, Final Fantasy XIV, Red Dead Redemption later in the year hopefully.

I also want a lot of the games that are coming out at the end of this year. Demon's Souls next month, and of course Uncharted 2, GTAIV: Episodes from Liberty City, Borderlands, Modern Warfare 2, and Gran Turismo 5 is rumored to have a release date this year as well.

Where am I going to get the money!? :cry:

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