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What I'm Playing

Recently I started playing MLB 07 The Show, NCAA Football 09 and The Bigs 2. So right now I am on a sports game streak as i have been playing only sports games lately. I play The Bigs 2 until I get annoyed with the amazing wall catches and super pitches and then I play MLB 07 The Show to get a more realistic take on baseball. When I am bored of those two I play NCAA 09 and I do a lot of dynasty mode stuff. Right now Im working on a Maryland dynasty and its going good. I am playing all the games and on heisman difficulty, I am doing all the recruiting myself as well with no CPU assistance and I'm liking it so far. We are 6-1 so far as i lost one game to Clemson 23-20 as I couldnt quite complete the late comeback but i'm doing good so far for having an average team and playing on Heisman. Keep in mind my schedule is a bit easy but I still have to play West Virginia (I think)and there undefeated right now. I haven't nabbed any recruits yet but I have4 four stars for sure and I might pull out a 5 star during the off-season. As for The Bigs 2 I am doing Become a Legend mode and it is really fun but the HoF challenges are so hard especially since I am playing on Super Hard. They just hit everything and I got lucky once when I shut them out. Since then the lowest they've scored is 4 and they're averaging around 6 a game against me. A way I figured to get them out though is to throw 2-seamers low and outside, just out of the strike zone. Usually they will hit a easy pop-fly the other way or a grounder to the infield. They almost always swing at it even though it isn't a strike. Right now I have all my players stats to 1 star below Legendary soi am getting close to all Legendary stats. In MLB 07 I've been doing Rtts and Ihave made a startingpitcher and a first baseman so far. My pitcher is at the all-star breakin the middle of the 2nd month for the BravesAAA team and I'm doing good with him. He is 5-1 with a1.89ERA, 56K's and noBB allowed and I'm playing on all-star. I got his fastball velocity up to 94-100 and it is working well as a strike out pitch.For my first basemanI was just fooling around and I originally wasn't gonna save this player but i decided to because I hit a HR first game of spring training. Personal info: Name: Big BoyHeight: 6'3" Weight: 250lbsStance: LH and prince Fielder.I am three weeks into spring trainingand i'm playing onRookie just to rack up some trainingpoints, making my stats insane.(All of my trainingpoints so far have gone into Weight Room).829Avg 70AB 58Hits 25R10-2B 1-3B 19HR 48RBI 3BB 1K 1.814SLG .838OBP 2.652OPS. Yah you could say its cheating but it is just spring training and I'm gonna move the difficulty up to all-star once the regular season starts up. Well anyway those are the games I have been playing lately. Last Saturday I had a high school cross country meet and it was a 3.2 mile course.(BTW I am a freshman) I got 3rd place and a 17:54 time as these twins beat me by a minute. The funny thing was that they were a minute ahead of me and i was a minute ahead of everyone else soI ran by myself almost the whole entire race. My time was really good for a freshman as if it were a true 3-mile course I would have gotten around 17:10 and it is really good for a freshman if they break 18:00 anytime during the season but especially the very first race. That means that I was running a 5:45 mile pace for three miles which really surprised me more than anyone else as I didn't know I had it in me. I guess this month and a half of training has really payed off for me because I never imagined I would be this fast until next year. Well I just wanted to update what is going on in my life even though no one reads my blog and no one probably will it is just becuzI am bored andI feel like pretending people read my blog. How lame is that?


Ok so I got over that whole yugioh thing quite awhile ago and now I'm all better. Anyway my baseball team won the championship a while ago and I made the all-star team. Our all-start team won our first tournament but I wasn't there the 2nd day because I was sick and throwing up. Our next tournament in District I thinkwe lost in the game for the banner and then lost our next game for 3rd place, but we moved on. The next tournament which was Zone we lost our first game 22-2 then won our next one 6-3. We got it to where we had to win 2 straight too move on but we lost 13-3 so all-starsis over. As for cross country I started running with the high schoolteam and I made it on the team. (actually I have cross country practice in 45 mins) So that is cool. Anyway I just found my pokemon Crystal version in my old old toybox.I thought I lost that game forever. Now I am playing it like mad becuz it actually hold save data and works perfectly fine andI love that game. Also I got Spore but my brother forgot to check if our graphics card was 128MB and bought it. Our computer sucks so much and it only has a 64MB graphics card which sucks cuz i really wanted to play Spore. Good thing were getting a laptop soon that hopefully runs faster and stuff. Oh yah I started Final Fantasy IV it is pretty good so farI really like it. But right now I am really hooked on WC3: Frozen Throne, Ijust can't get enough of the custom games on battle.net. I don't care so much for the other stuff though. Also I found this game on newgrounds called Sonny and it is pretty good actually. It is an RPG about a guy that got turned into a zombie and I really recommend trying it out as it is pretty fun and the abilities are pretty deep. Although if you pick an Assasin like me it can be tough at times, but a good challenge just frustrating at certain points. Oh yah I have been on Gamespot for two years now that is awesome, but I did like nothing on the site my first year, but this year I have been much more active.(Which isn't really that active at all just more active) So yah anyways I just wanted to update stuff. Got cross country in 30 mins crap!


Man I don't even remember the last timeI did a blog post. I just have been so busy andI have had no time,I mean it is almost the end of my last year at middle school and in August i'll be at high school. My life is just moving so fast right now and I have no time to look back I just keep moving with it. So yah anyway I beat Chrono Trigger and TWEWY but I still haven't even started Final Fantasy IV. I'm so mad at myself for getting back into Yugioh because of my stupid friend. Now the only video games I play are Yugioh World Championship 08 and Civilization Revolution. He got me back into it like 2 months ago and I'm surprised I've had the self-control to not go to the store and buy some packs of cards but I'm trying to move past that because I don't want to waste all my money because I have enough cards already. That is the bad thing about Yugioh once you get into it it can become obssesive for some people. So I am trying not to buy any cards and never go to a tournament again. Anyway if i did go to a tournament I most likely would be creamed because I have a bunch of old cards that aren't good anymore. Anyway (I kinda went psycho there for a minute.) I thought that Chrono Trigger and TWEWY were both great games butI think Chrono Trigger was better. I am really excited for FF13 I want to get it so bad. Oh crap I gotta leave soon so I guess this blog post just got cut short.

20 Games In 3 Weeks!!!!!

Wow me and my brother just keep getting more and more games for no reason people are just getting em for us its crazy. We have gotten like 20 games in these past 3 and a half weeks, and that never happens, it's awesome. Well anyway I beat Dragon Quest IV like two weeks ago and it was a good game. I liked the final boss battle becuz the guy Psaro had like 7 different forms and it was fun to kill them all. Now I'm starting on Chrono Trigger, but what I've been mainly playing recently is Warcraft III: Frozen Throne becuz so many people are online and there are so many different games to play so it is awesome. Yah so I've only been in school for two weeks since winter break and we have gotten tons of homework but luckily yesterday we had a short day and my teachers gave us a break and we had no homework, so I was able to go over to my friend's house and play some Perfect Dark, Halo, Call of Duty, etc. It was fun and i enjoyed it so that was cool. baseball is starting up soon for me and i'm really looking forward to it cuz i havent played baseball for almost a year. I want to end up on the same team as my friend for the 5th time becuz it is better that way. So hopefully that happens cuz it will make baseball even more fun.

Happy Christmas/New Year!!!

So Christmas just passed and today is Jan. 1. I got lots of stuff for Christmas including a PS3 and a fe games for it including Burnout Paradise, LittleBigPlanet, and NCAA Footbalol 09. I also got three games for my Nintendo DS: Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Trigger, and Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen. I played Rockband for like three hours today and i can finally do all my songs on Hard on guitar. I have 109 songs overall cuz i bought a bunch of extras with my XboxLive account. (All I use it for is buying songs on Rockband, I use another account for all my other games) A lot has happened since my last blog post. My football team made the playoffs but lost in the 2nd round 37-6. We eneded the season at 6-4 overall. I played wide receiver, running back, and I returned kickoffs. I ended up having 10 catches for 150 yards, around 600 yards rushing and two touchdowns, and I got our team great field position on the kickoff returns and I almost had three touchdowns on those. I would have done a lot better if our team actually had a good QB. He always threw the ball wildly and it was very rare to get a good pass to you. Also my coach didnt run me very often even though i was the best running back we had. Now for school the 1st semester just passed and I got straight A's, a 4.0 woo!!! It was pretty hard especially Math, I barely snuck by with an A in that class, our teacher is really tough. For 2nd semester Im going to be a TA (Teacher Assistant) for my Social Studies teacher. (Hes my fav teacher) So hopefully that will be cool. Yah so thats what has happened in the last few months it wewnt by so fast.

Havent been on lately

Yah I havent been on lately cuz it was my b-day and now school has started and so I have no time now. I also started my football season and I practice 5 days a week so with homework sports and friends there is no time left over to go on Gamespot or the computer really. It kinda bums me out that Its only gonna get worse later on in the school year Im gonna have to start staying up to 10:30 to do my hw instead of being done at 9:00 max. Cuz i get home at 4:00 and football practice is from 5:30-8:00 and i spend 30 minutes before practice getting ready so I really only get 45 minutes before practice to do HW and then i have after practice but still. After practice i dont want to do my hw either cuz im tired so its really a hassle. I just dont have the will to not do my HW sounds weird huh well thats what you get when you get straight A's your whole life and your in AP classes and they give you hella homework. Plus im trying as best as i can to get into UCLA on scholarships cuz my parents could pay for it but it would really drain a lot of their money and it wouldnt be good for my younger brother and younger sister. They could get loans but I would want to be able to make it easier for them and to do that I have to work my butt off. I dont know exactly what i could get the scholarship for though cuz Im really good with my grades, football, baseball, and my best is probably track cuz Im just naturally gifted with speed. So yah I dont know I just cant go on GS really for sometime so maybe I can go on once a week on Sundays but thats it really. So just wanted to say why I havent been on and yah oh I got Madden 09 its awesome uber graphics never had a game with such good graphics so yah. Well I am fairly new to the Xbox 360 though.

ONE YEAR!!!! on GS

As of today I have been a GS member for 1 whole year. Yay!!! woot!!! Also today I watched both the Nintendo and Sony press conferences but only got a badge for watching the Sony one? I dont know why but thats what happened. Its kinda cool how i have been a gs member for 1 year right when E3 starting it awesome. I didnt watch the Microsoft conference but I did see the highlights and saw that Final Fantasy gonna be out for 360 as well as PS3. This surprised me a lot cuz Ive been saving money for a PS3 just so I could play FF 13 and Dark Cloud 3 but now im not so sure if i should buy it or not. I probably still will get it for christmas if i beg my parents so i could still get dark cloud 3 and other PS3 exclusives like MGS 4 and others. But i never expected a big name game like FF 13 to go multi-console. I still not sure if the games will be the exact same game for 360 and PS3. If they different I might end up getting both dependng on how the reviews are. But if they same I probably get the PS3 one cuz blu-ray. So yah I been GS member for one year even though it hasnt felt like it cuz i never went on GS when i first got my account so yah. One year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah

I forgot to say that in a few days I will have been a gamespot member for a year!!! This will be an accomplishment for me somewhat you could say but I cant believe the year went by so fast it so weird. Well just wanted to say that almost been on GS for a year.

Games I been playing

I just started playing Dark Cloud again since I beat it for the 2nd time like 3months ago and now I'm obssesed with playing it. It is just such a great game. This time I'm trying to get the best weapons for every single one of my characters instead of just Toan and Ruby. Usually I only upgrade they're weapons but this time Im going to try do it with everyone. Ive been reading around the FAQ's and board for Dark Cloud and I found out a level that is really easy to level up on so Ill probably power-level there. Oh yeah I just finished Norune Village (first area in game) and I already have a 7 Branch Sword with Toan and a Bandit Slingshot +6 with Xiao. So I'm on a pace to have my weapon with Toan maxed unless i never use him again. I did kinda power-level on this one floor though I only did it with Toan though. So yah I dont know why I posted all this I just wanted to I guess. Oh yeah On Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Ive made three characters that are all custom classes I made. I have a warrior that is level 8 and he is the grand champion of the arena. he has also gone up in rank twice in the fighter's guild. I also killed a Dark Brotherhood guy with him it was pretty hard cuz the guy was pretty strong. That gave me a 1000 bounty though which is really bad and it also lowered my fame by like 8 points. So that guy is doing "ok right now but I also have a thief and a mage. My thief is level 9 and is like a gladiator rank in the arena. He has also ranked up 3 times in the Thieves Guild. I also just joined the Dark Brotherhood with him so he doing good. His sneak is already expert and he only level 9!!!!!! Well that isnt that hard but still. I also have a mage that just got out of the imperial sewers so he not far at all cuz I just started with him. He is level 1 still. So far Ive put about a combined time of 20hrs into that game and I haven't played it as much as i thought I would even though I have played it very often. For Dark Cloud on the file I just started I have played it for 7hrs. Yah Oblivion is a really long game but is lots of fun and I really enjoy it. Dark Cloud if u speed run it is only like 10-20hrs but If u wanna take the time to develop your weapons correctly then it is about a 40-60hr game depending on how many weapons you develop. So yah I was just bored and typed up all this stuff I did recently well for these two games anyway. Oh yeah also on Dragon Quest VII I never realized I saved on file 99 and that my guy was level 18 and I had just barely gotten to the squid fight (second boss) so I guess I power=leveled on that one too. So this is the end of my blog post and yah this was actually quite fun writng this all down so yah.

Real Blog Post

I haven't had a blog post about my personal life in a while so I'll do one today. Last week on thursday June 12 it was my last day of school which rocks and suck. Rocks becuz no homework which equals more video games. Sucks becuz I wont be able to see my friends as much and this year was the best year (fun-wise) Ive ever had at school. I hate how its so bitter-sweet!!! Well now that baseball is over I have to get ready for football. My baseball coach said I'm going to tear up the league because I'm uber fast and have great hands and I'm gonna be one of the older kids on my team but I dont believe him. It's gonna be my first year in football and It's not as much scared as I'm nervous. Yay I got two new friends which is awesome becuz I was getting pretty bored on Gamespot and was only coming on for my unions. I also got my first badge which is Tagger Flirt becuz I have 50 tags which isnt very much really. Oh yeah I'm so happy I'm finally getting Oblivion tomorrow I'm glad cuz Ive been wanting a new rpg bad. Well that is it for this blog post but one more thing I cant believe how much faster Ive gotten at typing since playing some mmorpg's. I used to be so slow but now I can type really fast probably from going on Battle.net on Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. My friend used to be way faster than me but now I'm a little bit faster than him. Well that official end of blog post. Goodbye.
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