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10 months late and the two-year-hat

So I said I'd start blogging and posting on the forums again back in February. With it now being 2 hours until December I figured there was no time like the present to actually start living up to that. I'm not going to go in to much detail about what I've been up to this year as there isn't an awful lot to say :P I'm currently on the look out for a job which is proving more difficult than expected, but other than that everything has been going well :) Expect to see a little more of me around here, as well as a full sized post soon enough.

Oh, and my santa pacman avatar has managed to survive 2 years without a change now. Let's see if he can hit the festivities of 2011 without being usurped...

Level 30? I need to get some blogging done

Well, without realising it I'm already past half-way through level 30 on my Gamespot account. I told myself for quite a while I would pick this whole blogging business up again as soon as I dinged 30 so this is pretty long overdue. Rest assured in my writing absence I have been keeping up to date with reading everyone's blogs on here and hope everyone had a great start to the year.

I am incredibly anxious and excited for what the future has to bring at the moment. All of my exams have just finished for around 3-4 months, and luckily we have no school next week, which should provide for some relaxation after a month of mostly solid revision and studying. A mere 3 weeks after that, the 19th of March to be precise, is my 18th birthday! This might not mean much to anyone reading from across the pond, but over in the UK 18 is the legal age for drinking, and is a pretty well celebrated birthday in general. It should provide for some decent, alcohol-fueled nights on the town at least :P

Exactly 2 weeks after that I'll be flying out with most of my mates from school for a week in Washington DC :D It's being planned as a trip for the students studying history in sixth form, but I managed to weasel my way in because I study US and UK politics. It'll be my first time flying aswell as my first time going abroad to any country other than France. It should be a great experience, especially as the vast majority of my friends managed to fill most of the spots available :D

My gaming's been pretty limited recently. My xbox live account was neglected throughout January due to exams, and now I've got more free time I've been filling it with some Modern Warfare 2 with 5 mates, as well as Red Alert 3, which was irresistable at £3 from Amazon. I just managed to hit the second prestige on MW2, and have managed to improve my skills on Red Alert 3 enough to beat all of my friends, bar ONE, in 1v1 matches :D

Next up in gaming would most likely be the release of FF13. I've been a huge fan of the series since the days of old when Final Fantasy 7 taught me to read better than my school ever could as I played through a game that seemed longer than time itself at such an age. I'm not sure how Final Fantasy's new combat system will hold up with me, but I'm certain the story and cinematics will be amazing :P

Just a brief catch up. Thanks for reading :)

I need to write a new blog...but how?

So I really want to get back in to blogging. I used to jot down my thoughts or experiences over the past few days or weeks in these but haven't really found the time or effort to do so of recent, but it's time to make a change. My only problem is a lack of both inspiration or material to use or write about. Should I just keep posting about what's going on in my life in a disorganised post as I usually would, or should I go for something more formal and editorialised? Or should I just pack it in altogether? :P

Please give suggestions, I'm really unsure about what to do with this space :)

An update!

An update!

So I thought I'd give this blog a little update after my short break from the ol' G-spot.


Can't really say much gaming has been done other than some ODST and Halo 3 multiplayer. Being someone who didn't buy any of the original map-packs for Halo 3, the multiplayer disc was quite an expansion of content on the online side. Whilst the ODST campaign was fun with friends, well thought-out and a tad challenging it only managed to hold out for all of about two days as I managed to zip through it on legendary a couple of sittings. Fortunately this got me a fair amount of achievements from both the multiplayer disc and the campaign mode, leaving my gamerscore at a current total of 9134.

I have a couple games that are pretty much un-tapped achievement wise i.e. Fifa 09 and Fallout 3, so I might take a shot at using those to get a fair bit closer, if not to, the big 10,000 :PIn terms of the future, I'm looking to grab Need For Speed: Shift soon after literally abusing the demo, as well as the obvious Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin's Creed 2 in the coming weeks/months. I'll also be picking up an original PSP for £30 through a friend on Monday after I found out you can transfer Final Fantasy 7 on to it for free using a Playstation 3. Portable FF7? Goodbye life :|


Pretty much nothing new on the movies side, although I have been keeping up with the new (and recently finished) series of Peep Show on channel 4, as well as FlashForward on Five every Monday night. Seems like a pretty sweet show so far, I'm just hoping it doesn't go down the long and winding road of try-hard cliff-hanging obscurity that put me off watching Lost :P

Books?! Yeah you heard

So, in a small spurt of out-of-characterness I actually purchased and began reading a book this month. It's one of George Orwell's cl@ssics and goes by the name of 1984. Being pretty well known and critically acclaimed I figured I may as well order it from eBay at the cheap price of £5 inc. P&P. I was a bit sceptical at first but have to say I'm impressed so far. Let's just hope I'll actually reach the end.


In a weird turn of events I found out, today none-the-less, that I'm going to see Green Day tomorrow night at the Birmingham NEC :D I'm not the biggest fan of the new album, but a lot of their old stuff is great, and so I jumped at the chance to see them for a total of £34 including trains and a hotel room afterwards with 3 mates and a bottle of Jack Daniels :P Should be a good night seeing that the set list on this tour is largely made up of old material, and I'll be posting pictures on my twitter account tomorrow night for the few of you that are following me :)

Other than that nothing much can be said for music apart from discovering a band I had known about for a while called Death Cab For Cutie. I knew my brother was a fan but never really bothered to listen to them up until now, and I'm glad I gave them a chance. They seem like a great mix between slow Jimmy Eat World and Brand New. Just a shame to see they're on the soundtrack for the next movie in the twilight series ¬¬

Ooo I almost forgot. I also picked up Muse's new album "The Resistance" and I love it :D It took a good few listens for it to grow on me, but now I'm pretty much addicted to the songs Resistance, Guiding Light and Unnatural Selection. :)

That's all for this one. Follow me on twitter here or post a comment if you like :) Oh and sorry tofu-lion91, I may have somewhat stolen the layout of your awesome blogs for mine a bit. Let's just call it inspiration ;)


Hmm...Been inactive for a while now...

So I'm considering coming back to Gamespot properly now. I've been inactive for over a month since school started, but I've got a week off and things are generally settling down. I might not be visiting OT much, as I'll probably be mostly reading other people's blogs on top of occasionally writing my own little updates.

Thanks :)

A point loss and a dilemma

Hey again. Long time no see. I have not done a blog for a while as I have not really had much to talk about. I've tried to think of ideas as time has gone on but nothing has struck me until now. I can ask YOU, the reader, for some advice on a little computer related financial matter I have. Any advice would be greatly appreciated in advance, but we'll get onto that in a minute.

First off I'd like to mention I recently suffered a dreaded point loss on my account, taking my level 29 and 98% account down to a level 28. Whilst little stuff like that wouldn't bother me, getting through 29 took a good month or so, and I was looking forward to hitting the big 30. Sure enough I'm working my way back up again, but that's just a little explanation as to why my blog post "Radiant Silvergun" would seem odd in comparison to my level right now :P

On a slightly jollier note, some of you may know I got a pair of cats a week or so ago :D They're both 3 years old and are still getting used to the new house (in other words, they are petrified of anything that moves), but they are generally pretty awesome and I should have some pics of them up quite soon :P

Now, moving on to my little computer related conundrum I could use your advice with. I have around £350 to spend on a new computer. I sold my mac and monitor (I have another i can use) and was planning on upgrading to either an iMac, or a self-built computer with an intel processor so I can dual-boot Mac and Windows with ease. I'm using my laptop at the moment, but it's not very good to say the least. It's a good few years old, is missing a space bar, and can barely hop on it's own two linux-based feet.

An upgrade is in order, and all seemed well until a thought occured to me. I may be moving away to university next year, and would need a half decent laptop to take with me for taking notes or working in class, aswell as general use while I am there. Now seems as good of a time as any to buy a laptop in preparation of then, aswell as to replace this steam-producing heap of rubble I'm using now. I then run in to the problem that I have quite the nice, new desk in my room that would go to waste, aswell as my personal preferred taste in desktops rather than laptops for full-time use. Sure, I could use my laptop at the desk, but it just wouldn't be the same, y'know? :P

So what do I do? Do I go and buy myself a well-spec'd tower for my desk, but then run into a problem when I move away next year? Or do i buy a new laptop now which could be taken away, but would be less-preffered for use at home until then? I'm somewhat leaning towards the laptop option, as an intel based one could be used to load Mac OSX, and would be more efficient in the long run. Using it at my desk wouldn't be so bad, and I could use the other monitor for playing Xbox at the desk itself.

It's probably worth mentioning that I'm not too big of a fan of PC gaming, and so the need for a high-spec computer isn't exactly present, but would still be pretty sweet and would get me in to PC gaming if it was a possibility.

Anyway, leaving your suggestions as a comment would be greatly appreciated, and would help me out an awful lot. Hit the track button if your feelin' a little generous :D

Blog Sig

Photoshopping opinions please :)

Well I just installed Photoshop CS4 on my Mac again after the restore. I figured now that I had it I should make use of it again, and design myself a new blog signature, as well as a new profile banner. I have not gotten a second opinion on either of them yet, and figured I would post them here and ask for your opinions on them. Please tell me your preferred design for either in the comment box :)

Profile Banner 1
Profile Banner 2

Blog Signature 1
Blog Signature 2

Thanks :D

Top 3's and 3.0

Hey again. After being somewhat bored at my desk, I came up with the idea of doing a post about my favourite games from each platform I have owned in the past for my blog. The following list portrays what I have enjoyed the most gaming-wise, with titles that bring together originality, gameplay, graphics and audio to make their way on to the list of games I played and enjoyed the most throughout my childhood. Call me nostalgic, but I love it :D

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

3) Starwing
2) Super Mario World
1) Zelda: A link to the past

Playstation 1

3) Crash Bandicoot 3
2) Metal Gear Solid 1
1) Final Fantasy 7

Nintendo 64

3) Banjo Kazooie
2) 007: Goldeneye
1) Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Gameboy (both Colour and Advance)

3) Super Mario Advance 2
2) Pokemon Blue
1) Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

Playstation 2

3) Jak 2
2) Final Fantasy 10
1) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty


3) Super Smash Bros. Melee
2) Zelda: Twilight Princess
1) Zelda: Wind Waker

While I felt I should have given a brief explanation of why each title had made it's way on to my list, that would have taken some time, as well as made the post look incredibly messy and squashed in. I'm sure anyone who has played any of these knows why they are up there :P I also felt it was necessary to leave the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii off of the list.

There are constantly great titles being released for the 360 and PS3, and so it would be hard to jot down a few without a new release replacing an existing entry within the next few months :P The Wii was left off as it would be have been a struggle to reach a list of three titles I have actually enjoyed enough to put up there since I first purchased the console :lol:

On a rather un-related note, I managed to get around to re-installing Mac OSX 10 on my Mac Mini recently, and she is now running perfectly :) Over the past few weeks/months it would struggle loading simple web-pages, especially image heavy ones. It would also struggle with streaming video via youtube or gamespot, and doing other tasks that most computers would handle with ease. After a complete reboot of the machine, including completely wiping the hard drive, it is now running faster than my vista laptop would (which was my machine of choice once the mac began to slow down unexplainably) and I am enjoying Mac life once again :D

For any of the readers with an iPhone or iPod Touch, you are probably aware of the new 3.0 firmware update that coincided with the release of the 3GS. While a few of the new features did not appeal to me (as I have a Touch, which is lacking in a microphone) the device seems to run a lot faster now.

It's battery life seems to have been greatly extended also, perhaps due to the update configuring how the device handles applications and how battery-consuming they may be (honestly I have no clue). So either way, if you are using an iPhone or iPod Touch, I would recommend upgrading to 3.0 through the iTunes Store (although I'm sure you could find another method, somewhat more cost-effective ;))

Feel free to add me on Twitter or track me if you want to read regularly! :) Oh, and there will also be a new blog signature soon to replace this old PS3 one...


Radiant Silvergun!

As the title indicates, I have just hit level 29 today! It has taken quite a while, and I am now only 29 posts from the 3000 milestone (yeah...that's alot for me:P). So a thankyou to all who have put up with me :lol:

I have been meaning to make a blog post about E3, including what I was most impressed by, as well as what did not get me excited, but to be entirely honest with all two of you, I really can't be bothered. It's partly laziness, and partly the fact that it would contain exactly what you would expect it too, mainly highlighting big titles such as Project Natal and Assassin's Creed 2, as well as the other big names that were shown off this year.

One title I do find worth mentioning though, is the upcoming DS game by developer 5th Cell: Scribblenauts. For the very few of you who don't know what this game is all about, you play a boy named Maxwell who needs to collect the "Starlite" at the end of every level. How he does this, and by what means, is entirely up to you.

Scribblenauts gives users an incredibly large plethora of objects and beings at their disposal, which can be used together in an infinite number of ways, either to gain access to the end star, or just to see how the objects react with each other when spawned. The title is released on DS in September this year for the US, and November for the UK. Definitely one to look out for, and would get my vote for best game of the show.

Another point I wanted to mention was the banning of Neon-Tiger, one of the valued posters on OT. His posts, aswell as his headphone-loving ways made the Off-Topic bored a little less un-interesting, and it will be a duller place without him :(

That's all I've got for now, hit the track button if you liked what you read. I'll post something more substantial next time, I promise! :|


More to come soon...

Well, I have finally finished my AS exams for Sixth Form, and am now FREE for the summer :D The exams went fairly well. The psychology and IT exams I comfortably finished, whilst Politics was a tad more challenging, but it's all good.

Much of the time that was meant to be spent revising for such exams went to watching E3 coverage, which has given me a fair bit to talk about for the next post, which will include what I am looking forward to after the show, as well as my views on the different press conferences and such (Sony and Microsoft did a pretty good job, Nintendo not so much).

Next year I will be studying Politics, ICT and Psychology at A2 level, and so yet again gaming will take a backseat while coursework and studying is heavy, but until then I've got the summer for some catching up that needs to get done :D

Currently I am playing some FiFA 09 online with friends as I have only just managed to pick it up (not usually my type of game, but the multiplayer is good fun), and after that I will most likely attempt to get through Final Fantasy 7 which was recently released on the PSN Store :D

Just a bit of an update post to let you know I'm still here and that all the exams are done, which will result in more frequent posts both on here and the forums. Hit the track button if you want MOAR! :)

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