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@bezza2011: Actually reviewers on Gamespot usually (you cant never say always) review the games they are interested in. That´s why the fighting games are usually reviewed by McGee. The nba2k14 by Tom McShea and the rpg by VanOrd.

They only review games in the genres they are interested in.

I do get the feeling that Video Reviews here used to be longer and delve deeper into certain aspects of the game and are becoming shorter.

But the written review has, luckily remain pretty unchanged

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@KBFloYd: I watch gameplay videos but since you´re not the one holding the controller, they don´t always give you a real sense of how it plays like. You might see something awesome happening on the screen, but on the joystick is just really frustrating to pull it off.

Reviews tend to give you more of how the game feels.

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@Randolph: I never go with just one either, but I always find myself agreeing more with this site. I see you have problems with Tom and Carolyn reviews. I dont, but like i said in the blog, its a matter of knowing the reviewer. I usually know that ill agree with Tom McShea. And Carolyns reviews of Saints Row is what convinced me to buy it. Well that and Shaun Mcginnis video of griffin in that game, hilarious.

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Yeah. Every one here just buys pirated version of games, so they dont know what online gaming is. Cant really blame them. The difference between paying 180 bucks for the real deal and paying 2 bucks on a flea market makes it almost impossible to do anything else

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I only have Resogun at the moment.

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