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Gaming on South America (well maybe not the whole continent)

What to write about? I suppose the trick in starting a blog is writing what's on your mind without missing your point, without whining too much and without sounding too entitled. I'll give it a try. Wonder if someone will care, hell I wonder if someone will read it.

Hi y'all fellow gamers. I wanna write about. What it is to be a gamer on a third world country, to be more precise to be a gamer on Uruguay (small country in South America, you can look it up) .

The first thing you have to know about gaming in the third world is that it's really expensive (or you can go pirate and then it becomes really cheap). How expensive you might ask, well, I just bought a ps4 for USD 1100. And ps3 or ps4 games cost USD 180 each. Due to taxes mostly.

So obviously your gaming trends really suffer for that. For instance I never ever pre order a game (you can't risk 180 just because of the hype). 180 USD is too much to risk on a game that hasnt been reviewed yet.

That means I tend to research a game a lot before buying it. And that means finding a reviewer you can trust, that you know has similar gaming tastes. That's where sites like this become very important for my life as a gamer.

Still, for some games i can sidestep the price tag by buying the game abroad, like from eBay. So youll probably get your game shipped from china or some place that doesnt charge too much in the shipping costs department.

Which translates to playing the game a couple months late, therefore missing much of the forums comments or publishing a reiew to help others decide.

Well, the whole ordeal comes with its own traits. Theres one experience that most gamers have in my country and that is:

Waiting in line at customs to claim your blocked package aka video game. Kinda like waiting in line for Black Friday in the USA, but without the discounts. When this happens, the game that you purchased for USD 80 aprox turns into a 120 or 140 dollars game due to fines and/or taxes. This doesn't always happen but it's always a risk. They block packages at random here. My last experience for this was with GTA V, a game that was supposed to cost 80 bucks, but ended up costing me 120. And the worst part is that i ended up being on the minority that although impressed by the sheer size and techincal accomplishments in the game, ended up bored and not finishing the single player campaign.

Another thing i find really difficult is finding real people to play with. To borrow games with or exchange experiences. All of you out there dont know how lucky you are to be part of a group.

Im still in the process of trying to turn my girlfriend into a gamer, so far without much succes.

Oh well, hope I haven't bored you too much with this ( if there is a YOU out thre that actually takes the time to read this).

Wanna share anything about your gaming experiences on your country or just wanna talk about games, leave a comment, send a message and I'll answer