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Preference Over Fact

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Wow, a first ever blog for me here at GameSpot! You would think after so many years of being here I would have posted one by now.

Since I'm here I just want to express my own personal opinion and view in regards to something that tends to bug me from time to time. That is the whole debate on "what console/card/platform is better" for games. Now I used to be one of the ones who would always say that PC does a better job or that the XBox 360 is better than the Playstation 3. In a lot of ways I still am a little that way but really what it comes down to, as a friend of mine and I discussed, that it all boils down to one thing.

The games.

While there are people who will happily say Crysis is one the most fantastic looking games on the face of this planet others will tell you that Pac-Man is one of the greatest games of all time. Gameplay is what makes or breaks a game. The story could be non-existent (as in the case of Postal 2 for example) but if it plays well then you're inclined to keep at it.

There are a lot of factors to what makes a game great or a certain platform better than the other but half the time it has nothing to do with the statistics or the benchmarks or the specs but on what is available and how good it is. The Nintendo Wii for example has some nice looking games on it but most the games are played for the controls.

I can, however, both understand and relate to what it's like to base such opinions and preferences on experience in reliability and/or stability of a product. If you find a certain product keeps breaking or was simply broken to begin with (that can apply on many levels, not just physically but for example like some games that are slapped lazily onto a disc and shoved onto a shelf behind the sneaky cover of a good product) then yes, that can certainly be a major influence.

In the end though it's what works best for you and what you want/need. So long as that is fulfilled the rest doesn't really matter.