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Civilization V and RUSE reviews

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Ok guys, as promised an analysis for Civilization V and RUSE is up.

Civilization V

Sid Meier's Civilization V Boxshot


R.U.S.E. Boxshot

My thoughts on two very different strategy games, please comment after reading your thoughts on each game and argument if you agree with my reviews or not.

Also I am very tired since I have been playing both these games incessantly, especially Civ V, I'd like to remind everybody that the release date for two really influential games of this year is coming



Black Ops Thoughts:

Browsing some Youtube channels such as Machinima or NextGenTactics, I have seen that Black Ops is turning out to be a fine project, it seemingly has no flaws and from the gameplay videos I saw the purchasing system will be really innovative as players can decide what to buy and unlock and when. Also I am really hyped about the new wager matches game modes, which are:

Gun Game

Sticks and Stones

One in the Chamber

The one with the gun rotation( dont know the name)

And I think there was another, anyway to practice for these games, specially for Gun Game, I have taken the idea from and NGT director GUNNS4HIRE to play MW2 with a ****called litterbug, meaning that each time you kill someone uou must pick up their weapon and continue the cycle until you win. This will help the player gain finesse with every weapon available for use in the game.

Finally I would like everyone to put up their thought about how the multiplayer aspect of DEAD SPACE 2 will be and how will EA keep it from being broken or even monotonous.

Thoughts , thoughts and more thoughts...(picless blog)

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Civ V lands on my collection and its time to dust off the power of my pc, although ive ignored the thing for a while since i got mz ps3 asnd yes completely whored mw2, i got tired and began to become a minecraft addict, yeah im sorry i know its a very simple game but they really nailed it, went back to the roots and created a game that is punishing, rewarding hard realistic and fun and all of this in just the alpha version, i suggest you buy it..... now.

Returning to the Civ topic, I will be playing that game until I puke Civilizations when Im drunk, :o .... anyways expect some feedback, if i do not forget to do the danged blog entry before something happebns.

Amazon Pre-Ordered Games:

Black Ops - no description on this, imma grow another eye from the amount of hours that im gonna play this game, no analysis yet...

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - OMAYGAWD online assassins , ... :o this is going to be just great, not only the campaign but also the multiplayer *sighs* :) (orgasmic smile)..

Expectations :

Dead Space 2 - MEntioned quantoisuly (dunno if that is even a word) on my blog , this game is going to be the new definition of epic, s*xy, awesome,in the Britannica Dictonary (or is that an encyclopedia... hmm) :p

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier - uthadfughawtuGHSDGFIAUGRTAE .... crumbles over and dies from awesomeness... from the trailer and the gameplay at E3 this game is going to be simply and sensationally kick-a**..... you can also input any swear word you might think of into the thought of this completely fu**able game. :D

Let-Downs :

R.U.S.E - Horrible excuse for a game, too long to develop an infinished pile of mokey leftovers that are turned into cherrios..... wait what?

hmm no more yet, not enough gameplay of medal of honor yet to say anything about it .

Expect Reviews for :









Demons Souls

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Demon's Souls Boxshot


Demons Souls is one of the most hardest f***n games ever made in f**n game history is it not?!

So I saw the GOTY review that gamespot did on the game and thought well its nice to once in a while be challenged by a game, so I went out and bought it....

GOOD MERCYGAWD... they were not kidding around with this game no two difficulties or somethin, they said F**K that if YOU'S GONNA PLAY YOU GOTTA BE HARDCORE!!! I mean this is the GRAND CHAMPION OF HARD MOTHERF***N GAMES!

That aside the game has some really great environment and I thought that the control scheme plus moving mechanics and other realistic features that battling demons included just added more to the difficulty but they also made for a great experience..

The first level I did not know what the hell to expect so as I advanced through the turtorial I thought.. well this is not bad! But then came the tutorial boss! The f**n TUTORIAL boss and smashed me to obvlivion with one blow.. now I dont know if that's part of the tutorial.. so i restarted only to realize there was no way I could kill more than half of his health so f**k it. After that the first level was a total nightmare, the weakest baddies could talk like half of your damn health bar in a blo so, I thought WOW what are we playin here f***n SILVER SURFER!? That was another game that pissed me off, but that aside you should play it .. NOW!

Its hard, its great, its the best f**n game of the year..


e3 2010

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Well dudes...

E3 this year was one of lots of motion sensing bull***t and moving around, I wouldn't call it one of the most boring if it wasn't for the fact that they announced various games which are very exciting for me.

-Star Wars : The Old Republic, I loved KoTOR and KoTOR 2 so much, their story is perfectly outlined and the story resolution is just great, we are now presented with more of that greatness in a MMO which will be difficult to handle as I am sure that millions will be playing the game, high expectations on this one.

-Little Big Planet 2: No words for this one, pure secks (if you know what I mean), creation madness to come for users around the world.

-Dead Space 2: Damnnn,Issac is back to kick some more a**, and who could not love this awsomness of a game where you can run upand murder aliens in a game with one of the best environments ever seen.

These are my top 3 most awaited titles, following are some games I would like to buy and most probably will.

-Killzone 3

-Call of Duty : Black Ops

-Gran Turismo 5

-Need For Speed : Hot Pursuit

-Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon : Future Soldier

-Medal of Honor


-Crysis 2

-Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Well, that's all folks


God of War 3 GOTY??

by on

sooooo me lettleee stalkeers.....

it has been looong since me has posted sumethin ova here ....

anyways new trivia question and ps3 question

What do you think of God of War 3, does it deserve the GOTY award or any other award, leave comments beloww

soooo fur tha funny questioon, what has been the most uncomfortable situation you've ever been in??


by on

SOOO Boys and Girls..............

Im new to PSN so If you would be so kind to leave your psn gamer id's here it would be great.... alssoooo

Apparently no one has an answer DO MONKEYS EAT ICECREAM? trivia post comments with your answeer (dont forget the psn id)

PS3 aquissition (or however you write that)

by on

so finally after a very long wait, i've got my new ps3, so be expecting several game reviews when I thoroughly play them.

Is demon souls as innovative as they say? is it?

Is uncharted the perfect adventure game?

Is killzone's 2 multiplayer awsome?

do monkeys eat icecream?.. ok that was a bit off track

so anyways you can see that this is going to get interesting so keep tracking it :P ;)

New PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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so guys / girls (lol) after some reallybadmoments and some reall awful troubles with my pc i am finally getting a new one and i can tel u it is a beast here are the specs: the brand is IBuypower it is a paladin xlc V3


Intel® Core™ i7 975 Processor Extreme Edition (4x 3.33GHz/8MB L3 Cache)(OVERKill)

Processor Cooling

Asetek Liquid CPU Cooling System w/ 240mm Radiator [SOCKET-1366]


12 GB [2 GB X6] DDR3-1600 Triple Memory Module-Corsair or Major Brand(OVERKILL)

Video Card

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 - 2GB-3-Way SLI Mode (Triple Cards)(THREE CARDS! 6 GIGABYTES!!!!)(OVERKILL)


EVGA X58 SLI ****fied -- Intel X58 Chipset CrossFire and SLI Supported w/7.1 Sound, Triple-Channel DDR3, Dual Gb LAN, S-ATA Raid, USB 2.0, 3-Way SLI PC-3-Way SLI

Power SUpply

800 Watt -- Power SupplySLI Ready

Primary Hard Drive

3TBS HARD DRIVE -- 16M Cache, 7200 RPM, 3.0Gb/sSingle Drive

Optical Dirve


Sound Card

3D Premium Surround Sound Onboard

Netwrok Card

Onboard LAN Network (Gb or 10/100)

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium


Razer Lycosa Gaming Keyboard


Razer DeathAdder High Precision Optical Gaming Mouse


iBUYPOWER 2.1 Channel Stereo Super Bass Subwoofer Speaker System

band logo

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hey guys

so not much goin on lately on my gamin life really lookin forward to COD:MW 2 and AC 2 also i have a request for those of you who are artisits i i am in grave need for a logo for my band, the band's name is black light so any of you interested just PM me thx

): bad news

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life just sucks sometimes after the incident with my HD i have been trying to get my info back but it's been just c**p i mean real s**t and the technicians couldnt do anything so i had t ogo an buy myself a new pc ): life is ****

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