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3DS Column: Star Fox 64 3D


15 years ago there I was playing one of the games that marked my childhood and all my experience in games ... Yes! Starfox 64 gave me several hours of excessive gambling and fun with all your adventure and action that airwing of Fox McCloud alongside Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare and Slippy Toad. Now I'm older and have a new experience with Starfox 64 3D on my 3DS, as addictive as the original game for Nintendo 64, now with the proper 3D effects and gameplay differentiated, this remake fully respects the title with a universe full of effects very beautiful and rich in detail, a true gift from the Big N for all fans of the series Starfox.

Everything was renovated, including music from the game composed by Koji Kondo and Hajime Wakai in N64 and now remade by acclaimed Koji Kondo with some classic songs suffering sharp differences comparing them with the original version, such as the classic "Main Menu Theme" that will all reflect a ride to the cosmos and now looks like an ending theme. (Compare the two versions of the theme on the links at the end of this post) However, the reformulation of the compositions are still magnificent!

Use the censors motion 3DS really add much to the gameplay of the game, leaving the immersion and increases much broader experience of the game, although players prefer to play the older classical manner using the appropriate analog.

The classic texts of the characters are still present with the same touch of humor ever, especially by members of StarWolf in combat on the planet Katina.

In conclusion ... Star Fox 64 and created pleased many fans throughout the existence of this acclaimed series from Nintendo and I hope that after this great remake for 3DS, master Shigero Miyamoto give because there is this segment that is one of the largest series of Big N (This includes F-zero!). Thanks for reading and see the videos will follow with the Main Menu Theme of the two versions. See Ya!

Star Fox 64 OST - Main Menu Theme:

Star Fox 64 3D OST - Main Menu Theme: