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I've done some googling and while I found some threads with some stylesheet issues with saving none seemed to mention this bug.

I can't add any games to my Games I Own list. I turned the list into an unordered list (because ordered lists did warn me of a hard limit of 100 titles). I go to the stacks page, edit my "Games I Own" stack, add some of the games I've recently bought to the list, and the games do appear at the very bottom of the first page (page shows 100 tiles, list currently has 130+), but they won't be added to the list when I click "Save and finish".

I can't tell for how long this has been happening, but I've added 6 games in the last couple of days and none of them shows in the list. List is stuck at 139 titles no matter what I do.

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[QUOTE="neXtgenisis"]keep this thread going! we need to support jeff we should make another blackout dayTylendal

We should make it a monthly occurance. The first Monday of every month. That would hurt them in the long run.

I'd be surprised if more than 2% of GS' visitors ever checks the forums. I myself found the news on Digg - and I've been around Gamespot for two years and a half. Of those 2%, some people will be actually happy Jeff left -there are many examples even in this very thread. Others just won't care at all. (I liked the man and his live shows; not his reviews, sometimes not at all.)

I don't usually spend any time in virtually any Internet forums -or even Digg, or any other social networkfor that matter- because they tend to be composed mostly of like-minded folks. It ends up in some kind of intellectual endogamy and self-amplification of ideas -to sum up, a "placebo effect". (Please note I said "tend to be".)

I don't think I'll come back toGS forums once things cool down a little.

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The more I go over it - and I've given this unfortunate event quite a couple of thoughts- the less I see things in black & white.

When the dust settles, I'd like to check certain editors' reviews since I'm starting to get the feeling C|Net's big ones want a change in style, not so much in philosophy. Reading Kasavin's latest blog post suggests many a thing to those who can read between the lines.

Jeff shouldn't have been fired. I'm in the Save Jeff union and may remain there for some time. But I'm starting to think he didn't realize he was a journalist and that gamespot one-and-only official video review of whatever game you may fancy is not the place to put through certain opinions in an amateurish way.

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I've seen many people ask about direct action against Cnet & Eidos, and all many people seem to care about here is this thread reaching 10000 posts. Which is UTTERLY pointless, one might add.

Go to other gaming sites & write awful reviews of Kane & Lynch. Rate it a 0 at 1up. Send an email with the news to a mate gamer you know. Write a list of links with all the data (not simply a rant stating how outraged you are right now) and send it to your local media.

Spread the word. Make this whole issue backfire at Eidos.

And don't spam this thread with pointless whining and "oh my can one thread reach 9999999 *10^9999999 posts!!!" garbage.

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As I already said before, I'm not one that likes to sit and whine.

I've made a compilation of all known data, together with the speculation, and wrote a stub of an article, in spanish, that I sent this afternoon (it's 21:26 local time here) tosome renowned spanish online media. Of course, I clearly separated facts from speculation, and added a list of links to the main sources of information about this controversy.

I expect to see the news on some big latin channels soon -it's spreading on blogs and latin social networks as wildfire already. I want to put as much pressure on Cnet as I can. It's not a matter of liking or notJeff's work -I think his review of K&L was weak anyway-; it's a matter of being able to continue to use a site I'm used to visit daily, one I know the ins and outs ofand one I know how to get the most out of it.

For the time being, 1up.com has taken up the slot for videogames gamespot used to hold in my browser's bookmarks. It'll be that way until I see feasible proof that editorial indepence will be upheld at least to reasonable limits - I'm too old to believe in idealisms but to expect an editor to score 9 points to a videogame that got just 6 and nobody questioned the score, is pushing the "reasonable limits" I was talking about way too far.

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I'd like to know how GameSpot's heavyweight editors were given the news. This is important.

If they were gathered and told what was going on, that's bad news for them and for Jeff.

But, if they were called one by one to an office, and then told the news,then all might not be lost. Especially if there were reminded of some of their more obscure duties in that tete-a-tete.

Think about it.

I'd like to say a couple of things about continuing to work under such a board of directors, and other linked ideas, but that would be adding pressure to some people who for sure aren't feeling quite well right now.

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Sheer case of bad reasoning:

You know, if all of you guys think that your secession from Gamespot or your insurrection toward the Eidos/Gamespot authorities is going to have some kind of impact...

... you're right. But it won't have the kind of impact that you're expecting. You're actually giving Gamespot a lot of attention, and by extension, a lot of press.

Evidently none of you guys have ever heard the expression that any press is good press.

It doesn't matter if they did something unethical. They will get swarms of people coming to their site because of this move. That is NEVER a bad thing.

I can guarantee that most of you guys are only saying that you will cancel your accounts instead of actually doing it. Besides, even if you do cancel it, you'll be back within a month to resubscribe.

Just take a look at all the people who cancel their World of WarCraft subscriptions because they get madand then they come back within 2 weeks, lol.

If you guys are actually naive enough to think that none of Gamespot's reviews have been influenced by advertising and money then you're fooling yourselves. Just think of all of the reviews that weren't written by Jeff. :P

Money influences everything, especially the things that you consider immune. We live in the wealthiest capitalistic nation in the world. If you think for one second that money doesn't have it's sweaty grip on the booming digital entertainment industry and it's journalists, you're living in a dream world, my friends.

Good night.


Sure. If a car make is known for having 6000 customers having their cars towed to the garage after the engine totally broke down, all in just one day, that's good news according to you. Not in my book.

I certainly wouldn't like my site no. 4 at digg because of its lack of ethics and utter unreliability. Besides, and most important, if K&L get a 1.0 rating (0at 1up.com, where it still has over 5 points average) that's all most people will want to know about the game, Jeff Gerstmann or no Jeff Gerstmann. After all, it was a high score why all this got started to begin with.

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This goes to all the sigmunds and knights of malta in the thread that keep saying "give me evidence":

For Christ sake, I do hope you're not studying law lest you should end up becoming a judge.

This goes tothe sensible posters:

Kane & Lynch still has an average score of 5.1 at 1up.com, which is exactly 5.1 point more than it (or, to honor the truth) Eidos deserve. Yes, you can score 0 at 1up.

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[QUOTE="Knight_of_Malta"]Whats with spamming Kane and Lynch with bad reviews? Its not like it actually will accomplish anything, so there is no success as some of you call it.Willy105

Eidos wanted a good score.

Jeff denied them that.

Jeff got fired.

We finish the job.


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I insist: this is still a rumor.

But a rumor I do believe.

Complaining will get us -or jeff- anywhere. What did Eidos (supposedly) want to achieve? Great Kane & Lynch ratings?

They can buy CEOs with money. But they can't buy US. If you believe the rumor, then posting here isn't probably the best you can do. Scoring Kane & Lynch the lowest rating possible is much better. And I'm not talking Gamespot alone. 1up, IGN, you name it.

As for Gamespot, they're going to have to work extra time, really hard, to regain my confidence.

To those who say the rumor is just that, a rumor (even though in all honesty you've got to point out it's a rumor): if Jeff was so bad, if Cnet was so displeased about his way of doing things, how come he became chief editor after Kasavin left?

I do believe there were more things taken into account than just K&L though. But Eidos' movewas one of them, that's for sure.

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