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Paradise Burnt (and still gorgeous)

Kudos to Gamespot for nominating Burnout: Paradise for '08 GS GotY awards. It is truly a worthy up-and-runner. I hope The Ultimate Box (PC) gets nominated for this year's awards as well. And I hope GS editors maintain that wide array of genre picks for the GotY nominees as well; a bold (and criticised) move, but a refreshing one as far as I am concerned.

After more hours than I dare say roaming through Paradise City, I've achieved my 100% bikes driving licence. A week or so before, I got my 101% percent driving license as well (Criterion Elite achievement included). If you feel like trying, take this small piece of advice: do a good couple of complete online freeburn challenge series. Not only will that grant you a new ride, but also will make getting your Burnout license and most of the achievements much easier. More often than not, it's a matter of knowledge as much as of skill.

In any case, I changed my profile pic. I wish I knew how to capture a screenshot of my 100% completion tag (the one you get after accomplishing the Criterion Elite achievement), but my print screen key just won't do it. Until I manage to get that screenshot, I'll use this elite license pic downloaded from my profile web page.