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Head mounted displays and motion control devices

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I don't believe in head mounted displays, sorry. Even if I didn't have such a bad case of motion sickness I wouldn't be using Oculus Rift or the likes of that. One of the biggest issues regarding safety at work is that many workers don't want to wear any kind of restraining gear when working, be it a welding mask or some safety ropes. One of my childhood friends already has had many iron splinters surgically removed from his cornea because he simply couldn't stand the added heat of his protective mask.

Then we have this Leap Motion Controller too. I've already talked about Kinect before, and why I didn't think Kinect would be a groundbreaking technology (why the PS3 didn't launch with the Eye Toy, an ages old Sony technology?). Touch controls without the touch don't seem like the best idea, sorry. For starters, touch controls don't have no "motion scaling". Every movement is tracked 1:1 (except on tiny devices, which for many people are a true pain -dialling on certain touch screen only cell phones can be a chore). Then, many devices also have some kind of tactile feedback besides the obvious touch of the screen itself, of course. But, with a camera tracking device, just how much distance is "half screen"? How far must I move my hand to place the cursor in mid screen? Such things aren't an issue with actual touch devices, because you are clicking right where you are touching, but moving your hand across thin air is nothing like that. There's some kind of translator working somewhere. If you had an actual 3D display surrounding you, and you could touch and/or drag virtual images around you (but no helmets please!), that would be totally different. User-wise, you would be using a touch device, and not a motion tracking device, like this Leap motion controller.

Maybe some time in the (hopefully near) future these technologies can come to fruition in the shape of a real ergonomic, user-friendly interface, but certainly what I've seen thus far not only falls short of impressing me, but also doesn't even tickle my fancy.