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GameFAQs, the ZX Spectrum, Kojima and Spanish videogames

I never though I knew much about the ZX Spectrum until I saw this list in GameFAQs entitled "The top 10 Spectrum games". It's not that I consider myself any expert as regards the old Zilog Z80 machines, but watching that list I can tell you the guy who wrote it was a late Spectrum player, probably owning one of the latest models (perhaps the one with an attached tape player). I myself remember the birth of the machine, and I hardly would go as far as the launch date of the vast majority in that list to pick a top 10 for the Spectrum. In fact, there are unforgivable omissions there from many of the greatest publishers and franchises the ZX Spectrum saw. Namely, ultimate's Sabre Wulf / Underwulde /Knight Lore saga. The Knight Lore game was one of the first (if not the first) to feature that isometric truly three dimensionalgameplay that would yield so many great titles such as Alien 8, Movie, Head over Heels, Batman and many others. Talking about Batman and HoH -at least Match Day by Ocean made it to the list.

But not to mention Odin Computer Graphics LTD... Titles such as Robin of Sherwood, Nodes of Yesod, or the unforgettable Heartland... Masterpieces of creativity such as The Trap Door, platformers like the great Manic Miner series, Dynamite Dan, Bogaboo the Fly, Frost Byte, or Wally's awesome franchise with gems like Pyjamarama or Everyone's a Wally, classics like the Horace games, space shooters like Ad Astra, fighters like Barbarian (featuring one-hit-kills including decapitation) or The Way of the Exploding Fist, arcade racers such as Spy Hunter, Pole Position or Enduro Racer(or even simulators like Checkered Flag), RPGs like Druid or the awesome Avalon, space sims such as the great Elite (even Elite II is IMHO one of the best PC games ever made), text adventures like The Hobbit,or unclassifiable masterpieces such as I, of the Mask. To omit all of Dinamic's great titles: Babaliba, Army Moves and its sequel Navy Moves, Freddy Hardest... Dinamic, a Spanish game development company that produced so many top notch, state-of-the-art Spectrum games. Spain did create a lot of AAA Spectrum titles, to tell the truth, from the Three Lights of Glaurung (or whatever the English translation is), to Camelot or West Bank. Some of them were rebranded and released abroad by other companies with different names.

PC days are so different. AAA titles coming out of Spain are few and far between. Some (like Commandos) have enjoyed moderate success, but it's Hideo Kojima's latest Castlevania the one who might put spanish game development in the spotlight once more . I really look forward to see those glory days of Spain game development companies releasing great AAA titles once more.