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Am I good, or am I good? (Cry me a river, mr. devil)

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Spoilers ahead.

I've just finished Devil May Cry 4 on Legendary Dark Knight mode. Yesterday I beat Dante Must Die mode. DMD is way, way harder than LDK. I had a hard time on DMD mission 19. On LDK mission 19, I killed every boss on a streak. No objects, No continues. Got S in all aspects of the mission, Got a "no objects" bonus, no penalties, and a truckload of proud souls.

The thing is, I even put my foot in it a good couple of times there; because of some mistakes while rolling the dice, I entered Bael's stage (or Dagon, or whatever the name of the fat toad is) with only half my life bar. Strangely enough, the same happened at the last floor -I tackled Agnus with less than half my full health.

I smoked Bael pretty badly. In fact I smoked him in style - such was the rank of my killing blow: a devil triggered buster in his mouth, the one that rips him inside out.

Curiously, I find Dante to absolutely overpower Nero on any mode save DMD. On DMD, Nero's charged gun blast (which fires pretty quickly, against the sloppy Pandora) makes a lot of a difference, since in fact you can be buffering a hell of a lot of damage while dodging like crazy. It's damage buffering that makes Dante a much more proficient boss killer, because of that new weapon: Lucifer. Being able to spam dozens of blazing swords right where the boss is about to jump, charge, or whatever, makes for both a great way of buffering lots of damage and stunning the big fat foe (can you say distorted real impact?). Lucifer doesn't prove to be so useful when fighting lesser mobs, though -or maybe I just haven´t got the knack of it yet.