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Oh wait, I can''t!

I can deal with automatic filtering of swear words in public posts, but I just realized that I'm being censored when I try to send a private message to someone. Funny, considering the consorship has been lifted from features like The Hotspot, yet I can't even call a game **** in a friendly private conversation with another member.

My First Experience Writing a Review

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In preparing for my first type-written review, I tried to read the majority of what had come before and fill in the gaps left by other players. This turned out to leave me with more content than I could even begin to address in the time I had allotted, as most of the player written reviews all boiled down to basically the same perspective: "anyone who doesn't agree that this game is the best/worst game in comparison to Call of Duty is an idiot," followed with a complaint about connectivity issues in the latter case.