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It's Been a Long Time...

Over the last year or so I haven't really been active on GS. I log in everyday and check the news and what-not, but I have mostly stopped roaming the forums and such. Just letting you all know that that's going to change. I checked out the forums yesterday and realized how much I have been missing. So you will probably be seeing me around more often now. =]

Got COD: WaW Beta!

Just got the email and downloaded it.

First thoughts:

"Welcome to COD 4: MW v.2.0"
This game is like 90% similar to COD4, but hey, if it aint broke, don't fix it, right?

Like I said, very similar to COD4 with different sides, weapons, nades, and maps.

The tanks are okay and it's good the reload time of the cannon is longer than the other CODs. I think the perks for the tanks are pretty original too. But, there isn't much room to manuever them on the map. You go like 10 feet and it's like "Okay, turn around". Like move some support beams out of the way or something.

I can't really snipe because it's still pretty laggy. What's with the red dot scope? I guess Treyarch wanted to attract some noobs to play like in COD4. It's good that it takes longer to get a kill now, or is it the lag. I hope no more getting one shot killed like on COD4 everywhere you walk.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the release. I'll definately buying it. I hope the campaign is just as good as in COD4.

EDIT: A couple things to add. The dogs need to stop triple teaming up against me and they need to stop killing me with one bite. Also, the airstrikes last WAY too long and cover too much of the map at one time. :)

My New Laptop

I finally got a new laptop for my 15th birthday. I'm using it right now. It's no expensive gaming laptop. Just a basic computing home office one. It's the HP Compaq C700T. So far I love it. Vista is as I hoped, pretty nice despite the harsh talk. Good thing SP1 was preinstalled. I'm glad I went for the 2GB of RAM, I knew I would need it with Premium. It took some time getting all the bloatware completely out of it. Almost two days! There was 120 applications preinstalled before I even touched it. Here's the somewhat decent specs:

Operating system Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1 (32-bit)

Processor Pentium(R) Dual-Core Mobile Processor T2370 (1.73 GHz)

Display 15.4" diagonal WXGA High-Definition HP BrightView Widescreen Display (1280 x 800)

Memory 2GB DDR2 System Memory (Dual Channeled) - Two gigs for that Vista ;)

Graphics Card Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator X3100

Networking Built in 802.11b/g WLAN

Hard Drive 80GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive - Yep, that's an 80 you see there. I picked the smallest one becuase I don't really need an enormous amount.

Primary CD/DVD Drive SuperMulti 8X DVD+/-R/RW with Double Layer Support

Primary Battery 6 Cell Lithium Ion Battery

Got Last Halo 3 Skull

Well, I got Halo 3 for Christmas a while back and while playing through the campaign for the first time, I was determined to get all of the skulls (with the help of GameInformer's Secret Access guide). I got all of them except the silver Cowbell Skull becuase I just couldn't get high enoguh on the grav lift. I tried all different ways; without the grav lift, gravlift plus plasma, etc. Yesterday my XBL was screwed up so I thought to myself, "I'll try for the skull again," (after giving up for a couple months). And you know what? I got it! I looked it up on Youtube and found a video that showed me how to place the grav lift on the ramp and do a "jump-and-grav-lift" move which got me high enough. I now have all the skulls! :D

Wow, It's Been a While

Was is that long since my last blog? Anyway, I'm just blogging to say that I'm still here and I am still on GS everyday. I've been busy lately with school, as well as COD4 and Halo 3. Well, I guess that's it. :)

My Thoughts on the COD4 Beta

Being one of the lucky chosen to participate in the COD4 Beta, I have many thoughts about this game. It was an awesome multiplayer experience. The game has many past COD features built in as well. The maps were very fun to play on. There were three: Overgrown, Crash, and Vacant. The graphics were amazing, especially on Overgrown. It was also detailed (ex. posters on the wall about what was happening at that time with the military conflict). The ranking up was fun and made you want to play more. As you ranked up, you unlocked perks, weapons (and different camo for weapons), challeneges, and more. The perks made the game so much more exciting. You could have 3 perks at a time. For example, if you had the perk: Deep Impact then you could shoot through brick walls or if you had the perk: Last Stand, before you you died you would pull out your pistol and try to shoot any enemies around you. The different game types were fun like Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, etc. I also liked the kill streak rewards. If you got 3 kills in a row, you would get a UAV Cypher (to see where all the enemies are unless they had the perk: UAV Jammer where they were invisible on the map when the UAV came around). If you got 5 kills in a row, it was an air strike in your selected area on the map, and if you got 7 kills in a row, you got a chopper (you can't drive them but they rack up kills for you!) The destructible enviornment was nice (blowind up cars, breaking mirrors, etc.). I loved how could customize weapons (color, attachments, perks, etc.) This game has so much to offer. I can't wait to see the single player campaign. I will be suprised if this game gets anything lower than a 9.0.

Upgraded to HDTV

Well, my parents got a brand new 37" LG LCD HDTV and guess what I got: their old Samsung 23" LCD HDTV! I hooked my XBOX 360 Elite via HDMI and it looks amazing. I played the COD4 Beta and watched some vidoes and I couldn't believe it! It is displaying 720p. I love it and never want to go back to SDTV ever again.

Here are a couple pics (sorry if they are blurry, I had a shaky hand):

Got to Level 21

I finally got past the dreaded level 20. It took me about 2 months (Got to level 20 on May 29th and got to level 21 on August 3rd). I'm glad it's over!

I Love Target

A few days ago (after getting my XBOX 360 Elite) I got the prepiad XBL Gold Subsciption Card for 12 months which cost $50. I got home and opened it and starting scratching the code off with a scissor because all the silver stuff was getting all over my finger and under my nail. I accidently scratched parts of the last 5 digits in the 25 digit code and couldn't read it. I called up MS and they said they could do nothing. They told me to use a magnifying glass and said the only letters/numbers that were never in the code were: all vowels including Y, the letter L, and the numbers 0 and 1 because they are too hard to tell apart. $50 down the drain. My dad got on Ebay and got the same card for $25 and this lady sent him the code but it didn't work because for some reason I had to make a new account. I already had saved data so I didn't want to do that. The next day we call up Target and we told them the story and they said to come to the store and they would take care of us. We brought in the damaged card and the reciept and he gave us a brand new one, no questions asked. I love Target and I learned my lesson never to use a scissor.

I Got My XBOX 360 Elite!

Well, finally...I have one. Not that couldn't find one, but I had to wait to get one until after I moved this past month. So 2 days ago (July 24th) I went to two Targets and one Wal-Mart and they had none and said they come in stock randomly....OK. Then my last resort: EB Games. I never go there (only Gamestop and where I live in FL, almost every video game store is EB, not Gamestop), but they are basically the same. I just got the Elite that day because I forgot my EB Games/Gamestop $20 giftcard for other things. Yesterday (July 25th) I got the black Play and Charge Kit with my giftcard and I already had COD2 from my birthday. I will get Halo 2 sometime soon (EB didn't have any copies of it).

First thoughts: I found out it was manufactured on March 7th, 2007 which is a little late. I love it though, although when I opened the box, there was this oil/sticky substance on the console power button and I couldn't get it off. I set it up and it looks great. It can be a bit loud when started up, but after that, it is quiet and I especially can't here anything when playing a game. I found out I have a Hitachi drive. I tested it (put a movie DVD in) and it was SO quiet and the disc loaded in like a second (I didn't try a game yet, probably later because I am busy). I hung my PSU by string, but the console can get very HOT after a few minutes, like I heard on the 360 forum. I hope it is well ventilated (I have it horizontal). The dashboard is use-freindly and the controller feels good in the hands (better than PS2). Oh well, thats it.


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