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One Year Aniversary!!!!!

Well, ladies and gentleman, I have officially been a member of GS for one year!:D I can’t believe how fast time goes by. Thanks to all of my friends who have made GS the great place that is. Here’s to another year! *Raises glass*

I have obtained my Driver's License!!!

As of now I am a licensed driver!!! I cannot believe that I actually can drive alone now. This is one of the coolest and most memorable days of my life!!:D

Well I am off, I have some rubber to burn!!:D

Finally Level 21!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen I have made it through the horrible Level 20 and have moved onto Level 21!!!!:D It took many months but I have achieved victory over the Metal Slime.:D

I have also surpassed the 100 friends mark and would like to express my thanks to each and every one of you. Thanks for making GS a fun place for me to be.:)

AP Tests!

Well next week I am going to take two AP tests: AP English 11 and AP US History. So have any of you guys or gals taken any of the AP tests? Any strategies? I hope that I can do well. Wish me luck!:D

PS Only 7 days of school left!!!!:lol: