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lmao banned

I'm gonna be doing this alot lol. back again. it's been a while so hi all. I got banned from gamefaqs for "underage" posting. all i said was "I'm 12 years old and what is this?" kudos if you get the joke. hehny way i've playing alot of modern warfare 2. it's great for the most part but I'm so sick of idiots complaining about every single thing in the game. "omg he killed me with a generally hard to use/crappy weapon at a general distance!! it needs to be further nerfed". I also got resident evil 5 and the 2 new DLCs. great game although I really miss the classic play. Lost in Nightmares featured an easter egg to let you play in the classic style but it's just not the same. also got resident evil archives on the wii. i love the remake so much. once i save up enough money i'll buy resident evil 0 then darkside chronicals :D

spidey fun

hey guys i just got spider man web of shadows and i'm loving it. but sadly i beat in 2 sit throughs same with world at war.

i'm back yet again

well i'm probably won't be back for a while but a few quick things. first off hi to everyone and i've gotten a few new titles over the months like call of duty 4 and just last saturday world at war. haha nazi zombies are fun. and i got resident evil umbrella chronicals. i'm really looking forward to the upcoming gamecube ports of the resident evil 1 and 0 to the wii.

some updates

so some new things. got resident evil 4 wii edition. the controls are so good. ive already beat the main story twice beat seperate ways once and once im done completing it with the tommy gun and mafia outfit im gonna give professional mode a shot. just a few hours ago i got kingdom hearts re: chain of memories. have fun with it so far but using r2 to target is gonna take some getting used to (in the other games it was r1 i believe. havnt played them in a while)


finaly after so long i have a wii. im so happy im gonna go play it now. oh yeah merry christmas

i am back

i took a really long break from gamespot for no perticular reason. i just kinda stopped going on. not much has changed i still don't have wii:( but i lloked under the xmas tree and theres a box with my name on it so hopefully its a wii.

I hate microsoft

god i hate microsoft so much. so as you may know my brother was supposed to buy me a wii. he was putting in a contact lens and his eye got infected so he needed a thousand dollar operation. hes fine now but he's still paying it off so, you guessed it no wii. so earlier i decide to buy halo 2 because its 17 bucks. i get home pop it into my 360 and i get a message saying you need a freaking harddrive to play original xbox games. what the hell i dont see any reason why a memory card can't work. anyway i decide to tell my brother to just buy me halo because im not that crazy about the wii anymore. as im reading the case i see "optimized for hard drive" or something close to that. so im asuming you need a hard drive to play it. anyway i bought the hard drive but now i cant get halo 3. **** you microsoft

mk vs dc

holy crap i am so pissed. i seriously can't believe the next mortal kombat game is gonna be mk vs. dc! DC! i've never been dissapointed with an mk game up untill now. they should've made it mk game not a crossover. and while were on that topic. why dc? doesn't midway know that many mortal kombat fans have always wanted to see mortal kombat vs. street fighter?

still no friggen wii

i asked my bro for a wii a few years ago,. he doesnt get it. last xmas i asked for one. none in stock. i ask my bro again for it this b day. npothing although he did say a freind was gonna get him one so i can only hope he gets him one