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I'm not trying to kidnap anyone, I just want to know. Best place to live in my opinion!

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I'd have to go with California. I've lived here my whole life and I could never live anywhere else. Sure, our school and highways suck but we're still better than every other state. Highest population, most diverse, fourth largest, the list keeps going. What's your favorite state?

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Just get a Dell XPS. It runs perfectly and doesn't cost a fortune. (Depending on what model though).

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I heard that the people who were testing the beta version didn't like the new style of gameplay (similar to the Bourne movies) so Ubisoft is re-doing the whole game. Hopefully they'll show something at the next big gaming summit. I'd personally like to see a prequel. But that's just me.

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I noticed that people tend to be more racist in more violent games. It makes sense though because your doing aggressive actions in violent games and aggressive actions makes people forget what they're saying and say more aggressive words to people. I'm white and one time, some other white guys were making fun of a black guy and I was starting to get pissed off, so I told them to stop and they asked me why I WASN'T being racist since I'm white. The community can be really messed up. Oh and DON'T post this forum on Xbox.com because you'll just encounter those people there.
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From 2003-2005 there were several Vietnam games released with developers thinking that America was ready for Vietnam games, but most of them sold poorly and the developers thus decided not to release any more Nam games. So in my view, no.
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I have a friend named Solidmuscle who has 1000/1000 in Guitar Hero II including beating Jordan on expert!

Well FFXI is the hardest game to get 1000/1000 on by far, and I've heard Ridge Racer 6 and Rumble Roses XX are pretty hard too.

Guitar Hero II is probably up there as well for the full 1000/1000

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Halo, Supersmash Bros, Donkey Kong 64, goldeneye 007, and perfect dark.