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I guess this is goodbye

I honestly never thought I would see this day come, but here it is. I've become so bored with this website. The news is late, the reviews take to long to appear on the site, the game guides are useless, and most of my favorite users rarely post anymore which is why I'm departing this website. Now hold your water! I'm not deleting my account or anything, but don't expect blogs anymore. I'll still update my now-playing list when I get new games and I might just post another review some day. But blogs are done. There's nothing worth blogging about anymore and my first impressions on games aren't any different from anyone else's. And with school starting, a girlfriend, friends, and an overall fading interest in gaming, I simply have nothing left to contribute on this site. I had some great times on here with you guys and I will miss some of you for sure. But all good things must come to an end. But if you do want to stay in my life in some remote form, you can follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, or Youtube. Sorry, Facebook is private. Have a nice day! I'll still read some of your blogs from time to time.:)

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Have a nice day fellow Gamespotters!

The Art of Crafting Stars 2: The sequel

I just picked up Star Craft 2 from Fry's Electronics and I'm about to install it on my laptop! I never played the original but several of my friends say it's a blast and I've been following the release of the sequel quite a bit and the user reviews are great so far, so I thought "why not get it?" So that's exactly what I did. I'll give impressions in a few days!

Tumblr Anyone????????

So yeah, I made a Tumblr. It's basically a website for blogging and posting content. This doesn't mean that I'm not blogging on here anymore, but I like to blog with my real-life friends too (which I do have, believe it or not).

Follow me on here and I'll follow you too!


(Pretty creative name in my humble opinion)

I'm to some stupid "leadership" camp for the weekend so I won't blog until after that. Peace out!

Washington DC Photo Highlights Video!

Hello everyone! I made a quick little video of some of the better photos I took on my vacation to Washington DC. So if you have a minute, please watch my video thanks! (Expect a full blog soon!)


All about my new laptop!

Greetings fellow Gamespotters! I hope you're surviving the dog days of summer!8) As I mentioned in my previous blog, I got a laptop. It's my first computer that is 100% mine and we mainly got it for school papers and whatnot, but its uses expand far beyond that. It's a Toshiba A665 and it's now the most powerful computer in the house (with two other computers). I ultimately got it as a birthday/early Christmas/good grades present and we decided to get a more powerful laptop from the beginning so it doesn't become obsolete as fast as more basic laptops (which happens a lot these days). I was impressed that it could run most of my games quite well (mostly Valve games) and I'm impressed by how easy and effective Windows 7 is. I grew up on Windows XP and 7 feels like a close sibling to it. It also has a built in webcam, mic, and Blu-Ray player although I'm not going to buy movies for just a laptop. The speakers are also quite good. All in all, this is a great computer and it looks like it's going to last me quite a while! See you next time!:)

Back from DC!!!

So I finally got back from Washington DC last Friday and it was one of the best vacations I've had in years! While I did enjoy seeing all of the monuments, memorials, and museums, my favorite part was walking around the random street and going to Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia with my dad. We stayed at a hotel in Dupont Circle and there were a bunch of cool shops and restaurants in the area so it was a pleasant experience. I don't want to blog about every single thing I did (it would take too long). But I did spend two days with my Dad going to the Civil War battlefield in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania which was a really cool place and is waaaay different from California. We also explored some backroads in Fairfax, Virgina and I took some excellent photos. If any of you readers are from Virginia, you live in a beautiful state and I would love to live there. The only thing I didn't like about the East Coast was the TERRIBLE humidity. The last few days in DC were during the now infamous heatwave and the high heat and humidity made it terrible. You couldn't spend more than five minutes outside without getting sweaty. But other than that, it was the best vacation I've had since New York City four years ago.

Oh and in other news, I got a laptop! It's a Toshiba A665 with a quad core processor and a nice Nvidia graphics card that can actually run games. I'll make a larger blog on that later. Goodnite!

Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!

Dear world, I'm sorry you've had to deal with me for 18 years now. Haha! Hopefully it's not too bad. So yes, today is my 18th birthday. I don't have too much to say, but turning 18 doesn't feel that different at all. There aren't many special things about turning 18 (Going to jail, being able to smoke, legally held responsibly for your own actions? Lamesauce :roll:) And while 18 is technically becoming an adult, I don't consider true adulthood until 21 (when there are zero restrictions). I plan on today being a pretty simple day of relaxing around the house. I might play some Xbox and throw the football (American football to all you non-Americans) around with my dad and go out to dinner to this cool Cuban restaurant downtown, and maybe have some ice cream cake later tonight before having another phone date with a certain someone.:oops: Oh and I'm getting this as a birthday/graduation/good grades/early Christmas present! I won't be getting it until after I return from Washington DC, but I'm certainly looking forward to having my own computer that will be capable of running games! Hope you all have a great day! I know I will!:D

My summer so far...

This week has been my second week of summer vacation and so far it has been excellent! The first week consisted mostly of staying at home playing video games and sleeping in but I also got to sleepover at a friend's house and stay up all night (didn't sleep at all) playing Halo 3 and doing chatroulette. I had never done chatroulette before and it was actually kinda fun when you met cool people (there's plenty of stuff that's not worth looking though if you get my drift) and I actually became good "internet" friends with this girl from southern California. I also got to hang out with some other friends during other days of the week. And by pure chance, one of my friends was in the same small, random town (1 1/2 hour drive away) that I was in for Father's Day so I got to hang out with her for about an hour. Pretty small world eh? This week is pretty much all about relaxing and this Saturday is my birthday so I've been having a pretty darn good summer so far! I hope yours is the same. 8)

In terms of gaming, I haven't purchased anything new lately, but I've been spending some good time on Halo 3 (I'm getting much better) and I managed to complete all of the deniable ops missions in Splinter Cell Conviction! And the grenade launcher craze in Modern Warfare 2 is finally dying down so I can finally go back to that game once again. I'm probably not going to buy any games this summer as I really need to start saving money just as a good habit. The Fall will bring plenty of great games so I'm holding off until then. Have fun everyone! Love you.

Is my interest in video games falling?

I just realized that I honestly didn't give a crap about E3 this year. I heard about some of the stuff like the Xbox slim, 3DS, and some of the games. But I didn't watch any coverage at all! What's going on here? I usually spend hours reading and watching E3 coverage. I haven't spent as much time this summer playing games as I expected. I'm spending more time outside and hanging out with friends. Wow, I must be nuts. You all know the upcoming games I'm excited for so I won't bore you on that. When I am playing Xbox, I'm mainly playing Halo 3 and Splinter Cell Conviction. It feels good to still be on break from Call of Duty. I'll probably start back on that in a week or so. I might actually make a video blog in the coming days to update you guys on a few random things. Until next time, keep on trolling!

In Protest of Modern Warfare 2

What's up internet folks? Hope all is well. Modern Warfare 2 was one of the most anticipated games in recent memory and is one of the funnest online fps games out there at the moment. But during the last few months, MW2's online community has been going in a downward spiral. The game is filled with a seemingly endless list of glitches and exploits that people love to discover. It started with the Model 1887 shotguns. What seemed like a simple, Terminator-inspired weapon got turned into an unstoppable beast when people unlocked the akimbo attachment for it. With seemingly infinite range and power, the gun tore enemy teams apart and just seemed overpowered. Then there was the ACR, while I (along with thousands of others) enjoy using this assault rifle, Infinity Ward made it simply too perfect in every way possible. Excellent power, range, accuracy, iron sights, and a fast reload all in one gun makes it too good for its own good. Compare it to a weapon like the F2000 which has a small magazine, a ridiculous rate of fire, and crazy recoil and it simply has no chance against the ACR. I don't know what Infinity Ward was thinking, but you need to make every weapon useful in some way, and everything needs its pro's and con's. And most recently, the grenade launchers and rocket launchers are MW2's most sizable flaw. The grenades can travel an infinite distance across the map and kill almost all players instantly. Same thing applies to rocket launchers. I played a ground war team deathmatch on trailer park (from the new map pack) last night that lasted 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The goal is 100 kills with 18 players and I'm positive that I was the only player not using grenade/rocket launchers. People are simply exploiting this game to death and Infinity Ward doesn't do a damn thing about it. I enjoyed this game so much back when it was new and wasn't filled with hackers with names with colored letters and Xbox symbols.

So in result, I've stopped playing the game until Infinity Ward does even the slightest thing to address this issue. I've been playing Halo 3, World at War, Splinter Cell Conviction, Rock Band 2, and probably some Bad Company 2 later on to fill my time on Xbox until they do something to fix this broken game. Heck, I can't play 3 matches before I get a message from a player asking to join a glitched 10th prestige lobby.

As for more positive news, I got out of school last Wednesday after finishing my History and Physics finals. I ended up getting the third highest grade on my History final which felt quite good and I managed to keep the A- I have in the class. Woohoo!:D Now that summer's here I finally get some time to relax. I'll be spending most of my time play games, guitar, listening to music, and hanging out with my awesome friends! Looks like it's going to be a great summer! Have fun everybody!