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Thank God for Youtube

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I've been having trouble streaming E3 on this site. Well since a long time ago I've been having problems playing videos on this site full stop. It doesn't seem to like the fact that I live in Ireland and I get terrible lag and buffering times.

So all my streaming has been very choppy, it stops and goes and eventually I lose the live feed and then I lose the video completely. It hasn't stoped me from trying to watch it. At first I put up with it, paused it for five minutes and let it playback, then I went on twitch but the quality wasn't great, but I enjoyed the commentary by Danny and the others. Eventually I found that a site closer to home well somewhere in Europe was streaming it and it was pretty good but it lost connection. Then I was though, wait Youtube streams stuff and there we have a lovely connection with barely any interuptions. Too bad the EA conference was terrible with the exception of the Dragon Age and Mirror's Edge trailer.

Totally looking forward to Sony's tonight. I'll be up until all hours of the morning today. In advance sorry to those I'm working with tomorrow I will be very very tired. :P