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I Can't Handle It Anymore

I'm Irish, I'm not made for this type of weather, where's the rain when you need it. Can't believe I just said I wanted it to rain, but I do, so badly. I can't go outside because I have allergies to direct sunlight. I know that sounds hilarious, but I am absolutely serious, my immune system goes haywire and starts attacking the top layer of my skin when sun gets directly on it. I have to wear 50+ anti-allergy sun block, which is costing me a small fortune. Damn my fair Irish skin. And this weather is to last for the foreseeable future.

On average its been about 23 degrees Celsius everyday. The worst day was Friday when I had to go get my wedding dress and I had to drive at least half the length of the country to get it; stuck in a car facing the direction of the sun for near two hours and when I got there the damn area was averaging temperatures of 27 degrees Trying on heavy satin wedding dresses was not doing anything and I was near to getting heat stroke. One particular dress I tried on had so much under skirting I could feel the heat from my legs bouncing off it and back onto my legs. It was an awful feeling. Apparently it was hitting 33 degrees in some parts of the country.

And now today its meant to be 26 degrees and I have to go out into it and do wedding stuff. Yay! (If you haven't realised the last part is sarcasm, but I'm sure you all picked up on that. Hope you are enjoying the weather where ever in the world you are. Damn I hope it rain soon.