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A Video Game Theory!?

Juliaryder and me were talking today through passport and we discussed a lot of things and stuff just kept popping into our heads and after a while we noticed that a lot of games reflect reality in one way or an other and all of us can take something from them (but they may not necessarily be the same things). :)

We noticed this as well when we applied it to two of Square Enix’s most popular games Final Fantasy VII and X. We all know that Final Fantasy usually deals with storylines based on themes of power and corruption, but maybe there is something else to the games, maybe they reflecting the world we live in, or at least someones vision of the past, present and future.
In VII the Shinra Company and their actions of using the lifestream for energy seems to resemble how we are gobbling up our natural disposable energy sources at an alarming rate and to how it is taking toll on the environment from the greenhouse effect to the hole in the ozone layer. While the actions of Avalanche in VII, seem to reflect those of the people who are trying to stop this from happening. At their rate, they are destroying their world and the same can be said for our world too. However whereas VII reflects our present Final Fantasy X reflects a possible future if we continue at our rate. At first glance, X seems to be completely different from our world but as you play on you begin to see subtle references to reality. You see if we let thing gets out of hand maybe one day we will be looking at a world similar to Spira with the rate we are going at. Such as the creation of highly destructive materials and how we abuse the environment in order to make our lives just that little bit easier. At the moment it looks as if we might be heading down that road. In my opinion in X Sin represents these things, as well as how we use these powerful objects in order to protect ourselves at the cost of others. On the other hand, maybe I’m just reading too much into the games. :P

Anyway, I’ll leave it here and welcome any opinion and or theories that you may have yourself. Even if you don’t think this about video games just say so, because if you’re here that means you like video games and that’s all that really matters. :D