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Currently Playing Part 7 : In a Lot of Payne

MAX PAYNE 3 has kinda crept up on everyone. It doesn't feel all that long ago since it was annouced, or it could be that as you get older time seems to move a lot faster. Now made by Rockstar it doesn't have the typical Rockstar game feel. By the way that is a good thing, since Max Payne is known for its dramatic plot and bullet time gameplay, not its open world and mission based gameplay which Rockstar is more well known for. Thankfully though they are able to sway from their norm in order to pull together a game that actually resembles a level based structure that is heavily influenced by the story. Though the story does still remain true to the dramatic style of previous Max Payne games, told now through an abundance of cutscenes, it has unfortunately lost its noir feel. Partially due to its change of setting from the dank streets of New York to the sunny back-roads of Sao Paulo and partially due to its more action orientated story. Funnily enough it works and manages to retain the feel of a Max Payne game.

Bullet time is also back and just as good as ever... maybe even better, though dying a lot seems inevitable when one bullet to the head will end the game, no matter how much health you have or how many painkillers you have on you, one shot to the head sends you straight to the "Game Over" screen. Frankly it makes you careful not to pop your head without checking first and more resourceful in using bullet time. Considering he doesn't heal just douses himself in painkillers, I'm surprised they didn't include an OD cause of death too.

While this installment is most definitely better than it predecessor Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, it still can't hold a candle to the first one. While it is still a pretty awesome game, it doesn't have any wow factor and despite having new developers they haven't contributed much in the way of gameplay to the series, yet at the same time I commend them for keeping it a true to the original as possible. As such I'm scoring Max Payne 3 a lovely 8.5/10.

A Dilema About A Cat, Your Opinions Are Needed

At the moment I am looking after my family pet, well my "younger sister's cat" called Mischief. He's a gorgeous long haired semi-tabby, very good natured except for when I have unfamiliar friends over; he gets jealous as it appears he wants all my attention to himself.

I've had him for over a half a year now and neither myself or my boyfriend who never liked cats before can imagine being without him.After six months my sister wants to take him to live we her, but no one thinks its a good idea for many reasons.

1. We love him to bits and are emotionally attached to him after two months turned to six. So, I will be very upset if she takes him.

2. My sister has had no hand in looking after him these past six months, she had not given us money for food, toys or litter. Originally she had promised to do so, but later claimed to have no money. I worry she won't have money to buy his food.

3. She doesn't even come to visit him by her own freewill, I have to ring her to tell her she hasn't. Over the past six months she has seen him maybe four times. (I live a half an hour walk from her place.) The last time she saw him was two months ago.

4. Mischief suffers from stress related illnesses. While my sister's place is bigger, she tends to have a lot of people over at once, which makes him really nervous as he does not like strangers.

5. He requires a lot of attention for a cat to keep him stress free. My sister lives with her boyfriend, and another couple. The other couple do not like cats so won't give him attention, my sister and her boyfriend work a lot of hours and are rarely at home as they like to go out. If they are at home they have people over.

5. She's never actually looked after him despite being the one who wanted him when we still lived in our family home. My Mom looked after him, eventually I started to look after him (he even slept on my bed), then I moved out and my Mom began looking after him again. I then took him when my Mom moved and refused to take him with her. I've been looking after him since. My sister has actually never had to fed him, clean his litter or take him to the vet. Even when he didn't live with me I took responsibility for bringing him to the vet.

Overall I fear my sister will neglect him. That she will fail to feed him, or the opposite side feed him too much in hopes he'll go away and stop meowing. He likes to talk as he is a very social cat and can be mistaken for "I'm hungry" meows. Being social he likes company, but doesn't like big crowds... actually he prefers female company for some strange reason. He needs looks of attention as he is not the typical playful cat, he likes sitting on your lap and being pampered with his grooming brush and occasionally likes playing chasing. Over all I worry she will ignore him and leave the responsibility of looking after him to her boyfriend.

I Hate Firefox (Oh and 6 years YAY)

It slows down my laptop, eats a lot of RAM, freezes, and randomly goes back a page, which just made me lose the entire blog that I wrote about The Witcher 2 that took nearly an hour to write. So yeah I'm not going to even try type that out again so instead you can this short and angry blog about my web-browser.

But then when I look at all the other browsers out there, I hate them more, so I'm stuck with it.

On a happier note, I've been here six year now. This time six years ago I was in the middle of doing my final year exams in university. So six years out of uni too and being in the real world.....

.....god I was was so young when I was in uni. I had only turned 20 a month before those exams and I two years younger than everyone else in my course. Damn! Too bad I realised too late what everyone else knew, that I was way too smart for my own good. Yay for laziness!

Ok Now I'm Angry At You Microsoft

If any of you followed Inside XBox, be it the US or UK version... the UK version for me. Then like me you will probably be angry to learn that the entire series, right aross the board has been axed, including side shows Sent U A Message, which by the way was an award winning show, having won the Best Broadast award at 2011's Games Media Awards. Really it wasn't all that long ago.

As a result of not only losing these shows that made anyone with a heart laugh their heads off. The two guys who presented them Andy and Dan have lost their jobs. Not only have they angered fans of the show, but fans of the presenters themselves, including this gal.

So I'm using every possible medium I have to make my feelings known to Microsoft, specifically XBox Live and you may think I'm nuts but I even rang up Live's customers services to tell them exactly what I thought of what they have done.

Anyway so Gamespot UK, hire these guys quickly you'd be crazy not to with the amount of fans they have that will follow them here.

p.s. Sort out the comments

Will It Run Diablo 3?

I don't own a fancy PC, I own a laptop, that will more than likely turn off if I play too long due to over heating. With this simple reason I probably shouldn't run Diablo 3 on my laptop, but this isn't about should I, but about will it run.

So I've been getting my research on. Ignoring the system minimum requirements I am going to work off the system recommended.

  • Windows® Vista/7 (latest service packs)
  • Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon? 64 X2 5600+ 2.8 GHz
  • 2 GB RAM
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® 260 or ATI Radeon? HD 4870 or better
  • 12 GB available HD space
  • DVD-ROM (required for retail disc versions only)
  • Broadband* Internet connection
  • 1024x748 minimum resolution

- OPERATION SYSTEM - Windows 7 (not updated but that's fixable) ; check

- PROCESSOR - Intel Core 2 duo t6600 2.2GHz (so close) ; will look into upgrading this in the near future, not sure if I can check this one.

- RAM - 4GB ; check and then some

- GRAPHICS CARD - NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 240M ; operated at medium but check

-SPACE - 326GB free ; check and check again

-DISC-DRIVE - DVD/Blu-Ray ; you name is my disc drive has it check

- BROADBAND - Yes, 15MB line ; check

- RESOLUTION - 1366 x 738 or 16:9 ; check

I have minor concerns whether my processor will be able to handle the game and upgrading that will possble set me back ?200. Also as a precaution I'm going to get a close friend of mine to have a look over my laptops programs just in case there is something slowing it down. I would do this myself but I know he'll do a better job. Though I fear by giving it to him he might just do something to it like add an extra fan by cracking open the shell. He's the kind to mod.

From the looks of it though I should be able to play Diablo 3, on minimum graphics at least. Hopefully. I'll have to wait and see.

Finally Updated My Games List After Nearly 2 Years

So it appears I haven't been adding my games to my games list since about the beginning of 2010. Only a handful were added over the two years. I hadn't even noticed I was failing to update it.

At that some of the games on my list were on the wrong system, so I had to fix that and I also added in some of the older games my boyfriend owns, which I play. I still have to update the DS list, but that's because I don't have them in front of me. I only added the ones I remembered.

Unfortunately I no longer have some of the games on the list, a good load of my PS2 games are missing. I had them in my family homes attic in two boxes right in the back which you had to go through a small seperate door in the attic to get to. It got done up recently so I went to get them before they began on the attic and found them missing. I suspect the builders from when the attic had been renovated a few years earlier took them... but that is another story.

At the moment (at least until I add in the missing DS games) my list stands at 333 games. I didn't even realise I owned that many.

Currently Playing #6: The Last Story

Having picked up this game it did unfortunately take a while before I got around to playing it. Having played at least 10 hours into the story it is safe to say it is one of the better RPGs to have come out of Japan in recent years. While it doesn't hold a torch against the likes of last years Xenoblade Chronicles (which you all finally are able to get your hands on now) or Skyrim for that matter it is not without its charms.

The characters are likable, and as many will be glad to hear there are no whinny pre-pubescent party members. Unless you count a rather disgruntled fire mage who seems to have an attitude problem. While there are definitly those you will prefer to others, some of their voices may take time to get used to as in some characters cases they seem to be out of place, whilst others match very well if not perfectly. Unfortunately some times even the better voice acting can come across as unevenly paced. This seems to be down more to the writers and voice actors trying their hardest to match the English translation to Japanese mouth movements in a lot of the FMVs than to actual bad voice acting.

As far as the story goes, on the grand scale of epicness which we are used to seeing in JRPGs is not that epic. Instead it seems to focus on a story within a grander story which doesn't get as much screen time. Or at least for having only played 10 hours it appears to be as such. Unfortunately this game like many JRPGs seems to have that cliche structure which appears time and time again. Boy meets girl, girl turns out to be a VIP, boy decides to save girl and resultantingly ends up having to save the world with said girl. In this case the boy is Zael and the girl is Calista. Zael is a mercenary and Claista is a Nobel woman, Calista is a powerful mage but despite this still ends up getting captured by the stereotypical antagonist, or in this game, a King, whose reasons for wanting to do so are never truly explained (at least they haven't been yet). Anyway Zael decides to go save her and by doing so inevitable begins a set of events that lead him to having the very fate of humanity on his shoulders. At least that's the gist of it and while the story may be cliche it is told rather well in, as the title suggest, a story like manner.

Unfortunately while the game itself is beautiful it is not without its problems, the first problem I encountered is when I first turned on the game. The Last Story only supports 60Hz mode, which according to the games manual is better quality than the 50hz as it runs smoother and while 60hz does improve the quality of the frame rate it does not improve the quality of the visual graphics in fact 50hz usually is able to display more detail. So this is a problem as what the developers of the games fail to realise is that larger HDTVs (which many of us now own) do not display 60hz through an RGB cable or scart lead very well. Usually you end up with a lot of blurriness making is impossible to read some text and gives one the feeling of having bad eyesight. The only way to rectify this is by buying a component cable for the Wii, which allows you to play the game in 480p instead which does display correctly on large HDTVs. However on the other hand this also allows you to become more aware of the ever changing frame rate that make it obvious that the Wii console itself it not able to handle the graphics of the game.

Aside from that issue, the game itself is very much enjoyable, the battle system is both action orientated as well as tactical which is a rare treat. However it would be nice if you weren't being interrupted with FMVs between each battle. You take a step inside a room there is an FMV, then you go to open the door in that room and there is another one. In some cases there seems to be too many of which idealy should just have continued from one to the other.

However I have not finished the game, nor am I near to completing it. In fact it still feels like its just begun so its hard to determine what score it should deserve, even though I'm already 10 hours into it.

Going To Be Reviving RPGUniverse

Recently I've gotten a push from a very nice Gamespot member johngrose77 to revive my old union RPGUniverse, with his help of course. I've always planned on doing so, when I didn't know and how I was going to go about that was even more in the dark. I closed it about three years ago because it was dying and so I put it out of its misery. Last time I believe it was a rather narrow minded union with one certain type of RPG in mind, this time things will change. Especially because my own preferences have changed and are much broader than ever.

With the amount of free time I have it is about time I revive it, so I'm looking for anyone with any abilities to lend a hand, maybe making graphics or just giving ideas. It is greatly appreciated.

It's My Birthday And I'll Play Video Games All Day If I Want To

Yep I re-wrote the lyrics to suit me. Well today is actually not my birthday, that would be a joke. Tomorrow is my birthday and since I plan to play nothing but play video games all day I'm writing this blog a day early. I intend to play Dragon Age: Origins for most of it, maybe some ME3 online. (Which I completely rule at. No lie, my friends refuse to play we me as they don't get any kills.) I'll have a few friends over for some drinks and to eat cake later in the day. And my lovely Mom is bringing over cake for me and I'm very tempted to eat it all to myself. So, I'll be 26, which surprisingly doesn't make me feel any older. If anything I still feel like a child... you know despite having to pay bills and rent. Actually I feel like a child who has all the freedom in the world, at least when I'm not working. And you know soon enough I'll be getting married. My boyfriend told me he is going to propose to me soon, I know many will think that its not romantic because he has told me, but if he doesn't I will freak out and more than likely have a panic attack. To me this is romantic as it means he knows me and understands how to handle my personality disorders. My manager was also lovely to me and gave me the week off last minute. She couldn't get me a present but said since I do so much for her it was the least she could do as a birthday present. An awesome birthday present.

Always Looking To Be Postive

Since I was a teenager I have strived to be fair, to look at everything from all angles and to make my answers as rounded as possible. So usually I try my best to look at all sides of the story, while never taking a side, unless it goes against my own ideals. Everything I write or say I think about greatly, so when writing there tends to be a lot of erasing involved before it gets posted. The last thing I want to do is to offend anyone, so I constantly try to understand where the other is coming from. All without forcing my own personal views and ideals upon them. However I still like everyone want to share them, sometimes I find others who share them, other times I don't. So I try my best to take the fairest ground or the most logical route. That is the way my Mother raised me. To be understanding of others opinions, to never force my own opinions upon others and to have patience with those who try to force their opinions on me. Of course there are things I cannot tolerate, as should any sound minded person, things that go against everything fair and just in this world. At those times you do need to take a stand and thankfully those times are rare. The world isn't black and white, our world isn't a fantasy novel where good versus evil, it is full of colours. Some compliment each other, some don't and then there are many different shades of each colour. Over time some might fade, or appear brighter, but at the end of the day all colours are mixable. Sorry for using metaphors. If all else fails apologise, and agree to disagree.