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I Got Engaged Yesterday

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And it was pretty embarrasing as my boyfriend tried to propose to me in the middle of work. I just started screaming "no no no not in f****** work" for the entire shop to hear me. I have anxiety attacks and I was about to have one right there. He then told me wasn't going to but I saw the box before he could put it away. FYI I knew he was going to propose, but didn't know when but the one thing I told him was 'do not propose to me in front of other people as I will have an anxiety attack'. (Anxiety attacks can put me in hospital.)

So he didn't propose to me there. Instead after we both finished work after getting off the train we both noticed the demolition of the old baths on the seafront had finished. So he asked me whether I wanted to go down to it to see what it looked like with the baths gone. This leads you behind the train station and is a pretty secluded area and barely anyone was there as it was freezing outside. It didn't take a genius to figure out his plan. So when we got down onto the sand (the tide was just coming in so it was pretty wet) he got down on one knee. I was still pretty embarrassed, but no one could see us or my beetroot face. Afterwards I realised it was 6pm and remembered that was the exact time for the sunset that day. On top of that today we just found out that his paternal grandparents got engaged on the same date back in 1954, to the delight of his Grandmother. Made even more happy because the engagement ring was his great-grandmothers, which had been passed down through his family for nearly 100 years.

Now all I can think is; what have I gotten myself into. :P

Too much has changed on this site

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When I first started here the community was booming, there were loads of bloggers and unions were a hotspot. Now the community is pretty much the off-topic board, only a handful bother to blog and when they do its usually to complain about something that happened on this site and unions are pretty much dead; I've given complete hope up on mine.

I'm trying to figure out when things started to go downhill, anyone have opinions on this one. From what I recall it started when a certain person got fired over a bad review, the review having been deserved. Now they give bad reviews in bucket loads and I'm not bothered reading them because they just read like rants instead of reviews.

In general I no longer feel bothered about this site, but I haven't fully left because there are still users here I have a liking to and don't want to lose contact with.

Major Glitch In Borderlands 2

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Has anyone else here on GS come across this glitch in Borderlands 2, it just happened to me and it is really bloody annoying. From doing a web search I am most definietly not the only who has experienced this. In fact it seems to be quite widespread and very common. It doesn't effect the story, but it does majorly effect the gameplay. This particular glitch resets your badass rank, but your challenge completion remains intact. This means all your bonus stats are gone and on top of that all your character customization skins are gone (I haven't checked mine yet but everyone reported this along side the reset), in some cases your gold key is gone too.

This guy had it much worse than me as he was so far ahead in the game and it keeps happening to him.

Well I was playing this game in local co-op, which seems to initially start the glitch. My boyfriend and I have our own seperate accounts and were playing on our own ones. Unfortunately the PS3 and XBox 360 both have the problems, but they seem to have sudtle differences in what causes this glitch. It also appears to only effect the one who plays as host, since I was the host for the game I lost my rank, but my boyfriend's rank remained intact. Which annoyed me even more because he's a kill stealer (but that is another story).

Worse yet I can't even start over as challeneges are attachted to profiles and not to indivdual characters so the problem will persist even if I start again.

So far Gearbox has not responded to fans complaints about this gameplay breaking glitch.

Playing Through Borderlands... Again

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I'm playing through Borderlands for what feels like the millionth time, but this time I'm playing it with my boyfriend. You know get some quality bonding time in as well as some gaming time, I don't think he has noticed my true intentions yet *insert evil laughter here*. He isn't used to whole bang bang, boom boom sort of RPG, he is more used to the swish swish, clang clang sort of RPG. Thankfully he is enjoying it, so much so that he wants to play Borderlands 2 together when it comes out later this month.

It really is hard to get bored of a game that has so much in it. I bought the rest of the extension packs, unfortunately they are completely out of my level league since we started a brand new play through so that we could both be on the same level. So I'm just trying to level grind, and since his in game driving it terrible I get out and walk. Another downside is that I can't play it when he isn't around, otherwise I'll have to listen to him complaining about me being a higher level.

So What Is Going On?

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I'm pretty much gone for a month and loads of people seem to have left completely, the rest that have stayed are complaining about more glitches. I feel completely out of the loop.

Pretty much the past month I have been trying to finish my list of incomplete games, there are more incomplete games then complete so its taking a while. I am also obsessed with character creation in Soul Calibur V, I think I spend more time creating then I do playing.

My shoulder is still at me, its fine one day and then not so much the next, seems to be affected by the weather and it is raining a lot here. Sunny one minute rain the next.

I also went to an anime convention called NomCon, its really close to where I live and its pretty small, but it didn't stop people from going all out on their costumes. I met the whole FFXIII party, Scorpion and Sub-zero, a lot of Finn and Fionas, a couple of shinigamies, a lot of ninjas from the hidden leaf village, a full sized pikachu and his many trainers and my favourite Deadpool in his seriously awesome costume that he spent two years making. As for me I just wore my N7 hoody and when I wasn't going snaphappy with my camera I was in the games room, where every young teenage boy decided my name is Miss Commander Shepard, which I was called the entire weekend. It was great!

So that's what I've been doing, but can anyone tell me what happened here?

Pulled a ligament in my shoulder

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I haven't been on the past month because of a lot of things. The biggest one is pretty much that I pulled (not torn) a ligament in my right shoulder about six or seven weeks ago. Specifically which one I don't know. Thankfully it's no longer painful, it's just discomfort at this point. Though it still hurts if I put it into a certain position like behind my back or across my torso and I have gotten back most of my shoulders mobility, except for those two things which need a helping hand from my other arm. I have to do arms stretchers about three times a day to help the healing process to insure I don't lose mobility as it can take up to three months to do so. Since the accident I have been unable to lift things with that arm as it puts to much strain on the ligament and could repull it, even now six weeks later I'm still not allowed. Something which my boss considers a pain since I'm the strongest person in work and tend to do most of the lifting. As well I can't dress any of the windows as it involves lifting things up ladders. A job I only can do as half the girls I work with are afraid of ladders and the other half are too small to reach the top of the window, which leaves only me as the tallest at 5'11" and am as the others put it 'fearless'. I usually put it down to the fact that I used to skateboard and did things way worse then standing on top of a ladder. So my manager has been giving me all the horrible small jobs to do, easy but horrible, it feels like some form of punishment as I keep having to refuse to lift things. She doesn't even seem to care that the reason I have a pulled ligament in the first place was because she made me do something that was beyond my ability.

Not to sound sexist, but I wish my manager would just hire a guy even though its a woman's clothes shop, especially since woman aren't meant to be doing manual handling in the first place. Actually we've had guys come in looking for a job but she always hires a girl, maybe my manager is a bit sexist.

I Lost My Remote Control

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No joke, no pun, I lost the remote control for my TV.

I can't turn to my AV channels.

It is quite annoying.

That is all!


P.S. What is on currently on TV is also annoying.

Finally Finished Final Fantasy XIII-2

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In the end I score this game 8/10. Despite loving the story, I find myself having issues in which the way some of the levels were structured or pretty much copy and pasted, with practically nothing changing between timelines, it just comes across as lazy designing. The battle system also felt like a slightly dumbed down version of XIII's and a tad too easy. Leveling up is far to quick, but there is a bit more character customisation. On the other hand the monster collecting is brilliant as you can then use them in your party which just opens up your overall party customisation and capturing them becomes a game in itself (pokemon anyone). Between the story and the monster collecting the game actually has a good bit of replay value. Also the ending is up there with some of the best FF endings.

SPOILERS FROM HERE, I'll try to keep them to a minimum if you want to brave it and read on.

I am actually shocked at the ending. Not in a bad way, but in a "did that just happen" sort of way. By all means I actually love the ending, I'm just find myself wondering whether the ending I saw was real or not. Especially considering FFXIII left off giving you the felling of hope, only for the sequel to end on a note completely the opposite to hope. Its a case where the very thing you wanted to stop from happening you ended up causing and it makes you think... a lot. You would more likely have saved the world by doing absolutely nothing. You were even given a fair few warnings that you overlook. But you can't hate the ending as Square Enix actually made a likable villain, in which you liked him more and more as the game progressed and even started to sympathise with him. Therefore you can't hate the ending, since you ended up liking the bad guy and are sort of happy that he got what he wanted. Its very strange indeed.

Why I'm Not Watching E3 This Year

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Like I said many months ago this year I am boycotting E3. The reasons behind it are because the companies who organise and operate it behind the scenes are in favour of acts like ACTA and ye ol SOPA. In general censorship of the Internet.

Unfortantely while SOPA was stopped in the US... I hope... ACTA was not stopped and may even be worse than SOPA. ACTA has been signed up to by many countries including my own, the rest of the EU countries, the US, Canada, Japan and Australia. It's global; so while companies continue to support it I will continue to not participate in their events.

Currently Playing Part 7 : In a Lot of Payne

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MAX PAYNE 3 has kinda crept up on everyone. It doesn't feel all that long ago since it was annouced, or it could be that as you get older time seems to move a lot faster. Now made by Rockstar it doesn't have the typical Rockstar game feel. By the way that is a good thing, since Max Payne is known for its dramatic plot and bullet time gameplay, not its open world and mission based gameplay which Rockstar is more well known for. Thankfully though they are able to sway from their norm in order to pull together a game that actually resembles a level based structure that is heavily influenced by the story. Though the story does still remain true to the dramatic style of previous Max Payne games, told now through an abundance of cutscenes, it has unfortunately lost its noir feel. Partially due to its change of setting from the dank streets of New York to the sunny back-roads of Sao Paulo and partially due to its more action orientated story. Funnily enough it works and manages to retain the feel of a Max Payne game.

Bullet time is also back and just as good as ever... maybe even better, though dying a lot seems inevitable when one bullet to the head will end the game, no matter how much health you have or how many painkillers you have on you, one shot to the head sends you straight to the "Game Over" screen. Frankly it makes you careful not to pop your head without checking first and more resourceful in using bullet time. Considering he doesn't heal just douses himself in painkillers, I'm surprised they didn't include an OD cause of death too.

While this installment is most definitely better than it predecessor Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, it still can't hold a candle to the first one. While it is still a pretty awesome game, it doesn't have any wow factor and despite having new developers they haven't contributed much in the way of gameplay to the series, yet at the same time I commend them for keeping it a true to the original as possible. As such I'm scoring Max Payne 3 a lovely 8.5/10.