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Nintendo Wii Launch Day - Europe

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I go my Nintendo Wii today and I am so ubber happy. It was just launched here and I got Twillight Princess with it. So far I haven't played much of it, but I have of the Wii Sports which was a lot of fun because basically everyone wanted to give it a go when I got home.

My sister came with me to get it and we qued for three hours outside of gamestop here. I got there at 5am and there was a tent from the guys who got there at 4am who were first in line.

I did explain before that we aren't crazy enough to que longer then a few hours here, right?

Anyway each shop here got 55 consoles. However 44 of which are reserved ones, so there was only 11. Basically I was the sixth person in line and every single person ahead of me I knew, I also knew the guy behind me strangely enough. Anyways I was the only girl in the11 at the top of the line. So to ensure no skipping we made an alience to beat back the people who tried to skip, because well we were there first. We didn't care if it was an old-lady, actually we had this one who kept trying to skip ahead and each time we told her to get back.

Also I didn't sleep last night to ensure that I would be prepered to leave my house at 4am for the walk. Anyways I am trilled to have it cause I was so lucky and at the moment my sister is playing it with her friends and because I am suffering from dizzy spells now, because I haven't slept in the past two nights I am going to bed and am calling in sick for work. Don't want to get fired for falling asleep while working.

Is There Such Thing As Weird?!

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While I was at work yesterday bored out of my head some few events durig that period has led me to believe that everyone is werid. But then if everyone is weird then weird is normal so there really isn't such a thing as the term weird that has been used for people that are between what is defined as normal and crazy. But then what the hell is normal, since no one person is the same its actually pretty damn hard to define the average type of person who would fall into the classification of normal. So pretty much the idea of normal is just some notion in our heads that really doesn't even exist. Therefore what is the definition of weird if we can weigh it against normal, if normal doesn't exist.

Of course if everyone is weird then there are certain levels to which people are werid, which is acceptable and then the weird which makes others run away from you. Everyone has their issues and have those secrets that if escape into the public will label you as a complete werido, because naturally people will judge you on them despite previous behavouior and relations with them. I've realised that after a few days my boyfriend is not the average weird more immature then anything and also highly clingy to the point of being annoying but yet has to cross the line. But then it could all be down to the fact that he is an only child. I sort of wish he had siblings, for his sake and my own. Then he would understand what it would be like to have annoying people around you all the time, i.e. my little sister when she was younger and she still manages to annoy me to this day, but now in a different way. Then on the other hand everyone has something about them that probably annoys someone but most of the time is can be overlooked that can be weird. I also annoy people, normally because I'm so used to doing everything for myself and don't usually like getting help, that and I have the tendency to talk a lot. I'm also subtly manipulative, most people don't notice it though but those who do it annoys them. Though I don't think that is being weird. Anyway, I've been told when I'm in an arcade I act like a five year old, litterally running around the place with wide eyes and jumping up and down if I find a game I like.

Anyway I guess like the definition of normal the definition of weird is not the same from person to person. What I could think is weird others wouldn't, or what I think is normal others wouldn't see as normal and so on.

P.S. I'm really annoyed at my younger sister at the moment. She just offended me by saying that I was too old to be living at home and started comparing me to my older sisters who moved out at about 21. I'm friggin 20 and the reasons my sister were able to move out at about my age was because of there boyfriends. No one is able to live alone in this country because its too friggin expensive. What does she want... for me to end up living on the streets. Bloody... ARG!!

Does The Gaming Industry Need Change?

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After countless news articles I've read, after many web sites devoted to girl gamers I've visited I have to ask myself does the gaming industry really need to change in order to broaden to the rest of the female population who wouldn't think about video games.

I don't think that the gaming industry needs to change the types of games it produces. I believe it is just purely down to how they advertise. I don't think that companies have to create games that would seemingly appeal to female gamers as we know in past when they have tried to do that it has turned into something that seems rather awful. The main reason behind this is because te majority of the people that make video games are male and they are trying to enter a place which to me personally doesn't really even exist. There is no reason why games males play not be appealing to female gamers as well. Look at Japan for example, everyone there plays all the same games whether male or female. I really don't think there is a seperate market for male gamers and female gamers. As a female gamer myself I don't see the problem and honestly a lot of games appeal to me especially RPGs and fighting games.

Earlier on I was reading some comments on these articles about female gamers and I came across some rather sexist comments by both genders and I couldn't help but laugh at them. They were complaining about the fact that males and females are different and therefore should be treated differently. But wasn't it just last century we had females marching through the streets wanting to be treated the same way as we aren't different and now we have people complaing about the fact that we are different. While the article was complaining about the lack of female gamers I can't help but think of all the female gamers I know on this site. At home I know a lot of my female friends to be casual gamers, some of them are pretty hardcore too, while at the same time I have male friends who hate video games and wouldn't go near them.

I don't really understand myself what is going on but I can honestly say I like the way the gaming industry is and don't feel that it really has to change if its been this succesful. You can't fit gamers into females and males, but you can fit them into groups by what types of games they like. Its just a waste of time trying to get people who don't like video games to like video games. Most people are even far to busy to take an interest.

FFX Dawn of Ages - Chapter 1: Luca (Part 1)

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As I said I would todau here's the first part of chapter one of my fanfic for Final Fantasy X and X2. Unfortunately I was unable to complete the first part due to lack of time so only haf of what I intended to get posted today is here. Nothing happens in this part except for an introduction to two of the characters so enjoy, (though I was meant to introsude three really but that was in the part I didn't have time to write.

Twenty years have passed since the eternal calm began. For a while after everyone rejoiced in celebration, gathering to the dome in Luca to hear the speech of the one who had defeated the evil being that had threatened them for over one thousand years. Beginning that night of Sins defeat, Spira has been a very different place to live. Now it was almost as it was one thousand years ago, particularly due to the efforts of a few individuals, but consequently life has become repetitive sometimes it even seems trivial, at least for most parts. There are though still a few who cannot let go of the past and so have refused to rejoin with the rest in rebuilding civilisation. They have clung onto what little is left of the religion Yevon and continue to follow its teachings, however these people despite their stubborn attitude like that of the two organisations created after Sin’s defeat, New Yevon and the Youth League, value the peace bought with the defeat of Sin. But these people do not want anything to do with the new world that has been created or more recreated. As a result many people look down upon them, like they once had to the Al Bhed all those years ago, but instead of this turning to conflict they avoided each other like a plague.

Letting out a sigh Dawn glanced up at the blue cloudless sky from underneath the rim of her hood. She could feel the warmth of the sun against her bare skin, which was pleasant and brought a slight smile to her face. It was such a nice day, but then when wasn’t it a nice day in Luca. The city was as busy as usual and the sound of voices were not distinct in the chattering noise that erupted from its center. Every now and then you would hear a stray word, as you passed by people, but normally theses days everyone kept to themselves and reframed from eavesdropping on others conversation. Probably out of politeness or simple because no one knew everyone anymore. The large sphere screen hovering in front of the blitzball stadium however could be heard over the noise, even the sound of airships that passed over head. It was switched to Luca’s regional channel, which currently was showing highlights from yesterdays friendly match between the Luca Goers and Luca Strikers with commentary from a well spoken, yet strong, female voice. As usual the Luca Goers were completely destroyed, ten to nil. Looking upon them now you wouldn’t think that twenty years ago they were the raining champions. Time changes everything though and with time cities expanded and more places appeared and so the Spira Cup too became bigger as more teams were created to represent the appearing towns.
Turning her sight away from the screen Dawn subtle pulled her hood further over her head as she walked through the center of a rather large group of people and hastily continued on her set path to West Luca. Some people glanced at her as she walked past, she could feel their eyes on her back, making her feel tense which only seemed to increase as she saw that the connecting bridge to the main land was just in her sights and her pace became faster. The closer she got to it the faster she seemed to move. Ten meters away - nine - eight. Dawn calculated the distance in her head. Seven - six - five. Once across it she would be free. Four - three - two…
A hand suddenly fell on her shoulder bringing her to an abrupt stop.
“And where do you think your going?” a staid toned voice sounded from behind her.
Glaring over her should from the corner of her eye, Dawn could see a tall young man standing behind her. His right hand was firmly clasped onto her left shoulder and he stared down at her with his deep red eyes from beneath his tossed and fallen orange coloured hair. He was strikingly handsome, but his disapproving and grim expression made him appear unattractive and would have surely sent shivers down any other person’s spine.
“Don’t look at me like that! You resemble my father too much when you do,” Dawn said with a scowled expression.
“You know your not allowed out by yourself,” he continued ignoring her statement. “If anyone saw you…”
“I’m not a little girl anymore,” she interrupted as she shook his hand from her shoulder.
“You of all people should know that I am capable of looking after myself.”
“Exactly! I know all too well what you are capable of,” he explained.
“So this isn’t about making sure that I’m safe then, its to make sure that I stay out of trouble.”

Feel free to ask questions if you havem't played FFX or X2 and don't understand anything. Plus the fact that the main characters name is Dawn and it part of the title doesn't mean anything.

Ask Me Anything Blog!!!!

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Well I sorta have nothing to do at the moment. Stuck in two of four games I'm playing, headache, slow day for RPG related news, nothing on tv, cat bit me on the foot, messy bedroom, nothing to do, yada yada yada waffle waffles waffles... umm waffles.

Oh wait a sec where was I... ah yes nothing to do. This is where this blog comes in, a friend gave me the idea (you know who you are) and I need something to do so as the title sujects ask me anything. You can ask me something about myself, something about the world, game stuff, GS stuff anything at all. Well not really anything, nothing offensive or stupid please.

I will answer all questions (unless offensive or stupid), even if I don't know the answer myself I'm sure I can find something on the web or in the many many encyclopedias and books I have at home. Finally make some use of them.

OK start now!!!! Dum de dum dum... *whistles a tune pateintly*

Two New Games

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I got some new games today, even though it is Sunday, Gamestop here is open on Sunday's one of many many shops in Dun Laoghaire.

I was coming back from babysitting and was walking with my best friend, Tom, cause we had a dvd night. (So, if any of you were wondering why I wasn't on GS there you go.) I saw it open and couldn't help but go in and guess what they had finally. Metal Gear Solid 3 and on sale, €20 brand new. Even though I said I would wait for substance to be released here I couldn't pass it up I had to have it so I got it. I also got the special editon of Xenogear Episode 2, because a lot of people here have made me want to play it badly. Unfortunately can't get 1, so I have to keep my eyes pealed for it in the 2nd hand PS2 sections in game shops. Anyway off to go play MGS3 now. Woo! :D

My Story: Opening

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Well it's taking me longer then I hoped to write the first part of the story I'm writing to put up here so I decided to give you the opening section to give you an idea to what is going on. I'm still fine tuning parts of this opening it so it isn't proper yet and I still have to give the story a name. ENJOY!

Nay stared in horror from her hiding place through the large crack in the upper corner of the wall. Through it she could see the leaping flames that burned everything in it's path. She could hear the crackling and splintering of wood. She could feel the heat of the flames touch the surface of her face and she could smell and taste the smoke that seeped into the confides of the small cellar room. She could no longer tell if it was day or night as the sky was covered in a blanket of smoke, blocking all and any light.
A small cough from behind her brought her attention to the other who occupied the room. A man, young, but older then she was, maybe even the same age. Nay didn’t know the first thing about him as he had remained unconscious throughout the entire events.
Two days had already passed. On the first day the sound of screams could be heard within the town. In her field of vision she could see and hear some of the things that were happening; the rest she felt. She could feel the peoples fear consuming her very being, shaking her soul and causing her endless distress to the point she felt she couldn’t bear it anymore. She had wanted to fight to protect the town. She knew she would of fought well, but her brother thought differently. To her opposition he dragged her to the outskirts of the town, to where the cellars were. However along the way the young man, now lying on the other side of the room from her, stumbled from the shadows collapsing in front of them, injured and weak. Nay instantly realising the seriousness of his wounds begged her brother to take him with her so that she could tend to him, if she hadn’t he would have without a doubt bleed to death on the streets.
On the second day all the feeling of fear that filled Nay’s heart left her and she knew all had been lost as she watched the town suddenly set ablaze. If it wasn’t for the strong stone foundation of the cellars both her and her unconscious companion would have fallen victim to the fire that engulfed what was left of her once home.

So this was war.

Irish Degrees

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No one take offence by this. It was written by some other person not me, I thought it was funny and it made me laugh for the first time in what seems like forever, so anyone who read m last blog this has made me feel somewhat better emotionally. Everything is  celsius degrees as well..... I think!

40 degrees - Californians shiver uncontrollably.
People in Ireland sunbathe.

35 degrees - Italian cars won't start.
People in Ireland drive with the windows down.

20 degrees - Floridians wear coats, gloves, and wool hats.
People in Ireland throw on a T-shirt.

15 degrees - Californians begin to evacuate the state.
People in Ireland go swimming in the sea.

0 degrees - New York landlords turn the heat on.
People in Ireland have a last barby before it gets cold.

-10 degrees - People in Miami are extinct.
People in Ireland lick flagpoles.

-20 degrees - Californians all now live in Mexico.
People in Ireland throw on a light jacket.

-100 degrees - Santa Claus abandons the North Pole.
People in Ireland wear a vest and pull down their ear flaps.

-297 degrees - Microbial life starts to grind to a halt.
Irish cows complain of farmers with cold hands.

-460 degrees - ALL atomic motion stops.
People in Ireland start saying "It's a bitin cold ...? "

-500 degrees - Hell freezes over.
Irish people support England in the World Cup!

Funny thing is hell must have frozen over cause I supported England in the World Cup. :P

I Passed My Degree!!!!!!!!

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Oh god I just got my results from my final exams in college and I am so happy. I just didn't pass I got honours and they add up to a 2.1 the 2nd highest honours degree in my year. I am so happy that I could cry.

Visual Media Project - B+ (highest in class)
Film Studies - B
Modern Society - C (real name politics, pleh)
Portfolio and Presentation - A (highest in year)
Media Research & Cultural Studies - C+
Media and Socirty - B
Video Production - B
Web Design - B+ (highest in year)

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

A Video Game Theory!?

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Juliaryder and me were talking today through passport and we discussed a lot of things and stuff just kept popping into our heads and after a while we noticed that a lot of games reflect reality in one way or an other and all of us can take something from them (but they may not necessarily be the same things). :)

We noticed this as well when we applied it to two of Square Enix’s most popular games Final Fantasy VII and X. We all know that Final Fantasy usually deals with storylines based on themes of power and corruption, but maybe there is something else to the games, maybe they reflecting the world we live in, or at least someones vision of the past, present and future.
In VII the Shinra Company and their actions of using the lifestream for energy seems to resemble how we are gobbling up our natural disposable energy sources at an alarming rate and to how it is taking toll on the environment from the greenhouse effect to the hole in the ozone layer. While the actions of Avalanche in VII, seem to reflect those of the people who are trying to stop this from happening. At their rate, they are destroying their world and the same can be said for our world too. However whereas VII reflects our present Final Fantasy X reflects a possible future if we continue at our rate. At first glance, X seems to be completely different from our world but as you play on you begin to see subtle references to reality. You see if we let thing gets out of hand maybe one day we will be looking at a world similar to Spira with the rate we are going at. Such as the creation of highly destructive materials and how we abuse the environment in order to make our lives just that little bit easier. At the moment it looks as if we might be heading down that road. In my opinion in X Sin represents these things, as well as how we use these powerful objects in order to protect ourselves at the cost of others. On the other hand, maybe I’m just reading too much into the games. :P

Anyway, I’ll leave it here and welcome any opinion and or theories that you may have yourself. Even if you don’t think this about video games just say so, because if you’re here that means you like video games and that’s all that really matters. :D