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Don't Believe The Hype Shoved Down Our Throats

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With all the rush and excitement of new games near every week its hard to stick to one game for too long. Especially when they fail to excite you within the first hour or two. Recently I've taken to only buying games I really want (kind of for finacle reasons too). I refuse to listen to the hype any longer, looking at any gameplay footage is a no. With the exception of the launch trailer for a sense of excitement as usually the launch trailer is wrapped up in so much mystery it leaves you wondering. I really like everything to remain a mystery, like opening presents waiting to see what it is. Of course sometimes its a huge dissapointment, seriously huge but if you don't have any idea what is in the box or have any expectations you get this sense of excitement the first time you play it. I've ruined far too many games for myself in the past by over watching gameplay trailers or reading too much into the story.

At the same time my level of expectations has lowered; maybe because I'm getting older, or maybe because I learned it isn't worth the hassle... who knows. So I've taken to giving games I did buy, but did not nessarily enjoy a second chance. Namely one game called Fallout: New Vegas. Orginally I wasn't able to get into this game, my mind just seemed to wander everytime I tried to play it, but my finace and I have decided to give it a second go and surprisingly enough I find myself enjoying it this time around. This has made me think about the other games in my library that I didn't complete as I got bored or just didn't have the attention span for it and there is quite a few. Even video games deserve a second chance.

I believe people's expectations have become too high these days, especially with a new generation here. Maybe we should ask ourselves whether getting hyped up over something... over anything, is worth it and should we allow ourselfs to be dictated by this hype. Should we really care what other people think, because at the end of the day all we want to do is sit back play a video game and escape into a world other than our own, even if just for a few minutes.

I'm completely obsessed with Bioshock Infinite

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While I wouldn't consider it my favourite game or anything like that, for some very strange reason I can't stop playing it. I'm on my third playthrough and I just can't seem to get bored. I love exploring every little detail of it. Pretty much I'm enchanted by this world that just failed to fall.

Oh and I completely love Elizabeth and I'm a friggin girl, whose getting married to her most wonderful boyfriend next year. But I don't love her in the type of way I love my boyfriend. I just want to protect her from all the bad things that have happened to her and help her escape her prison and I seem to always get angry when bad things happen to her. For some reason I have developed this overly protective feeling for her, like I'm her mother or something.

Damn if I'm like this over a video game character god help the poor fool that does anything bad to my future children.

It Was My Birthday... Again

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I have left my mid-20s and I am now standing proud at 27 year old and I have compiled a list of things I want to achieve before I am 28.

 - Buy a PS4

 - Buy a 720

 - Buy video games

 - Get married

 - Go to Las Vegas

 - Finish unpacking my clothes from their boxes. (This on will be the hardest as I'm just so settled now).

For today the things I want to achieve are...

 - Get out of bed

That is all.

Bioshock Infinite: Is It Just Me or...

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is the ending very predictable?

Don't worry no spoilers, but I just wanted to ask for those that have finished it, were you able to predict the ending too?

I pretty figured it out about half way through. Don't get me wrong the game is amazing, mainly for it's storyline, where as the gameplay is a bit of a step back from Bioshock in terms of weaponry, but still really really enjoyed it and am planning to play it again once I have Gears out the way.

Unfortunately I just don't know if its me, considering I am a writer myself and therefore read into everything, or did something give it away. The more I look back the more I realise that there was one line, just one line that made me figure it out. If it hadn't been for that I wouldn't have figured out that one thing and then subsequently everything else. If that one line was taken out of the game the ending would probably haven't been so predictable. Though at one point I did think maybe they want to steer me in a wrong direction.

p.s. Still can't find my camera. Fearing I lost it in the move.

Moved Into A House

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At the start of this month I moved into a lovely semi-detached 3 bedroom house with my finace. We have this whole 10 year plan, which has about 10 steps to it. Step 1 was "get engadged", step 2 was the "rent a house" and currently step 3, where we are at the moment, is "plan a wedding", eventually followed by step 4 which is "get married". I'll talk about the other steps another time.

Currently I'm on holidays from work. I've been all stressed out because of it and am taking the time to relax and try not to worry, try being the key word there. So in order to get my mind off it I've been moving stuff around, rearranging furniture to the best of my ability and in general unpacking those last few boxes, which so happen to be my moutains of clothes. Orginally when we moved in we decided to make a games room, but that idea quickly got thrown out the window when I realised that there was no point. I'm a gamer, he's a gamer and we don't have to share our sitting room with anyone else so... sitting room = gaming room. And we have a pretty big sitting room. I've set up all my games and gaming merchandies in a lovely glass doored cabinet, to display my every growing collection. My fiance calls it my shrine; according to him I'll sit in front of it for at least ten minutes a day muttering to myself words he can't hear (which he refers to as praying) until I pick something to worship... sorry, play for the rest of the night. Whenever I find my camera I'll have to take pictures to show it off.

Until then I've got a lot more organising to do.

Metacritic Being Misused

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Generally I'm the type of person who looks at the gamers reviews instead of the critics, but lately there has been a very suspicious trend in which hoards of people which appear to be organised, mass themselves on sites like Metacritic in order to give games bad reviews, whether they have played them or not. Examples are Call of Duty (though I myself no longer play this series the low scores are still suspicious), Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age II and most lately DmC. The list is probably going to be ongoing.

I've heard rumours that there are sites like blogs, Facebook pages, fan sites and forum-sites that are gathering up their users and directing them to go give certain games bad reviews as a type of protest. Some even make many accounts in order to give it a 0 review multiple times reducing the overall user-score. In a lot of cases it appears that many haven't even played the game. The negative reviews seem to appear within the hour of the games release. In many cases the stores weren't open yet.

This makes it hard for me to trust any user review on that site and gives user reviews a bad name. In my eyes Metacritic is very much a site that is starting to get out of control. I wouldn't be surprised if they had to shut down user reviews if this keeps continuing.

Why I did not get Black Ops II

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Since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare I pretty much have gotten every CoD since, at least until now. It started because a close friend of mine played it and I decided to get it so we could team up and play it together. Even though I wasn't a fan of these types of games. Sure enough I enjoyed it, or at least enjoyed playing with my friend nearly every night.

So, when World at War came out I didn't even think twice about getting it. I didn't think much of it, I enjoyed the campaign, but the multiplayer felt sluggish so I returned to Modern Warfare.

Then when Modern Warfare 2 came out I thought "finally" hoping it would have a better multiplayer than the previous MW. Honestly I thought it was and I really liked the campaign this time around, probably my favourite campaign out of all the Call of Duty games I have played to date.

The the following year Black Ops came out I was pretty much was first in line to get it at the midnight launch and it was the first Call of Duty game I properly enjoyed playing the multiplayer of. To the point I played it without my friend to hold my hand.

At this point I was begging to get tired of the series, and with not much love for Modern Warfare, I reluctantly got the third one. While I enjoyed the campaign; favourable less then the others, it was about here that I realised I was bored with the series. It really felt like a shiny clone of the previous MW game and putting aside the limited edition version I forked out money for (and regretted doing so) I went back to playing Black Ops. Over the course of the past year I even played that less and less until I didn't play it at all.

So as Black Ops 2 came closer to release I found myself not caring. To be honest all I really wanted to do was to run around the futuristic shiny world of Halo and kick some serious behind as Master Chief. Maybe have a few games of speed Halo with my friends. (This is the nickname we give to a custom games we play; it involves maxing out character movement, reducing gravity and only allowed swords to be used).

In short I've gotten bored of Call of Duty, for the past few years they've been forking out clone after clone of the same game with improved graphics. The only storyline I enjoyed was Modern Warfare 2 and the only multiplayer I actually liked was Black Ops, and that was really down to the maps layout or a certain map called Nuke Town.

I Am Not Proud To Be Irish

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My country is backwards and I am ashamed to be a part of it.

I can live with all the political shananagins, but as a people we don't stand up and say this is wrong. We never fight back and of the entire population nearly 50%, most of them older, still have backwards views that do not align with todays society.

Now after what has happened recently I no longer feel proud. Ireland is a country where religion still determines the fate of a woman. Recently a 17 week pregant woman, Savita Halappanavar orginally from India, was having a miscarraidge and nothing could be done to save her unborn child. The miscarraidge was lasting too long and she asked for an abortion, but despite being told her child could not be saved the doctors would not remove the fetus because it still had a heartbeat. All because our law deems it murder to have an abortion. She asked for an abortion three times, but no one would do it because of our backwards laws. The miscarraidge lasted three days, but by then she was seriously ill, her heart, kidneys and liver were failing because of blood posioning. She died five days later. If she had been given an abortion when the doctors realised it was a risk to her life she would still be alive. The EU are now investigating this incident as they believe her basic human rights had been denied.

At the moment about 3,000 people are protesting in Dublin City outside the goverment building.

Despite not being proud of being Irish, I am proud to be from where I live, it appears that the people who live here are the most liberal thinking anywhere in Ireland.

Just Finished Assassin's Creed III

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I've always been a fan of the Assassin's Creed games, however ACIII felt like a completely different games. Not in terms of gameplay, but the atmosphere it had. The feelings I got from the previous installments didn't reoccur with ACIII, where Altair and Ezio made me feel like I was at the center of something big that I was the conductor for, where sides were drawn and it was me or them. Connor made me feel like I was witnessing a series of events beyond my control and was in some cases helpless to do anything about. Sort of like no one was listening despite trying to do my best, which fits in perfectly for the time the game is set in. Instead of their being a definite good and bad side it was more like Connor is caught in a constant guessing game of who is the bad guy to the point you start to question everything you have learned in the past few games. Especially concerning Templars. For one I no longer think of the Templars in the same way as I did, especially considering that there are bigger things to be worrying about. Those of you who completed the game should know what I'm talking about.

The only thing that annoyed me was the anti-climatic ending given to Connor's story. It also seemed like some things were suddenly thrown in there too, especially in the lacklustre way Desmond's story was in general presented. Possible due to them having to spread Desmond's story over an extra two games (Brotherhood and Revelations) instead of the orginal intention of having all those events take place in ACIII.

But on another note it appears that while this is the last AC for Desmond it doesn't appear to be the last in the series.

Go See Skyfall

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Even if you don't like James Bond films.

These were the words my fiancee said after I dragged him (almost litereally) to see the latest James Bond film. As for myself I've always been a huge James Bond fan; pratically know all the films inside out. But, for as long as I've been with him he didn't like (close to dipise) the James Bond films, especially Daniel Craig. He only liked Timoty Dalton's two and that is he barely liked them. Yet after seeing Skyfall yesterday he was so entrawelled by it he came out proclaiming that it was brilliant and the best Bond film ever. (Not my words.) Today he pretty much told all my extended family (there was a get together) to go see it asap.

As for me, yeah it probably is the best Bond film ever made. I actually can't believe I may count it as the best one, I'm still trying to determain this by replaying the films at super speed in my head. It's a hard choice but Skyfall just seems to take it by a hair at the moment. If my fiancee who pretty much hates the James Bond movies loves it, I think everyone would enjoy it. Also I absolutely love the scene in the tower at Singapore with the jellyfish on the screen, just the suspense of that scene and the enviroment it was set in, damn it was done so well.

Hope all of you who are waiting for it to comes out in the US think the same. I also advice you to prebook tickets in advance if you want to see it, it's been out for over a week here and every single showing of it everywhere has been sold and continues to be sold out. I had to get mine three days ahead to make sure I got good seats, not a seat was empty in it either. Had to feel sorry for the people in the front row... it was not a small screen.