7 Years On Gamespot

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Well I completely didn't realise this; you know what they say, time flies.

Back in 2006 I was in my last year of uni and I joined Gamespot while I was doing my final exams as an outlet for all my stress. I met loads of people here and since I didn't have a job I spent a lot... and I mean a lot, of time on this site. Forums, blogging, unions etc, I did everything and was very much a part of the community. The same year I eventually got a job and tada... found a guy who was head over heals in love with me. I have to say 2006 was a very good year.

Many things have happened to me in those seven years I've been here. I've graduate from university, became an aunt two more times, got a nice boyfriend who I love and who also is my best friend, got a stable job which I've been in for 5 1/2 years, moved out from my Mom's house, got a house of my own and oh I got engaged to said boyfriend.

In ten months time I'll be a married woman, and more than likely I'll still be here talking to you all.

My activity may not be the same, but there is something about gamespot that just keeps making me want to come back.