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It's about time!!!!!

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OMG! I have got some awesome news. I have been working hard with my husband to help him become a published author, and all our hard work has paid off! You can now order his book

DemonBlood: The Red Road is the first in what is hopefully going to be a sucessful series. Order your copy today!

And hey help out your fellow gs mate! We need to sell 100 copies through their site for them to consider ordering it for their stores worldwide. Also if you live nearby Jason is more than willing to sign your copy!

oh yeah nearby is Indiana. lol

SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

round and round we go!

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I really need to quit neglecting my gs buddies! Shame on me :( I will hopefully be back on here posting really soon. Time to catch up with everyone. How have you guys been? Well gonna go haunt some of my old unions maybe catch ya there!

Hello again everyone!

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HOLY COW!!!! yeah I'm back lol sorry I was MIA for so long. Way too much going on in life. Selling a lot of games buying others lol. Playing addiction gets in the way too. But I figured I would stop by my blog and say HHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIII to everyone again

Ringing in the new year with a BOOM!

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Well I posted my New Year story in my myspace blog and decided to just copy it here. Feel free to post your opinions on this story whether in agreement or disagreement. Do not worry about offending me. If I was worried about it I would not be posting it in here!

Well this was a most interesting New Year's eve.....

To start the story I will take you back to one week ago......

I was with my friends and I got a migrain so I went in Yoshi's room to lay down. Of course I ended up falling asleep, and during that slumber I had a dream, a vision if you will, of my own death. I saw everything that was to happen that day. The time and date I was to expire was close to the time to ring in this new year. Those of you that know me know full well that my dream visions seem to have a way of always becoming the truth.

Strange things happened that night of my dream vision.....we got a new force behind us, our 4th and a dragon spirit. I ran through every possible scenerio to stop this death and I knew it was inevitable. You might say I am lying because here I sit typing this story to you even now...after the new year has came upon us. Sit tight and let me delve into the story of my imminent death.....

The night started out like any other new year party. We had our rides set up for those who needed a way to and from the party. We had our drink lists set. Keep in mind that I can drink like a fish and not get drunk until I want to. I had my dedicated shots with each friend there, including a few more with Curse. Billy made me a drink I've never had before and it was kick ass! Things were as fun as always when we get together.

I took each moment one step at a time cause I already saw all this happening. I told little by little to each person who needed to step in for my help what was to happen next....and they are used to this so they of course were prepared. They saw my dream vision coming true even as it was happening. We were powerless to stop it.

Then it started to get even more interesting. The non-paying tenants started coming out to play! On a normal day this was always something to expect in Curse's house, so those who didn't know what was to happen never thought anything of it, but those in whom I confided my tale knew what was coming next. They started to prepare.....

What was done is now undone......6 little words, meaningless to those who don't understand, but to me it meant my doom. Words that were spoken and repeated by me started a cascade of barriers to come crashing down around us like falling dominoes. Our binded spirirts of evil intent were for a short time set free.

I started to feel pain like never before. My legs burned like I was tossed into a fire, my lungs and heart were bursting through my chest, about to explode. It was a feeling worse than any asthma attack I have ever had, and yet I was still able to breathe, walk, and talk like normal. People and things swirled in and out of my line of sight. Whether they were real or not only time and my process will be able to tell.

The barriers back in place it seemed everything was fine again, my life spared, but we knew different. I stood to go outside cause I could no longer stand the firey pain. I said "I gotta go." Next thing that came was Curse knew what she had to do. She jumped up and caught me before I tumbled down on the concrete floor. She made sure I didn't hurt myself or suffocated from the blankets being wrapped around my head. What happened next will be what I saw.....and then what they saw.

What my friends saw was only another black-out (seems to happen to me a lot). Curse was making sure to keep my pulse up but it was ever so slowly falling no matter what she did. I was convulsnig on the floor. The three who could help surrounded me immediately to try their best to drag my spirit back to this plane. As my pulse slowed and then stopped they got worried. It only stopped for a total of 35 seconds and then I was back to beating. It still took a while for me to come around, but at last they heard my rasping breaths again and then my coughing. Of course they handed me a drink and a smoke. This was the easy part to explain. What happened in my mind was a different story......

I remember the pain and agony of burning and painful breaths. Then I was spirling down a long hole. I saw people who had died long ago...who had already crossed over, as well as those still on this plane with unfinished business. They all had something to tell a loved one on this plane, and were anxious to let me know so I could relay the messages. The most horrifying thing I saw during this time was my beloved Nani died at the very same moment my heart started beating again. I watched her die......

When I awoke I could still hear the voices haunting me with the messages I needed to deliver. I knew they wouldn't stop until I did what they asked. I started with those that were sitting with me, and the voices got quieter.

I know what my mission is now and it involves the help of certain people. They will know in time what their part in this play is, and soon the war will begin. I only hope they are strong enough to stand and fight this good fight with me.

That is my story of the New Year's Eve of 2007. Some might say I am full of shi* but those that were with me know what went on that night. Are you ready guys?

This was your 1st 2008 blog from the Angel of your Nightmare....Quarter Angel! Until next time remember sometimes you need friends so listen to their help.

Going to 2008!

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Hey guys! I hope you had a very merry christmas...chaunaka (sp?) or whatever you celebrate! Merry or Happy *insert holiday here* to everyone! This is always a time for reflection on the year that is soon to pass us. What did you accomplish? What didn't you do that you wanted to do? I know that I got my degree started which was a big one for me! :D I didn't get my store open by the new year so that one waqs a bust but here's to next year! and may it be better than this one past.

Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock!

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This is one addictive game! I finally got some free time over the thanksgiving holiday and we got the game.....I suck at it lol but it's fun! I beat it on easy and meduim levels already. Add that 5th key though and I can't get through one song :lol: Almost got the co-op carreer done too, but that takes longer as I take my guitar to a friends house for that one lol. Got some Kick Ass songs on it! Even some AFI and Senses Fail! Waiting on the downloadable songs though....... oh yeah I got mine on the Wii and you can use the Wii remote instead of a guitar to play...but it sucks! Way too hard to figure out lol


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Hey fellow GS addicts! Well I have finished my first two weeks of classes and doing great! So far 100% on everything :D The main class I am taking right now is Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. Currently we are debating truth...what defines truth ect and on our other discussion board we are debating the death penalty! Yeah heavy topics to be sure lol I am great with debating as some of you should remember from thephilosophical thing that went on a while back in SSU :lol: Right now I am winning from what I can see, no one else can compete with the information I have shown! Gotta love google :lol:

Still haven't been able to open my store due to complications with finances. IPIS is doing great though! We have 5 more interviews set up as well as 3 hunts actually scheduled at the moment.

I give lots of love to my fellow GS peoples! Sorry I haven't been here lately things have been hectic. Trying to find a new place to live at the same time I am doing the school thing and IPIS and....well ya'll get the idea :lol: Now that I got a routine kinda set I should be able to post more here next week.

I finally gave up creating a forum for IPIS and just got one premade. Sad I know but time constraints kept me from gettting it done faster myself. So check it out! the link for it is right at the top of the IPIS website! Create an account and stop by to say hi! I would love to see it get a little activity. Plus I would love some imput on other threads to make! I know I got quite a few other spookster friends here on GS! Shoot I have been dubbed the Ghost Whisperer by some elsewhere now :lol:

Well got a live lecture soon so I have to jet for now! See ya around guys!

Here today gone tomorrow?

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Hey guys! Thought I would just update ya'll on why I haven't been around very much lately (again I know) I have been pretty busy with IPIS plus hopefully opening a store here soon with a lot of different type of things in it! It will be a branch of Stockade Unlimited Merchandise plus Nani Faiyo Apothocaries. I am a Tournament Director for MonkeyRoyale and I have just been enrolled in DeVry for game software deisgn as well :D

So as you can see I have a lot on my plate lately :lol: Check out the sites I linked if you'd like! I will be popping in here as much as I can but usually only have time to do a few posts then poof I am gone again. So if I don't make it to a union for a few days I'm sorry but I will try to get there when I can!

Lots of love to my GS faves!

Here I go again!

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