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The ins and outs of FlyingBird 2014

Yiwo Studios belongs to Easeus. Co and first ran as independent in 2013. It started late and not too many workers, but done a pretty good job in mobile games development, recognized by the industry and highly praised by game players. According to the statistics, Yiwo Studios has launched 3 games in the first half year on the App Store and Google Play, and more outstanding games will be expected to launch in the second half year.

Flying Bird 2014 is a casual game which was meticulous designed and researched. The developers didn’t blindly follow the mode of Flappy Bird, instead, found a new way. For example, the bird could go down in the game process to test the players’ responsiveness. In terms of innovation, Flying Bird 2014 is another masterpiece following Flappy Bird. It is as difficult as Flappy Bird, completely different in gameplay, get a decent download numbers in the first week as it came online and now more and more players dub it the new Flappy Bird, or Flappy BirdⅡ.

According to some reports about Yiwo Studios, they are now trying to make Flying Bird 2014 a popular one like Flappy Bird, or even more outstanding if possible. Meanwhile, the team has been developing an upgraded version. As for what changes will be in, they said nothing and what the players need to do is just wait and see.

According to the operation manager, he said that he hopes to see that Flying Bird 2014 could enjoy everyone and be widely popular in the mobile gaming world. When asked about the negative of Flappy Bird, he said that it’s normal for a popular game to obtain positive and negative evaluations. Flappy Bird is difficult and freak players out to break their cellphone or pad. “I hope that players enjoy it, and I do not want to see that they break anything even though Flying Bird 2014 could possible freak them out”. He said.