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Among all the Lego games, the Lego Marvel Super Heroes stands tall. IMO, it is the best lego game and the epitome of this lego series.

Way better than the Lord of the Rings or any Batman game with its open sandbox gaming, good fun content for kids and adults and great selection of heroes with beautifully and thoughtfully made characters, this is the best game.

Lets hope they make this game like LMSH and not the wretched and boring Batman games. LMSH has better and colorful chars and playing in NYC in daylight was amazing compared to the cramped, dark and dinghy Batman games. They have Superman, my most fav comic char, but he was stuck in dark night time Gotham rendering the game annoying and boring with a glorified Inspector Gadget, er.. I mean Batman.

I hope the new one keeps all chars and introduces few more and also has a bigger open world like LMSH and also introduces day/night cycle

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Game looks great. Question - is the combat style like Dark Souls/Lords of the Fallen style with slower attack/block/roll etc. or Risen2/Witcher2/Skyrim style with swing and attack or the Baldurs Gate/Aarklash style pause and attack style?

I hate the pause/attack style gameplay like in Dragon Origins games. I hope this is more like Witcher 2 style....

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I think I agree with OP. From all the videos I've seen this DS2 seems to be a bit different than the prior 2 Souls and there's now an element of cheapness in this game. Similar to rubber banding AI in car games, the AI in this game causes deaths which are not your fault and feels like it "cheats" at times.

I don't mind the multiple enemies at once, but previously you could take them all without getting hit and it felt like you could subdue them with your skill. Here, it is a hit or miss. Enemies sometimes can get a not possible hit on you, your hit can connect but still miss, their hit can miss but still register damage etc.

I prefer older DS than this.

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I bought this on a whim on a steam sale for $8. Cannot believe I didn't play this earlier. This is a fun game.

I like games that bestow these funky cool powers and you can enjoy your combos on the unsuspecting enemies. Fun times.

Having played a few games like this before I cannot help but notice that this game has borrowed some elements from other games before it such as Second Sight, PsiOps: The Mindgate Conspiracy to name a couple.

Still, I think Dishonored is a great game and I'm loving it thus far. Games like this and Crackdown allow you to become superhuman and in Crackdown, jump near the enemy, super punch/kick them and run off. Hahaha.. fun times.

My rating for Dishonored: 9/10

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I recently purchased the Deep Silver bundle pack on Steam which included the 3 Secret Files games (Tunguska, Puritas Cordis and part 3) along with The Lost Horizon.

Although I bought it cheap I found very high value in these games. I've already completed The Lost Horizon (14 hours), Secret Files: Tunguska (12 hours) and am about 25% through in Secret Files 2 and I am enjoying them immensely.

I was a bit sad that Secret 3 would be the lone game left and then it'd be over but thankfully I just found out that Secret Files 4: Sam Peters is releasing in under a month. Yay!!

These games give me a good break from RDR, GTA V, Max Payne 3 and Hitman: Absolution and Grim Dawn I've been playing and completing recently.

About to pre-order on Steam now...

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Clubs are already in the game in the form of strip clubs. Even more detailed now. Instead of Pool mini game and Basketball (which I don't care about), you have the excellent Tennis and Golf games. I only miss Casinos and Horse Race betting. Rest of it - I don't miss nor care.
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I have a PS3 controller and it vibrates for guns, driving etc. In fact, it is well implemented because you go on the shoulder of the road and it vibrates.... beautiful... just like in real life how your car vibrates when you drive on the grooves near the shoulder lane.
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So it looks like there are no more Pay n' Sprays to insta get rid of your wanted level. That is a bummer but more realistic I guess. I used to lol before because I would frantically drive to a Pay n' Spray, get sprayed and watch as the stars flicker for a bit and go away while I keep out of trouble right in front of the cops.


Police Stars to reduce wanted levels was also a good thing before but is sadly lacking here.


Still, I like this game better because once I killed someone when no one was around and there were no cops. The other time, someone got on their cell, took pics and said "I think he killed him. I'm calling the police" and in a few secs I could hear distant police sirens. I drove a short distance away but the police were looking around and they eventually found me and there was a great chase and escape. My wanted level even went to 4 stars but I finally managed to get rid of it entirely!

I think this is a great game. The map is certainly HUGE and it is going to be very tough to remember where to go because of the dense road layout in the cities.

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Stopped playing GTA IV pretty early because cars felt like they were driving on ice with buttered wheels. They made it ridiculous instead of fun. GTA V car handling is superb. It feels like a Need for Speed game handling with the way you can zoom around highways. I like the new mid air control and flip capability. I hated the previous ones where flip = insta flaming of car.
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This is exactly what I'm wondering too. I have 2 young kids in the house and I cannot play till they go to bed. And my parents occasionally watch the game with me so I was in for a rude shock with very profane words being used. Now, I couldn't care less about it, but I browsed the menus to see if it could be turned off. It was jarring in the presence of my parents even though I'm a grown man with kids. The game itself is spectacular. I'd easily rate it a 9.9/10. It is freaking HUGE with loads of things to do. However, the black guy and Trevor scare me along with Michael's wife because I don't know what adult situation to expect in front of my parents. LOL.