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The wait is killing me! (med school related)

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Well, I've decided that after finishing high school I am going to be a doctor.

Luckily, I live in the city where the most prestigious med school in Mexico is :D

BUT, it has the highest standards and the most difficult admission examn ever!

I am confident I am going to enter, but as the exam is approaching my confidence level is going down!




Well I think the only thing I could do is wait and study for it.

Home Alone (not the motion picture, actual real life)

by on

Well fellas who visit my blog every so often to check with my updates, it is time for another of my blogs.

This time, I am alone at my house...

It is kinda creepy to feel that you are alone in your house, completely alone. I just keep hearing someone talking or walking in my house, which is way to scary (but already got used to it) It may be paranoia, but if you stayed in your house alone for a whole weekend you would keep hearing them.

On top of that, I'm sick, I called my parents but they didn't answer so I decided to use the medicine I normally use to flu or rinorrhea. I get tired and got nothing to do.

But good things also come: More time in the computer, car to hang out, invite friends over, etc...

So, tomorrow afternoon my parents arrive at my house, I want to keep it tidy to let them know I am responsible enough to stay at home alone.

My Ipod: A History of Survival

by on

Hello everyone!

I haven't written a long post since my lack of good material to write about.

First, lets talk about Ipod's, you know, those over-priced, low-quality sound MP3 players that everyone likes. I have heard various histories about how Ipods are horrible, and back in 2005 when I was going to buy an MP3, i kept asking about good MP3 players that are not Ipods. Some people showed me some cheap-looking Zen player, it was cheaper, but it didnt look as durable as the Ipod (and I think it couldn't have survived what my Ipod has.) So I bought a silver, second-gen Ipod Nano with 4 gigs of memory, I was pleased.

Last year, I was in a friend's house which has a pool, so we were throwing everyone at the pool. My turn came and, even though I put some resistance, I got thrown. I had my Ipod, my cellphone and my wallet in my jeans.

My cellphone died, and for 2 hours I thought my Ipod had too. But the screen turned on, and my Ipod was back! with some water marks in the screen looking as scars of an accident.

I was happy, it worked like if it was new.

But then, the grief came again, and now it was worse.

I returned from holiday vacation and my mom threw my pants to the washing machine, without knowing my Ipod was inside, and then worse, after the washing machine, the pants went into the dryer.

WHen my mom took them out, she felt a bulk in the pocket. There was my Ipod: hot, corners slightly melted, and unable to turn on.

I put it in the dock, waiting for it to charge, but it didnt happen. I left it there for two days...nothing. At the third day, the screen turned on! I was happy again, but not for so long, just as I unplugged my Ipod the screen turned off. My Ipod was a handicap, it needed to be plugged in order to work. So I left it there, in the dock.

One day, my sister wanted to charge her Ipod so she unplugged mine and gave it to was turned on! It worked completely fine!

That's my Ipod's story of survival.

Totally AWESOME!!!!!

by on

Hey people whats up?

Well, I was in my high school (Tec de Monterrey Campus San Luis) and I had a free hour so I went to the cafeteria so I could buy some snacks, but I was out of money so I bought nothing. Then I saw this had two fussball sets! My friends and I were like WOOT OMG THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!, but then I turned my head to the left and I saw them......two huge plasma TV's with a Wii in each one! We forgot about the fussball and went directly to those beauties, I mean, who has Wii's at their school??

This is awesome, imagine arranging tournaments in that area with friends, it was totally AWESOME!!!!!

The Ubuntu Experience

by on feels nice coming back to my blog and share all of you what has been my best experience by experimeting OS for my laptop.

It is a long story so get your pillow and prepare for a nap.

It all started in June of 2007 when my sister was about to turn 15, here in Mexico we make a huge deal about it, big party, etc, everything had to be perfect.

Since I had some practice with computers, I decided to make a video of my sister, which showed since she was a baby till today using Pinnacle 9. Everything was going on wheels lap got infected...i could be running it still, but as time passed it was getting slower and slower until one fateful day, I got the bluescreen of dead right at the start! I was worried I couldnt finished my sister's video, and I couldnt make a backup for it, so, I had to go to my school at 8 PM just to finish the **** video the day before the party! Thank God I managed to do my best and finished the video like at 12 AM, (the security guard was very pissed since I didnt want to leave).

I was so mad at MS at that time!

I left my laptop in a place where they could repair it and took it back a week after the party. During the party a lot of my cousins came to the city and stayed with us, one of them, which is a computer engineer showed me the Linux light, and he told me to download Ubuntu right after I got my laptop. I thought he was using me as a Guinea Pig just to test it, but I still downloaded it.

First of all I was surprised at the "LiveCD" feature Ubuntu had, I just had to put the disk and I got Ubuntu running without having it to install, I liked it so much I decided to take the plunge and Install it, it took me about 15 minutes to make the full installation and I got everything working, from my drivers to my webcam.

Since then I am using Ubuntu for everything! It completely buries Vista in everything!

So take my advice, download the "LiveCD" and try Ubuntu, if you dont like it dont install it, but you will regret it when you have your lap or PC infected.

Try Ubuntu and taste the freedom of Open-Source.

Summer Jobs!

by on

Hello to all you people who are sitting in your couch doing nothing this summer:P

For me Summer is a time to relax.....but too much relaxation is bad, thats why this is my 5th year in which im doing a job this summer. I have worked in a papershop (a place where you buy notebooks, pencils, pens, and stuff like that) whose boss is a friend of my dad, so I got it in an easy way. The things that I do are deliver packages using a "diablito" (like one of those cars for carrying babies.....oh man I cannot describe it:P) to other places close to where I work. I also help to load trucks and "bugs" which deliver to places far from where I work. Sometimes I get to go in the work to other places and help unload the trucks.

I have worked now for a month without being paid:(

But my boss told me tomorrow is going to be PAYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! And Im very excited of it:)

So people...what are you doing here on Gamespot all day! Go out and get a job.

PS: With the money I get Im going to buy some PC and Wii games:D

My Chivas collection!

by on

For everyone who is a fan of Chivas like me, this small but growing library will be good, if you can you can send me your own Chivas pictures.

But of course not all the pictures can be perfect and there are some I dont like but maybe someone with different taste would like them.


My work from first to last:

When Oswaldo was still in Chivas


MEH....too pixelated for my taste...Simple and nice

My first photoshowork

too many effects dont do well to a picture....

I like red lightnings!


Things I can't do because Im really supersticious.

by on

Ok, im not the kind of guy who is scared of a black cat, or cant walk under a stair.

Im more into frightening supersticion like:

"Dont scream 13 times in front of a mirror"

Why: Because Bloody Mary´s ghost is going to appear in front of you to scratch your face with long nails.

I know it sounds funny, but I wouldn´t try it, not just because of Bloody Mary, also because of it is freaky to watch yourself screaming for no reason in front of a mirror :|.



"Never pray the Holyfather upside down 3 times in front of a mirror"

Why: Because the beast will eat your soul.

 This also sounds funny but imagine, being upside down for that long time will be bad for your health, and you will only see yourself in front of a mirror turning red, and then blue and then pass out...




BTW I just got Photoshop CS2 (like a week ago) and made the new banner profile combining a lot of techniques:)

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!! (caps)

by on

Ylu heard it....since yesterday I´m in summer vacation!

I have three months of vacation!!!!!!!


And to celebrate it I made a new picture of my favourite team: CHIVAS!

Thisteam OWNS you

GO CHIVAS, GO!!!!!! For the championship!

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