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Im back

Sorry everyone I haven't been active at allllllll! :( I will try to be more active! I have just been over my head in work but it's all good! O and I am reading "Twilight"...it is AMAZING!

Pokemon Friend Code

Ok Here Is My Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Friend Code: 2492 5795 0623
And My Name is Tom
Feel Free To Add Me!
If You Own Pokemon Diamond/Pearl you should add me!
If you add me PLZ post your Friend Code and Name! TY :D

I've Been Tagged!

_____kairi_____ tagged me! so here are 10 things about me!

1. I enjoy running around my house!

2. I go swiming almost everyday...

3. I am CrAzY!!!!

4. I cant wait for the new Kingdom Hearts games to come out!

5. I like to fight with my brother.

6. Sometimes I yell...for no reason!

7. I am bored out of my mind!

8. My cousins from California are comeing to my house in a week! YAY! :D

9. I suck at spelling! :P

10. I like doing Sudoku! 8)

San Deigo!

on the 13th I will be leaving for San Deigo to hang with my family! So I hope to talk to you all soon!