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El Shaddai is $37 on Amazon

I've been playing this game a lot lately, and I have to endorse it because it is different than most releases now a days. You follow Enoch (who was a biblical character, one of the few brought to heaven without dying.) and you travel down to the tower to purify 7 fallen angels. Its not preachy or anything, I swear, but the story is quite gripping and the worlds are beautiful. I'm roughly 50% through, I'd say, and its still kept me really hooked, which is unusual lately.

Anyways, I'd highly reccomend it, and I have doubts that it has sold too well since its sort of a niche title, but if you are looking for something that isn't Gears or Deus Ex to play for a while, this is my reccomendation!

Why are consumers always the ones to be punished.

This will be a short blog entry, because I am tired, but I am a little peeved.

So my pals have had Marvel vs Capcom 3 for a week or so now, and here I am, waiting for MVC3 to make its appearance in store. It just angers me. I want to play this game, and because of street dates I can't. I can understand street dates for movies, I guess perhaps sleep deprivation has made me forget why they might be important for games.

I can't help of think how many games game stores get weeks before their release.

I guess I don't know quite who I'm mad at, pirates or street dates, perhaps both. It just ticks me off knowing my bros are enjoying MVC3 and I have been waiting for so long to pay $70 for it. I feel like the game industry more than any other likes to neglect its consumers, with DRM and such. With how much I spend a year I guess I'm just bitter. Anyways, that was my 2:30 ramble for the day.

Babby's first MMO

So here he is, the man who has scorned MMO's since the early days of World of Warcraft playing one of his own, and loving it. I picked up DC Universe and I have to say, I've had a hard time putting it down. I have 4 or 5 different characters on different servers, but the one I play with the most is called Perfect Zero on Redemption. I'm not sure how it compares overall to other MMO's but I play with someone I work with and a friend from my high school days, and we are all pretty hooked.

It helps that I'm a bit of a comic nerd, I'm not huge like some people, but I try to read up on the old stuff, and I read graphic novels when I can afford it with video games taking primary hold of my money. The $15 a month has always held me back, but now that I've played it ~24 hours in a week I think I can afford the less than 2 hours work in a month for many many more hours of gameplay. I just hope it doesn't grow stale with Sony not keeping up with what the community needs (For gods sake get rid of the censors, or at least make it optional, I can't even say jerk, even gamespot censors are less Nazi than yours.) ANYWAYS, its a great game, highly recommend it, especially if you like RPG's, comic books, or if this will be your first MMO.

I don't think the community is going anywhere, thankfully, as I've sold out of every copy we get in store every single day. However, with the level cap at only 30, it may not take long to hit the wall. Thankfully 2.0, the customization of your character makes it more beneficial to expand your horizons with how you play.

Aside from that, got my entire gaming year mapped out, looks expensive, but worth while. Despite tons of school, work and girlfriend time I have still managed to finish off a chunk of back log so getting these new games won't make me feel so bad.

OH, and before I forget to not write the blog I always think I'll get around to, if you have any ideas about getting a 3DS, I'd wait. It does look very neat, but with games priced that high (for a handheld) and the system itself (which will likely get redesigned), I'm a bit weary. I suppose we'll all see March 27th, and maybe I'll be wrong, I'll be the first to admit it, I just think it will probably be less fantastical after the hype dies down and the system has to survive on its own merits.

Don't forget to add me if you have DCU.

Underrated Game of the Month

I have always been one to give games a chance, and some games that people see as abominations have turned out to be very good ones to me. Perhaps its that I grew up with games that were different from todays, so I find certain inconveniences fine or sometimes I see them as a plus. I've seen one game get crapped on ever since it went to reviewers, but after picking it up off of Amazon for $25 I just don't get it.

Splatterhouse is an old game, and they just made a new one under the same name. The new one plays much like an old school beat-em-up, sort of a final fight game with 3 dimensional gameplay and pretty good graphics. I popped it into my console expecting disappointment, but 4 or so hours later I was still playing and still having a good time.

The gameplay is simple, its a button masher, kill this enemy, run through this corridore, kill some more dudes. Like I said, I am a big fan of older games, so this was actually to my liking. It didn't have a bunch of gimmicks, and what little collecting there was was purely for unlockable pictures.

The music was metal, which certainly fit the gothic bloody massacre that is splatterhouse.

Probably the most frustrating but interesting part were the side scrolling portions. It went to a point of view much like the first few games, you'd beat up some nasty creatures and try to make it through traps. It gets pretty infuriating at times, no lie, but at the same time its a bit of nostalgia that I rarely experience now-a-days.

There is really little to it, but it kept me hypnotized from start to finish. Watching Rick become less and less human is very cool. As sad as it is, this will probably never see the sequel it deserves.

I ask you to rent it, see if you like it, I won't say its for everyone. Working at gamestop, I've seen a few go out of our store, and a few come back, and I've asked some purchasers what they think and while most really enjoyed it some didn't. I do think this game is a good one though, if you liked old beat em ups try this one out. At very least its worth the $25 I paid for it, but I would have gladly paid the $64.64 for a new copy if I tried it first.

I have lost all faith in reviewers

I'm probably going to make this short, as I have a migraine, am running on very little sleep and its 4:30 in the morning, but I have something I'd really like to talk about.

Lately, I've been reading a lot more reviews due to the time of the year. Games are coming out, and I want them, and later the ones that I missed will be picked up if they are worth owning. However, I picked up Castlevania fairly recently, played it, beat it, loved it, then went back to read reviews only to disagree with everything.

The most common complaint is that its not Castlevania, and at the start of the game I would have agreed, but I played more than just the start, I finished it. I feel like reviewers didn't because this game is obviously the beginning of the Belmont family. Its the earliest as far as year goes, taking place even before Lament of Innocence for the PS2, and the ending makes it a startling revelation. In fact, although this is a reboot, there is no reason that it can't fit into the original saga.

I'm a bit baffled by the GOW connections as well, of course it plays like God of War. It's derivative, it takes from other games, but when there are defining elements in action/adventure games, they are going to get reused until new defintions take over, its not necessarily a bad thing. I wish I was in a better state of mind, and perhaps I could elaborate a bit more.

I'm just a bit confused as to what reviewers expect from a game these days. I feel as though I have extremely high expectations for games, and yet I find myself thinking reviewers are wrong all the time, of course its all opinion, but it has been some time since I agreed with any review. What really gets me is how games like Call of Duty can come out with 2 installments a year and they never say there is anything wrong with that, but if a game copied the formula they'd likely say it was too much like Call of Duty. Anyways, I'm planning on making a blog soon, full of spoiler discussion (The main blog will be hidden, but hopefully I'll get to chat with some people), because the ending to the game was seriously crazy.

Anyways, thats my early morning, sleep deprived rant. I'm going to bed.

Crackdown 2 First Impressions

Hello gamespot,

today I bought crackdown 2 after a lot of anticipation. I really enjoyed crackdown, it was original, had a very neat style and a lot of interesting gameplay mechanics that set it apart from the rest. Years later the second game is finally released, but does it live up to my expectations? In short, not really, at least not yet.

I want to make it clear that I am only 3 hours in and this should not be taken as the entire experience, despite what I might say in this article. The game starts a little awry to begin with, for starters the agents you get to choose from are bland to say the least, 4 average heads which you eventually don't see due to the helmet. Unless I'm missing something this game also lacks the very fun to watch transformation of your agent. In the first game your agent went through a variety of changes to their physical looks, cars and abilities. In Crackdown 2 the transformation of your agent is largely unnoticeable. Most of my stats are tier 3 or so, but really the only change is the helmet, and I am perhaps slightly larger than I was at the beginning of the game.

Also a very sad omission is the lack of transforming vehicles. In the first game, as stated before, your agency vehicles would transform and change based on the players driving ability. It was interesting to find out what the next transformation was, and new abilities the cars might have.

Also the new gang, the cell, has no personality. No ethnic identity or anything to make it really fun to find out more about the gang or fight them. They drive really crappy beat up cars in this cookie cutter post apocalyptic city.The missions seem to all be the same, take over sectors of the city so you have access to air drops, or turn on communication dishes to take care of the zombie like creatures that take over at night. So far the missions are bland, and the only real joy in doing them is the gained ability to use air drops, unfortunately even that is quite useless since there are respawning points open throughout the city from the start of the game, from there you can select your weapon and car drops.

One of the worst and most annoying things about the game is the narrators dialog. He loves telling you when you got an achievement in the middle of dialog. The achievement unlocked sign at the bottom of the screen is plenty for me. This may seem minor, but I promise if you play it you will understand. It seems out of place, awkward.

The good thing is, the fun of being a super human agent is still intact. Jumping from building to building and ravaging enemies is just as fun as the first. Unfortunately, thats about it. I know I'll enjoy this game, but it doesn't capture the same luster the first had. The post apocolyptic stuff is oversaturating the game market right now. To be honest this is one of those rare sequels that I was hoping not much would change, and sadly, almost everything is worse than the first. Would I recommend buying it? Probably not. I will enjoy it, and have coop fun for the time being, but I have a feeling this won't get as many hours out of me as the first. I can only hope the 3rd game returns more to its roots. I just feel like this young series has taken a wrong turn.

Today is the tenth anniversary of Jet Set Radio.

I will proceed in being sad that there will likely never be a 3rd and Beat, Gum, and other characters will remain abstract unknown cameos in Sega cart racing and sports games.

Anyways, I'm going to replay it sometime soon. I freaking loved this game, and if you have never heard of it you should definately check out the first game for Dreamcast or the not as great, but still awesome Xbox game Jet Set Radio Future.

Game Collectors ASSEMBLE!

Bros, heres whats up.

Gamestop as a company wants to get rid of used DS game cases as a whole and sell them as just the carts. For your normal 5 year old DS kiddo that is A-OK but for many of you game collectors it is not. Not sure how effective this will be, but stores have been told to keep the cases just in case they change the plan and can back up without shooting themselves in the foot. However, this will not happen without YOUR feedback. So I implore you to please email gamestop. Tell them they are being asses or something. I don't really care too much as long as you mention you are angry about this change in their policy.

This means rare games will become even rarer to find complete and once easy to find games will become rare in the process.


I've found an easy way to get in contact with the district manager of your gamestop. If you go to tellgamestop.com, the website where you can take our surveys you can click a hyperlink to give a complaint/compliment without taking the survey.

From here you can select a state, city, etc. The next page allows you to tell them what is wrong, and it has a checkbox that allows you to get in contact with the district manager. This will allow for much quicker response to this action, and may reverse it.

E3 + Some Characters for the title.

Hello Gamespot,

I wrote a 5 page editorial a minute ago and due to some sort of failure likely due to my browser I lost it all, because apparently, I must be logged in to post a blog that I was logged in during the process of writing. Anyways, due to the huge waste of time that I have just suffered I will now write a very short summary of my thoughts on E3.

Microsofts E3 - LOL skittlez.


Sonys E3 - Killzone 3, meh. Sports, meh. IS DAT SUM KEVIN B? Ad campaign, meh. Dead Space 2 SE to have Dead Space extraction DO WANT. BLAH BLAH BLAH (Sony's was LOOOOOOOOONG) Big Surprise? What is it Sony? I sat through this entire thing for nothing it seems, I best be seein somethin OH LAWDY, IS DAT SOME ICE CREAM TRUCK MUSIC, OH LAWDY IS THIS TWISTED METAL, OH LAWDY ITS TWISTED METAL!

Microsoft - D-

Nintendo - A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Sony - B-

Shame on you Microsoft, you and your casual crap. I can accept some of this crap but PFFT, rly?