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Because it is a great, but horribly broken game.

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Rhino Novalis is frozen, played through the mission twice and it remains stuck.

Do you think they are done doing updates to fix these problems or is that it? What you have is what you get.

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@trugs26: I don't want to go as far as to 'Niche' either, but when you look at it as a system seller it is.

Great game, super popular with gamers... but... but it is a cartoon fighting game on the WiiU. Maybe I'm wrong and niche isn't the right word, but it definitely is in a strange position.

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@clone01 said:

Haters gonna hate.


Just finished the game, really liked it.

Maybe it's just not aimed at Children.

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Nice Poll. Apparently, you think that the 9 million people who bought Halo 4 didn't like it.

What is it with you people? You all spend so much time talking about XB1 games in a bad light. That' little green monster will eventually cause shoulder problems...



I didn't love Halo 4, but there is not a ubiquitous dislike of the game. It sold well, got good reviews and was fun.

Hipsters hate every game, they only come out to complain.

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Your argument applies to both systems.

Buy an Xbox One to increase the install base.

Might as well buy a Ouya, or a WiiU... or a stick.

Actually only a Ouya or a stick, anything else would be a waste of money.

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Install rate isn't high enough to currently do much.

Smash is a niche game, popular among gamers but only has a core audience.

WiiU is the best Nintendo can do.

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I like long games, but if it's too long I get bored.

I'll put 200 hours into greatness... but with a lot of games that seem over long I never even start this because I'm not willing to initiate that level of commitment.

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As a GIANT Atlus fan going back to Super Nintendo... Atlus is very capable of making bad games.

I love a lot of them, but they've published their fair share.

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Pikmin 3

"_________" will save WiiU