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My Boyfriend megamannt123 OMG!? o-o

Hey everyone... uhh... long time no see yo! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Not going to even bother saying sorry for not blogging ect.. xD i do it so much! Then you never hear from me again! Though i am here in spirit. >.> seems silly for me to mention that. Anyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyways! Mega made a blog so i better do one right? Well don't expect much ME NO GOOD AT WRITING! >.> xD

Okay so Im sure most of you know already about mega's trip to Canada, since we basically share the same friends. Mega and I have been in a 'secret' relationship since Nov 11 2011! Now the reason why we kept it secret is a lot of people truly would not understand how you can fall in love with someone if you have never met them in person. Now back before I even met Justin I may have thought the same thing. Though really I would not have even thought about it, online relationships were not you know really out there so never seemed like an option to me. Plus at the time I wasn't looking for anyone.

Now I kind of want to skip things... xD Okay so the purpose I joined this site might sound somewhat silly! I was lurking the main forums for quite awhile before making an account I already at the time was part of another game site so I wasn't joining this one for really gaming in mind. I liked the community a lot more over here so I thought why not? I joined in March and started posting a bit on the main forums (I bet at the time people thought I was an alt) Started to get to know this site more, then I made my first blog, about I have no idea! I met Justin when he had commented on one of my blogs, so I checked out his profile and was really impressed with his awesome gaming blogs! I think I was the first one that Pmed him... hehe... xD questions! I mentioned him to join a union I was part of like he mentioned, we talked like every day there! Though continued to Pm each other. I was starting to develop feeling for him which I thought was crazy! I mean come on!?! A gaming site online WTF right? So I thought maybe if I stay away from the site a bit I could you know try to move on, get over the feelings I was developing.. Though guess what? Didn't work! There was something about him that kept drawing me in! As we continued to talk more through Pm we were getting much deeper he was learning things about me I never told anyone else. He was always there for me, when ever I needed someone to talk to! ^^ I was so emotionally attached to him that it scared me how much I truly liked him. Then we moved over to FB where we can really chat about anything... xD Then he had sent me this sweet PM on Gs asking me out! Of course I said yes!

Fast forward now.. xD we had talked for a long time about the idea of him coming to see me over here in Canada! When the time was right and the money of course... He came!

The night before the big day I could not sleep! I mean I was so nervous, though very excited to finally see him in person! My mom drove me to the airport, I don't like Toronto driving hell no!... We get there and get lost of course.. xD went down the wrong road!... :P But we managed to make it back my mom parked then we walked.. longest walk ever! Not literally just yeah know.. xD So we stood by where Justin would be coming out! Geez it felt like hours waiting... I had a ton of butterflies! I just kept wondering if he would like me in person if we would click in person ect ect ect! THEN THEN THEN THEN! I saw him! So I yelled out Justin CANADA! my mom was LIKE EH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seems everyone thinks we say EH... >.> I walked over to him and we hugged which was sweet! He met my mom ect went to Tim Hortons... >.> HE LOVES IT! well the donuts.. xD We walked back to the car, and talked a bit. Though the weather was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad big time! the rain was terrible could not even see where we were going... SCARY SHIT! o_o Finally made it home, longer then it would normally take though.

So we get home and get him set up in his room! My mom made some burgers, and we ate! Played some super smash bros >.> no comment! god he is good... >.> I had told him before that I would kick his ass in that game! Guess what????????????? I didn't win once.. you would think he would let me win right!? >.> I was still a bit shy at that point.. xD We had our first kiss! Was really sweet... Though the first night was really special... :3 The week in general was special too we connected on a whole different level! Talking to Justin was so easy, feels like I have known him my whole life I just love him so much it literally hurts! ^^

I can't wait till I get to come and visit him! Though to be honest what I can't wait for the most is to just be with him everyday... Wake up to seeing his face... ;( All of that I really want! This might sound crazy cause of our ages ect... though I don't care what anyone says but I want to grow old with him! (yes i am romantic >.>) I want to be held by him kissed by him.. ect! One day I hope this will happen, but until then, my love for you Justin will never end because love doesn't know distance! ^^

Hehe my sexy man! :3 Love you baby ^^ !!

Happy Birthday to my best best friend megamannt123! :D

Hey everyone just wanted to make a Bday blog for my best friend mega! ^^ *hugs* I hope you have a wonderful Bday, and many more to come! :D

I have posted this enough lol 2 times of FB but ohh well i shall post it again... :P





hope you have a wonderful Bday! and all your wishes for a brighter future comes true! :)






Anyways Happy Birthday again mega! ^^

Add me on PSN?

Hi everyone :)

Okay so this is really really history in the making, i have finally put my PS3 online for the first time. :P

I have one friend so far. :P

I checked out the whole PlayStation home thing, very weird lol i was getting attacked by some guys on there. lol Was fun i guess but i still don't really get what you do there i guess talk to people. lol

Anyways if anyone would like to add me as a friend fee free too, my PSN ID is fablesway

You can let me know your PS3 ID's in the comment box or PM ect

If you want to know what games i have for the PS3 check out my games collection, can't really remember them all :P

Short blog lol

Hold me in your arms, tonight

Hi everyone. :D Did anyone miss me? >.>

You may be wondering what the title means, or better yet if it has anything to do with the blog. Well it doesn't... It is song lyric from a love song. I have decided that for now on i am going to use love song lyrics for my blog titles. You be asking why. :P Well 1. i am a huge fan of love songs, they really are highly emotional to me, and i will admit they have made me cry..... The biggest reason is well i am romantic okay. :x :P 2. i have a hard time coming up with blog titles so this we make it fun for me. :P

Moving on... i want to thank megamannt123 for making me a wonderful Bday blog, and also for the nice things he said about me. *hugs* He also made a very cool Death Note pic as well, which was also very sweet and nice of him, so thank you. :D I also want to thank everyone who took the time to post in that Bday blog. :)

Okay on to what i got for my Bday....

Game Of Thrones Letter Opener, which is shaped like a sword. (gift from a friend) I have not seen this show but have heard great thing about it, my friend is rather a big fan of it he read some of the books, and i think he bought one of the seasons. :P Supposedly they do not hold back in the book with what they say either... i may want to check the book out. lol

Art pencils, a bunch of 4Bs since i love the feel of how they move when i am drawing.

Two how to draw books, one is how to draw the Head And Figure, the other is How To Draw Nintendo Heroes And Villains. I don't really use these all that much, since they are step-by-step guides, i am past that stage, so now i use them for like reference with certain things.

Stump and a Kneaded Eraser, these two things are amazing the stump is used when you are shadings makes it look very smooth and gives a very beautiful effect. The kneaded eraser is also cool since you can knead it into small sections, so say you shaded an eye, you can use the kneaded Eraser to add a Small highlight with out worry about ruining the whole eye.

Art box and small table, that you can adjust to different height levels, reminds me of an easel in a way.

The reason why i got some art stuff for my Bday, is i have been drawing so much lately mostly anime characters as well as a few game characters. I have also done a portrait for my niece as well, which turned out good for my first time. I have posted some of my art on here, but GS always gives me a hard time -_-.... Now i just post them on FB. I have been debating if i want to go back to school or not, for something art related. I will be going to talk to an counselor next Thursday, to see what i would have to do ect. Most likely a make up course -_- since i have been out of school for so long....

I also got a few games as well: (some i got before and after my bday)


^Prince Of Persia The Fallen King (DS)


^Glory Of Heracles (DS)


^Naruto Ninja Destiny (DS)


^Nintendogs Lab And Friends (DS)


^Naruto Clash Of Ninja 2 Revolution (Will)


^Naruto Clash Of Ninja 2 (Gamecube)

^ All these games i payed either $7 or $6 new there was a sale going on i guess. The gamecube one bought that one for 99 cents at Ebgames used.


^Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii)

This game is awesome, the graphics are very beautiful and the voice over is awesome too, definitely a game worth checking out if you are an RPG fan. when i first tried it i wasn't really sure if i would like the battle system or not, since when you hit an enemies it is somewhat automatic. Meaning once you get close to an enemy you will automatically hit them, hard to explain what i mean. The only thing you kind of control is your skills, once you use a skill you have to wait until it is ready again. It reminds me in a way of White Knight Chronicles, in that game you have to wait when you use a skill as well. I never really understood the whole reason with making you wait when it comes to using a skill, it really can be a pain when you have to wait.... Xenoblade Chronicles is 10 times better though, at least enemies will not hit you if you are far away....


^Mass Effect 3 (Ps3)

I was very surprised to get this game when i did, i thought for sure i would have to wait a few months to get it cheap. Well i was at Walmart and guess what they were selling it for $29 0_______0 so of course i jumped to that. :D I have played a bit not very far though, and i am playing as the girl character, i was debating if i should play as the guy character since the second one i am a girl character too, but meh it worked. :P


^LA Noire (PS3)

I have been waiting for sooo long to get to play this game, it was finally on sale for $20 at Ebgames. I don't have much to say since i haven't really played much, but what i have played it is great. :D


^Just Cause 2 (PS3)


^Angry Birds (psn download for PSP Go)


^YS Chronicles 1 and 2 (psn downlaod for the Go)

I have been getting into Naruto a lot recently, i guess that would explain why i have bought so many Naruto games. lol Also most of the drawing i have been doing are the characters from Naruto like Sasuke... i have been drawing so much of just him. lol Not sure when but quite awhile ago i lucked out and found books 1-16 at the thrift store i go to. I bought them all for like less then a $1 a piece. I wasn't sure if i would like the manga or not, but since i do use manga as my reference when i draw i thought why not. Well i love it....... lol Not as good as Death Note nothing is.. I got through all 16 books within 3 days. My friend is also a fan so he has been letting me borrow his books, so now i am past book 43. I will be borrowing the rest he has which would bring me up to book 48, then i will have to read the rest online i guess....


Ohh and before my Bday i went and saw Hunger Games i give that movie a 5/10

The reason for this is i don't know i found the movie to be very boring and it seemed to drag on for quite awhile.... I will say it did start picking up once they got to the games part, but even then just seemed to be a disappointment to me, they way way over hyped this movie, and in my opinion it didn't really deliver. This is my opinion though, there is a lot of people who loved it, so if you still want to check this movie out, don't let this ruin it for you, you may end up really liking it.

Okay well i will end this blog now. :)

New System!!!!!

Hi everyone :D If you are all coming into this blog thinking my new system is a Vita you are wrong. lol Think 30 years old. :P Well lets just say if my math is correct. Lol

I have been wanting a Colecovision for years, now if you guys don't know what a Coleco is that isn't a big deal, since it is very old. The only reason why i know what it is, is because i collect c l a s s i c video game systems. The Coleco was released in August 1982. My parents back in the day had one and they used to play the original Donkey Kong game that came with the machine. But my mom threw out the machine and games they had for it, so i never got the chance to get to play it, until well now. :P

Okay last Sunday i went to an in door Flea Market, and walked around like i always do, not expecting to buy anything since the games are pretty expensive there. @_@ Except for this one booth, this guy had lots of old games and also had some old machine too, but my eyes were drawn to the back, and there sitting on the table was a Coleco. :D I asked how much he wanted for it, and he wanted $50 with no games and some things were missing. With my mom's help i manged to get the system withtwo games which were Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong JR, some extra components for $30, which i thought was pretty fair and i believe i got a good deal. :D

^Donkey Kong (first level)

^Donkey Kong Jr (first level)

I got home tested everything out and it works great, now the only thing that isn't really working (the guy there mentioned this) was the jump button on the controller. Luckily the Sega Genesis controllers work on the Coleco which is so cool. :D Though i am not using that. Because a few months ago i was a Good Will and they had a boxed Joystick which works on the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and i believe some sort of old computer. Anyways it works perfectly it feels so retro, like i am at an arcade i love it. :D One interesting fact is who ever owned it originally left the receipt in the box, and he played 160 for it. =O I payed $4 for it. :P

Today i bought a few more games for it which are:

^Mouse Trap, just like Pac-Man but much harder since there are like trap doors, and you can get stuck. :P

^Super Action Baseball, not going to say anything about this, since it sucks. Lol

^Zaxxon, very fun shooter. :D

Anyways here are some pics of my new baby to add to my collection. :D Yes i know i said baby. lol

^Here is what the machine it self looks like. :D

^The controller, isn't that so weird looking compared to what controllers look like nowadays. :P

^ this is the Joystick i was talking about, i love this thing. :)

^The games. :D

Okay i will end this blog now. :)

"I'm sexy and i know it" =O

Hi everyone :D nice choice for a topic title right, even though it has nothing to do with this blog... though i will say i really love that song, from the group LMFAO just in case you didn't know that, though sure you all did. :P I just felt like making a fun topic title.Lets just say my family had a very crazy dancing party with that song, as well as myself dancing on tables and chairs. :Pumm i know i was supposed to make a blog at the beginning of January but for some reason i forgot. :P Anyways just a quick blog i just wanted to let you all know what i have been up too. I bought a few games lately *maybe more then a few :lol:*Persona 3, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, Final Fantasy XIII-2, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Dragon Age II, Monster Hunter Tri, Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes From Liberty City andGrandia III. Yeah i know i do buy a lot of games i really need to stop with that cause i know i won't finish any of them... Also i know this is very late but for Christmas i got a PSP Go which i love, i own a PSP original but i wanted the GO. I have to say i am very impressed with it, the battery life is still terrible though... But other then that i like it because it is nice and small and will fit in my pants. :P I bought a few games for it which are Grandai, Legend Of Mana, Breath Of Fire IV, Final Fantasy VII and Harvest Moon Back To Nature. I also bought all the HOTD anime as well. :D As you can tell i have a lot of games to get through. :P

Anyways i will end this blog, because i want to keep it short. :P

Wishing my best best best friend megamannt123 a Happy Birthday :D

Hi everyone, i wanted to make a special blog for a very special person to me, and that special person ismegamannt123 :D today is his 19th Birthday, and i really hope he is enjoying every minute of it :) i hope you all will give him a nice Birthday greeting :D I met mega sometime in the summer, he had commented on one of my blogs and we tracked each other, and then i looked it has blogs, and i was like WOW his gaming blogs are amazing, if you have yet to track him get to it. ;)and within a few days or so we started PMing each other like crazy, and then i started asking him many questions and i believe i asked him more then a 100, :lol: yes i know i am crazy. It was actually fun because i got to know him more, and since then we still PM each other, though i may not ask him as many question. :lol: but we have gotten so close and he means everything to me, he is such an awesome friend who has a sweet and very big heart, and i look forward to getting to know him even more. :) So enough of this mushy stuff. :P Happy Birthday my friend :D

Happy Birthday To You :D

Happy Birthday To You :D

Happy Birhtday Dear Justin :D

Happy Birthday To You :D

I really hope you have a wonderful 19th Birthday :)

Happy Birthday Confetti

Hope you have a great day mega :D :D

Finally reached 10k posts :D :D

Hi everyone :D okay i promise this is going to be a short blog, at least text wise. :P i have finally reached 10k posts, not sure how long it took me though. I do know it took quite sometime to reach it. Iam pretty proud of myself, so you all better congratulate me you here. :x :P

Thanks for reading everyone :D hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and or whatever you celebrate :Di will be making a real blog, maybe in the beginning of January :P i guess i can make a short blog after all :lol:

The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword!!!!

Hi everyone :D long time no blog, did anyone miss me. :o oh come on now you know you all missed me. :P Anyways before I bore you all to death, As you can tell I am making a blog about Zelda. Yes finally I didn't honestly think I would be able to wait for this game, but I did mange though. Okay before I get into talking about Zelda I guess I should let you know what I have been up to. Well at I believe the end of October I went to a comic book store, which also sells manga, and they were having a big Halloween sale. Which of course I could not pass up, the sale was if you buy 5 mangas you get 5 free. :D Now mind you the mangas were in the clearance, because most of them aren't complete, so know I am going to have to go on a wild gooses chase to find the rest. Though I don't mind since I can read them online as well, I may talk about some of them and let you know what I think of them.

So this is what I bought: Short Sunzen,(comedy and Romance) they had book one and two there, I do believe there is more, but to be honest I am not going to bother looking for the rest of this series. It is about a girl named Satsuki who isn't what she appears to be she is rather tough kind of girl, who enjoys getting into fist fights with other people, :P but by looking at her you would never think that. Her friend Aya who secretly has a very huge crush on her but is to afraid to admit it, he is kind of like the piece keeper, always tries to keep her out of trouble. She has no idea he likes her. But it does look like she begins to having feels for him as well. I will say the first book was very good, but I found the second book at least to me seemed to go down hill. The story just seemed to go all over the place, which is a shame because Short Sunzen seemed like it could have had a lot of potential. Okay the next manga I bought was Beck (comedy/ drama) volume 1-3, don't have much to say about this series, since I haven't really read to much. The next manga I bought was Fruit Basket (Romance/ Comedy) volume 15-17, kind of sucks that I couldn't get the start of this series, though I did read some online and I am really enjoying it so far. The characters are quite entertaining and the story really holds my attention. Next is Fairy Tail (Action, adventure, comedy and fantasy) volume 5 and 7, another one that I couldn't get from the beginning, haven't read it yet, but I have watched the anime which I do enjoy. The last on is Dot Hack Legend Of The Twilight ( Fantasy) volume 1-3, can't say much about this one either since I haven't started reading it yet. Not sure if I mentioned this in my last blog, but I bought volume 1-4 of HOTD, because I loved it so much. Though this series is quite expensive $16 each, :o but I really like it so I will pay good money for it.

^Fairy Tail

^Friut Basket

^Dot Hack (i think this is the Twilight one)

Alright onto gaming maybe a month ago I bought a few games which are Mass Effect 2, I love this game having so much fun with it, put in about 22 or 23 hours into it, it is funny since my friend would talk my ear off to buy this game but I never bothered, now I am very glad I did. I also bought Catherine, full price which is kind of rare for me to do, but I couldn't wait, so I bit the bullet and bought it. I really am enjoying the story and the characters are very interesting, I will say the puzzles sure are killing me though. Very hard game and can really kill your patients at times, or maybe just my patients right. :P I went to the library and I couldn't believe you can take out games there, now the only kinds of games they had were for there Wii, and the only decent one was PokePark. I really wanted to try this game, I did like it but I will say it is even too easy for me, but I did finish it though. I have no plan on buying it because doesn't seem like there would really be any replay value, at least to me. I also bought Okamiden for the DS, I have never tried any of the games from this series since they are pretty much impossible to come by around here. >.> The art sty$$ is simply amazing, and the game itself is so much fun to play. I have also beat Zelda 3DS, so I am now going to see how well I do in the masters quest, wish me luck everyone I am sure I will need it. @_@

Now onto movies I recently saw The Three Musketeers in 3D since there wasn't a 2D version, and I have to say I really enjoyed it, a definite must buy for me. I also took out a few movies from the library, which were Crazy Heart, (I didn't watch the movie my mom did though) Black Swan, I loved this movie had so many twists just like any psychological thriller, a must see, if you have yet seen this movie. Death Note the second movie, I own the first one, and the second one is nothing at all like the books or the anime, they really kind of ruined it in a way, I wouldn't recommend seeing this movie unless you are a huge fan like me. Though even so you will most likely not like it. The last one is Twilight, yes Twilight, the funny thing Is I do enjoy watching the Twilight movies but for some reason, I skipped the first one. I also recently bought Harry Potter 7 part 2, so now I own all the Harry Potter movies, and all the books as well. Though I have not read all the books I only read the last one so I knew how it would end. I did see part 1 and 2 in theatres, but only saw the last one in 3D because part 1 didn't have an option to watch it in 3D. The one really cool thing is when I bought my ticket for the 3D show I got these 3D glass that look like Harry Potter's glasses, I don't know I just though it was cool. So anyways I watched the last one and I did end up crying, (just like part 1) there is a lot of emotional parts, and in a way it is sad to see the series end. I can't complain though it was long running, so it only makes sense that they ended it when they did. I will say if you have yet to see a Harry Potter movie you really need to at least give it a try.

Alright now onto Zelda Skyward Sword, :P I went to Toys rus early again at like 8:30am to wait for the store to open at 9:00, anyways there was me and this other person that went to get the game, though she did not pre - order her copy. I bought the bundle pack if you are wondering and I have a pic, lets see if it will work >.>. Okay so I have played a little bit of Zelda and I am absolutely loving it, I can't believe how good this game is, the in game music is beautiful, also so is the soundtrack that comes with the game. I have not bothered to use the gold Wii remote though, kind of want to keep it in good shape, I may use it when my black controller dies, but most likely not. :P Also for the first time ever sometimes when you talk to people they give you a chance to form your own opinion, I was very surprised by that since Link is always silent. :P It was nice to see a change. I would also like to add, that using the sword in this game is very different you have to use more Strategy to hit your enemies, you don't just rush into a battle and swing your remote, you need to be more accurate on how you swing your remote. I actually liked that idea, you feel more like Link in a way. :P

Ohh and before I end this blog, I will be going to see the new Twilight movie this Tuesday, and I know maybe like 90% of people hate Twilight, :P but I do like the movies I am not a huge fan but I do enjoy them. :P Also I am not one of the fans that are team Edward, or team Jacob, I am team Jasper. :oops: if there is one that is. :P

Extra Extra read all about it

Hi everyone :D Okay I have realized I haven't made a blog in quite sometime, and I thought I should make an update just so you all know that I am still here. Even though I try to make the point to comment on everyone's blogs, so I am sure you would all know that I do in fact have a pulse.

Anyways moving on, last Saturday I went to a country bar. I have never been to this bar, but I have heard a lot of good things about it. They had line dancing there and I of course was apart of it, I had a lot of fun doing it even though the dance is kind of weird since you are pretty much dancing in a line. I also fell while I was line dancing O_O, and I wasn't even drunk.:P One of the really cool things they had was a real bull that you can ride, and I am not talking about the mechanical bulls. I lasted a total of 5 seconds, *checks online* actually I lasted 8 seconds. I have decided to pursue a career in bull riding because I know what is up. ;)Okay I know all of you don't believe me, so it is time to fess up. It was a mechanical bull that I rode and I fell off rather quickly, it was very funny how quick I fell off. :lol:Give me a break though I was the only one that tried it, all my friends got scared when it was there turn. After seeing that I know bull riding is not really my thing, I still had fun non the less. The best part of the country bar by far is well all the guys with cowboy hats on, are you surprised you shouldn't be. After going to this bar I started to listen to more country music , like Lady Antebellum. To my surprise I have really grown to love this band, right now I am addicted to *Just A Kiss* really nice song to listen to. This is coming from someone that likes rock musicthe best, but I guess there is nothing wrong with listening to country. :P Never in a million years would I believe I would listen to country music, my parents are really big country fans though.

^ :oops:

In gaming news

I have finally completed Kingdom Hearts 2, :D I am so proud of myself because I don't really finish games. I can probably count on my hands how many games I have actually finished, :|which is rather sad but it is what it is. The last boss I died about three times, but I refused to quite. I really wanted to complete this game, and to be honest it is a long awaited game that needed to be completed. I bought Kingdom Hearts 2 way back when I was still in I believe high school, can't remember though. Keeping with the Kingdom Hearts theme I have also bought Kingdom Hearst Re: coded for the DS, I have to say I wasn't really enjoying it at first, but now that I have gone farther in the game I can safely say I do in fact love it. They have also added new elements like side scrolling, shooting and turn-based combat which is actually kind of fun. Just today I bought Disgaea 3 Absence Of Justice, I am really liking this game so far even though I just bought it ^_^, I have never played a Disgaea game before, but I am glad I bought it though.

Recent games I have been playing :

Disgaea 3 Absence Of Justice (PS3)

Kingdom Hearts Re coded (DS)

Resident Evil 4 (Game cube)

Ys ; The Oath in Fergana (psp)

Sly Cooper 1 (PS2)

Sly Cooper 2 (PS2)

Dark Cloud 2 (PS2)

Pokemon Black (DS)

Metroid Other M (Wii)

Super Paper Mario (Wii)

Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

3D Dot Game Heroes (PS3)

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PS3)

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem(Game Cube)

GTA San Andreas (PS2)

Zelda Ocarina Of Time (3DS)

No wonder I don't finish many games, I have to many I am working on. O_O

I have been watching a few anime recently, Thanks to a great friend of mine on here megamannt123, who is also my[spoiler] E-crush :oops: [/spoiler] he mentioned High School Of The Dead, which I am done with, I finished the anime. I really enjoyed it mind you it is pretty violent and there is some sexual suggested scenes, so it may not be for everyone. I am now reading the manga, I am not very far yet but I plan on finishing it soon.

I have also been watching Love Hina and Vampire Knight, Love Hina is pretty good and there is a lot of funny parts, but I honestly don't really care much about it. What can I say about Vampire Knight I really like it so far, I am thinking about buying the manga series for Vampire Knight. All I have to say is there is not one anime out there that can beat Death Dote, speaking from a super obsessed fan. ^_^

^ Zero Kiryu Yuki Cross (Vampire Knight)

^ Rei Miyamoto and Takashi Komuro (HSOTD)

Thanks For reading :D

Peace friends Ally ;)

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