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So I just managed to get to Live.

Updated my Xbox.

Went to game demos to get the Batman demo.

"hhmmmmm.. what's this? Best rated demos? I wonder what game demos people enjoy most.."


Why the hell do these games gete overlooked?

You know when you are looking at a bargain bin or preowned secting.. And you're just standing there, and you pick up this game up..

"hmmmm.. Arcade compilation disc? Is this really worth my 4 bucks?" "PGR3 for 3 bucks? but isn't that an old game?" "Earth Defense Force 2017? Why is it so cheap? This is bound to suck, right?"

Then you just leave them there.. You grab a brand new copy of RE5 for 60 bucks, just to get home and find out that the game isn't your cup of tea after all.

This has happened to most of us. Thing is... Why the bloody hell do most of us get brand new games? I mean, they're new and I'm eager to try them out.. But why just the hyped, pricey ones? Is a budget title a bad game by definition?

More and more I am stopping from buying games at release. What was the last one I did.... like Fifa 09 to play against some friends.

But what pisses me off the most is that there are fun games out there that I have never heard of.

Today I got LMA Manager 2007 for 5 bucks. I had no expectations what-so-ever on this game as I hadn't ever heard about it. In fact, I wasn't even aware the series had any games passed LMA 2001 for the PSX. I am really finding this game to be enjoyable. And I am getting more entertainment out of this than any pricey release there is at this time.

Another thing is that these so called "professional reviewers" from these websites rather complain about technical profenciency and unpolished graphics and terrible AI and gameplay if anything in the game isn't close to resemble real life (with added shades of grey and bloom).

And is a game really worth 60 bucks?

Is it not worth waiting 2 or 3 months? By the time the game is in the bargain bin? Funny thing is that no matter how good these games are, when they get to the bargain bin you end up having the same doubts I wrote in the beginning of this post.

And when you have doubts on a 5 dollar game, how come it used to be worth 70? Did the game got WORSE with time?

I'm taking a position. I am not getting no game for more than 30 dollars.

Mr. Morrison - PART 3 of 3! - FINALE!

After our afro-black friend prepared the stuff for traffication, Morrison gets some for his family and some more for Sewer Man and mister afro-black.. After days and days of traffication and consumption, in the opposide side of the world, Vic Donnati is informed by spies that Morrison is in some island on the Pacific Ocean stoned to the MAX. So he's sent off immediately, cause this client.. has broken the rules...

Look! It's a seagul!

No! It's a plane!

No! It's Sewer Man!

Na, na it is Vic Donnati! Wait.. Vic Donnati?? What the **** he doing here??

(Vic Donnati) It appears to me you have exceeded the rules Mr. Morrison, and went beyond reasonable by cutting off your wife's brain and isolating your family and your self in this pathetic island with some afro-black stereotype just to escape from my obvious great power. How naïve of you. Because, you know.. Here I am! Haha Don't get me wrong Mr. Morrison, I'm just here to make you follow the rules. So I'll just… I don't know… Let's kill people!

Vic Donnati kills his wife and kid, but it has no effect on Morrison cause he's stoned! So he sets the whole island on fire!

(Morrison) OH NO! MY REASON TO BE!!

(Black) Yo I told you mah friend! Smoking kills what you love most! Damn… Dat was sum mighty fiiiine Marijulia!...

(MUSICA DO BOB MARLEY dont worry about the things na sua estadia na ilha)

Mr. Morrison - PART 2 of 3!

(son) No mommy! They are sharks!

(Morrison) Oh ****

(som do avião a despenhar-se)

(Son) Oh no, there's sharks everywhere!

(Cindy) The SEWER MAN!

(Morrison e son) Wat?

(musica dos motoratos)

Sewer Man falls down from the sky and beats the crap outta them sharks!

(Morrison) See son? I told you the Sewer Man might come in handy! Now let us swim our way into paradise!

Arriving to the island, an afro-black salesman tries to get some cheap bucks:

Yoo mah brothers welcome to the paradise! Wassup? You are O.K.? But dat don matter now, I'm on my work! Wat time is it? Anyone got time? You don? An wabbout some watches?? Look here sum pretty watches!! You want no watch?? Then look here sum bracelet! You pretty woman, bracelet for your nice!!


(Morrison) No, we do not want any of that! You don't happen to have the stuff, do you??

(Black) Wat ma brotha?

(Morrison) For god's sake, THE stuff!!

(Black)Oh, right.. My stash.. Walk dis way friend!

After a long walk, they enter an infinite Marijuana plantation! The drugdealer's heaven! For drugdealers like our Mr.Morrison...

(Black) We arrive!

(Cindy) Wow! Look! It's Mickey the Black Rat! Let's go! WHEEEEEEEE!!

(Son) What's this daddy?

(Morrison) Your FUTURE! Remember to never listen to those **** no-smoking companies! They make you dine in HELL! When you grow up, we shall DESTROY THEM ALL! And then we shall rule ALL MARIJUANA, father and son!!

(Son) Ok papaa!

Mr. Morrison - PART 1 of 3!

.(Narrator) After Morrison's wife got the shock, they returned home. Morrison, sick of all this pressure and feeling stuck in a bottomless pit, decided to destroy his Quitters Inc.'s contract, which was stored in his home's safe. The only one who knew the opening code was his wife:

(Morrison)- Cindy I'm so sick of all this! I can't stand it no more! What's that damned safe's code? I must destroy that contract!

(Cindy) – NO way! This game is now between us, Morrison, and we're sticking togheter until the end, no matter what happens!

(Morrison) – Oh! You think this is some sort of love movie?? Oh baby you're so wrong! In top off all this, Bobby's got a new load and I have to go get it!

(Cindy)- What??! You.. You are...

(Morrion)- (duh) Yes babe I am! How do you think I managed to get this mansion?? Welcome to the real world baby! Now, the code, please?

(Cindy ) Don't even think so!

(Morrison) – Let's do this the HARD way then!

Morrison reaches a drawer and takes out a cirurgical knive back from his days of medial cirurgy and takes off his wife's brain, leaving her without her memory as revenge:

(Morrison) - Well. The plane is ready! Call your son or they'll get me killed haha (gargalhada cinica)

(Cindy ) Gaaa.. Who is me?

Inside the airplane...

(son) Daddy where are we going?

(Cindy) You are sweet boy but you is retarded? We are on to Disneyland!

(Morrison) Nevermind you mother, she's just a little disturbed cause we're going on vacation! We are on our way to a wonderful place my son where you'll become a real MAN!

(son) Daddy... What is the sewer man doing here? He stinks SO bad!

(Morrison) He might come in handy!

(Narrator) Attention all passengers, our pilot is drunk so he checked the markers backwards and we are running out of gas! In fact, we are already out of gas. Our company wishes you very good luck because there are raging savage flesh-eating sharks down there! Thank you for flying with WhyIsMySeatOnFire Airlines.

(Narrator )While the plane crashes…

(Cindy -) Look! Cute dolphins!


One of the following days I'm starting to post a little story me and my lady friends wrote about Mr. Morrison. It will be the completion of a real BOOK. So I hope you'll enjoy it ;D

Sonic games are good! - PART 2

Wow, for a moment there in your post I actually thought you gave a ****
I don't know if you even READ what I wrote. I did in fact say Sonic06 was a bad game, so I don't know what you're arguing about in the first part lol

As for the rest,

Either you are a "professional" game reviewer and as so I don't know why the **** you are here.
Or you aren't and I don't know what the **** you're complaining about.

You see, I don't give two **** about what these "professionals" say. I play the games. After I play them, I then get MY OWN conclusions.

Your post made me further believe that you have played recent Sonic games with a already preconceived idea and didn't even bother trying to like it, or that you haven't played them AT ALL and are just basing your arguments on the "professionals".

"But having fun has a general standard, and that's what gaming reviews generally try to achieve."
Unfortunately, that's what they SHOULD try to achieve. As we all know, reviewers these days pay waaaay too much attention to tech stuff than the actual experience itself.

"And dammit, you can eat a plate of **** and think it's good, but it'll still be ****"
I think that metaphor is curious. Who gets to name whatever is on the plate as **** The "professionals"? If so, I still don't give a ****, cause it's some delicious '****'.
I rather eat **** that tastes like lobster than a lobster that tastes like **** Catch my drift? And I **** love lobster.

How much points do I get in "Pictionary" for a big old **** YOU'? ;)

Don't even bother replying if you're not going to express you own opinion on the subject. If I'd want to ear your jibba jabba **** I'd go to some "professional" website.

Sonic games are good!

"It's about quality, not if the games are "fun" or "are for kids"."
1. an amusement or pastime
1. something that provides mirth or amusement

sorry, I have just been blown away by your **** comment. Go enjoy your "quality". I thought games were about having fun. Guess it's about this "quality".. Go figures.

Gamma, I don't read online reviews by so-called "professionals".
Why don't you head on to gamespot and read the PLAYERS REVIEWS of Sonic Unleashed. The smashing majority rate the game real high, cause it's a fun game.
Have you played it? If you have, did you not enjoy it a bit?

Sonic games have ALWAYS had some bad level design. For example, try playing Sonic CD (considered by many the best Sonic game). You'll get **** in some levels! Did that made the game bad? Of course not! Sonic was a fad back then!

Same thing today. If you play ANY main Sonic game (well, except for 06) without reading anyone's opinion first, you WILL enjoy it. Cause the games are fun! People are just ****

"Rush, Chronicles and Secret Rings were acceptable."
acceptable? lol since when is a game "acceptable"? A game can be: 1) fun; 2) not fun. This isn't a math exam. Games shouldn't be rated as acceptable. Gaming critics are getting like movie critics. Showing no feeling at all.

So what if the games have bad level design or awkward story? As long as they are still fun, what's the problem?

Gamma, I'm sorry, but if you really enjoy playing games you know you're wrong. You can state that you did not have fun playing the latest Sonic games. But saying that having fun doesn't matter when it comes to playing games is just retarded.

Hey Guys I'm Back!

Hellz yeah! I've been away for way too looong so I came back to keep up with my reviews and maybe some blog posts hehe

I must say I'm not avaiable anymore to all ladies out there.. which you may find disapointing.

BUT, I'm ready to face my ultimate challenge.

See ya buddies! ;D