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Blow some steam about this place.

Level 29 WTF When the hell did I get to level 29? GS is so weird now. I left right before the redesign and now there are widgets and useless junk everywhere. But then again it was much different when I first started here. The forums were just random boards and the only thing keeping people together in them was a locked thread of member's names. Oh yeah ,the background was blue. Times were simpler then and cross unions were not a problem. I must admit I had more fun at the Final Fantasy Legion than I ever did in any Union (except maybe HCU because we played online and fffu). I just wish I wasn't part of the reason why it was destroyed (not entirely my fault, but I was a poor mod and unions put the last nail in it's face) I miss you guys, but not enough to come back because this place is a drug. It's true, this place is a drug. It is an addicting useless waste of time that satisfies simple interpersonal relations with people who share interests that I think is either too weird to talk too my normal friends about or too unknown for anyone to be as passionate about as me. But I would never want to talk to anime fans or avid video game players in real life because there personalities are shallow dull and predictably lame. Take no offense, but I probable would only like you guys half as much as I do if I were to meet you in real life. So that led me to a place like this and I found myself on the forums. I was posting a crap load and would wait for minutes just to get the reaction out of a person. But it really doesn't add up to anything. These levels are pretty pointless as does most posting unless it is over a topic with real substance and debate. And when I find a place of good debate, it only deteriorates into the same old off topic cheap jokes and nonsense. So when I lost the back end of GS, the main part of the website was not there to keep me in and perhaps lure me back to the threads in the future. Once Jeff, Ryan, Brad, Alex, and Rich left, there was no reason to stay in GS because their personality alone is what set this site apart. Heck, if GS live was never created, I would never have been so involved in video games to even think about posting in a forum. So I decide to leave GS. I am lucky because Jeff, Ryan, Brad, and Vinny made a new website "GiantBomb.com". It really is a return to the simple, clean system I remember and loved. Plus, just being in the website is fun. It is a wiki site for everything video games and anyone is allow to add to it (once it goes through a mod). I can not only read about new games or talk about old, but I can also enlighten myself with interesting facts and help add to it myself. It is still a VG website, but I must admit that it is much more persistent than this place. You can find me at giantbomb.com, username McQuinn and playstation network with the same name McQuinn If you ever wondered what I look like, here's a pic of me making a face.

I'm don't know, I think I'm done.

Well, I have lost complete intrest in this site and I think I can attribute to a number of reasons. 1. I'm growing up and going out more that I can drive. 2. I don't like gamespot since Jeff Gerstmann and others left. GSL was the only reason I even kept coming back in the first place. 3. I've actually been playing games. I'm sorry ive been gone all summer, but I just want to relax. Don't know when I'm coming back. QUINN

Sorry I've been gone

I always knew this would happen. No matter how involved i get, I always somehow meat a slump in where im not interested in the forums anymore. I'm always assured to come back, but I just lost the will to go into threads. Ill be back idk but at latest before school ends.

Sorry about my absence |political rant|

Yeah, I'm in one of those slumps that I get into when I loose interest in GS for a while. I will probably be back in a month or sooner or something. NE who VOTE MIT! VOTE MIT! VOTE MIT! John McCain may be a war hero, but thats no reason to vote for him. He is a conceriberal. He has in intention of enforcing our border. Mit is everything good. AND nobody at all should a problem with him being a mormon. All the mormons I know are kind, family caring (not inloving) and fun people. It upsets me that I'm one year to young to vote this year while I see so many people who don't even know what the base for the party they are supposedly in (my dumb friend). VOTE MIT! P.S. The U.N. sucks

One mans trash is another mans treasure. (Otaku are flipin weird)

Well I just went to my local Game Crazy for a variety of reasons. First to trade in my broken sixaxis controller for a new one. Then use my free game rental on Uncharted. Finally get rid of the 14 sum of old junk games that have been under my bed and in my closet. I would have been happy with $2 for the lot. Most of them are Genesis games (that thing has been missing for years) and apparently they don't take them. There was a group of nerds there and one started to dig into my pile. He picked out three games and was willing to pay $5 each. He picked out Pit Fall Mayan Adventure (horrible), Echo (why was this even a game), and Loony Toons Adventures (wtf). I don't know. Well I'm glad to finally play uncharted I hear it's good. First I need to look over my exam review sheet for AP US. I heard the exam is straight from the paper cus I need the help :) P.S. I'm glad the name change in the last one really does prove reverse psychology works.

Another post that probably noone will probably read

Well, im pretty busy right now so I haven't been on much. I'm bumbed the packers lost, I hope that at least the Pats loose. That night I managed to catch a cold, so that stinks. I've finally got to play Rock Band. The drum set is awesome and it stinks when it's your turn to sing. It takes awhile to drown out the annoying sound of the plastic clicks and poor singing. The guitar tracks are not as good as guitar hero so the only thing worth buying it for is the drum set; I will not be buying Rock Band. NEway im stuck in GH3 on expert on the Slayer song. I'm going to see Clover Field Tomorrow. Don't spoil the ending. Swimming is done, I freaking hate the swim coach, I always feel like slapping her in the face. Well, swimming isn't over, I'm just skipping districts to go to a raider competition since, you know, it's actually fun. Oh yeah I got a car. It's a 2001 saturn that's in great condition and it was only $1000, steal! That still doesn't change the fact that I don't have f#cking half my hours to get my license since my mom won't me drive with her. While that's going nowhere, I'm studing for my Motorbike permit so I can get a motor cycle. P.S. I wish I had the super power super jump and super land. Just think about how awesome that is. Not like 200ft more like 2000 ft. What power would you want? Be reasonable.

Get the led out of your pants.

Thanksgiving Break was way too short. I want to sleep all day and not have to do this history essay that i've been procrastinating. My favorite left over dish is making turkey penini (whatever) It's so delicious. NEwho I'm level 25 now so i guess I'm an old GS veteran now. 3 yrs and counting. I just got Call of Duty 4 for the PS3. If anyone gets it, be sure to invite me (McQuinn). A friend convinced to to watch avatar: the last airbender. It's better than i thought and better than most cartoons. Plus you can't not laugh at a saber toothed moose. So I'm going to sell all the old crap out the corner of my room. I think I have 2 ps1 controllers, a sega game gear with power rangers and sonic 3, an adapter and link cable to gameboy pocket (might keep if i want to play pokemon again) and i think im missing something.

yo what

Well, I got bored Sso I decided to make a blog. Went to raider competition yesterday. Could have gone better. Went to kingsdominion last friday, it rained, it was one of the most fun days of my entire life. No line anywhere and managed to go on every rollercoaster, and mess up so many workers and became so soaked. *sniff* lost my favorite hat Discovered they made a second "Anchorman" using extra footage of the original. Been playing Ratchet & Clank ToD Really want the next weeks issue of bleach to come out. The greatest song ever is "Fit But You Know It" by The Streets w00t 4 day week end About to start round 2 of the Dimension wars. Going to the top. I guess that's it, can't think of anything else at the moment. I'm going to bed.

One piece Funimation

I just watched the new english one piece and I've got to say it gives the original justice. I really like it and recomend that you watch. I just makes me feel good that it doesn't suck the living soul out of my body. watch it saturdays at 10:00 est. cartoon network no more of this

Hey I'm Back and MORE!!! |picture journal|

Well Vacation was fun. Here i took some pics off my crapy phone camera. I went around my dads home town of Wilks-Barre [Wooks Berry] (that place where The Office takes place) It's up in da mountains.  Oh yeah, if your parents say they walked 5 mile in the snow, NAW more like 1. After seeing the family, we went up to my aunt's in Rhode Island.   Checked out a submarine.  Bought some junk  And went to a sea food festival, but i forgot to take a picture. Once I came home I finished my history paper. It was really short and easy. THEN   well im to play my PS3