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I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems butta glitch aint one.
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That sucks. I would get different one. Story is the biggest part of the game.
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A new console is great, but don't buy unless there is a game that interest you. I will say if you haven't preordered then I would do that as I think this console might have a shortage for a bit.
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The last of us has better story out of the three, but if you get fc3 and tomb raider together then I say do that. I like all three for different reasons.
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Heavenly Sword is also one of my favorite short games.
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95 out of 100? It was 96 out of 100. That's barely an A on the grading system!! Im not getting this now. Way to drop the ball Sony. I kid. Getting it 2morrow. I haven't been this excited since uncharted 2 came out.
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Ni No Kuni is long. Kind of a kiddie story, or a family style story. Maybe check that out, but I know KoA will also keep you busy. Fallout 3 is good. Killzone 3 was okay, but don't get if you don't like fps that much. Motorstorm is still fun. If you liked the first you will like that one. 3D dot is okay. Been done before. Now bout that wad of cash you got. You need me to take some for? Is it blood money or tainted?
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I don't really like my slim. I like the ol phat gal. Its just uglier, little louder, feel like the xmb is slower, but its still a good version cuz just having a ps3 is good. If you could really wait. Then I say black Friday will prolly have really good deals. Gamescom will be an announcement for price cut probably.

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I saw that. Said something about xp. Was gonna download but I have way to much to play right now and last of us is next on my list. I started my rpgs all at the same time. Ni No Kuni, Fallout 3, Kingdoms of Amalur, Skyrim, and Dragon Age 2 that I keep putting on the back burner. Free is good though I couldn't complain.
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Im renting from redbox tomorrow, but buying it on Saturday.