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Definitely still worth getting, as everyone has pointed out its available on psn+ so the online will see a sharp rise but even if the online wasn't as popular the campaign itself is awesome and definitely worth a run through. My opinion it's better then the last three COD'sTheG28
I thought campaign was terrible. Looked beautiful though. Definitely about the multiplayer though.
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Yeah another star wars rpg by bioware. Then a new ip with rts game with gears of war vs halo.
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Check out metacritic. There you can view games that interest you and read reviews from critics and players. Right now I say you have plenty to play for awhile. Ni No Kuni is a long game. Im 43 hours into it. It is definitely the longest game I have played this gen outside of multiplayer. Get the exclusives for ps3. Resistance, Uncharted, Heavy Rain. From your collection it seems like you like the E rated games so I don't have any real recommendations.
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It is. Especially since its free if your a member.

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I did just wondering if anyone else stumbled across a better deal yet from some another site that I might not of thought to look. Also maybe someone might of read an article or something about amazon preorder plans or somewhere else. Thanks for your so kind help though rattlesnake. You don't seem like a douche at all.
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Is there a bundle with infamous second son? Or a second controller?
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I want to take advantage of the game bundle with the ps plus for 10 off but was wanting to know if i pay now do they hold the payment til it ships? Does anyone know of any other ps4 preorder launch bundle deals? Weird to me that amazon is only offering standard edition for preorder but the new bundle deals have launch bundle editions.

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I played on hard. The AI does seem to get harder later on still somewhat dumb though. They do start to flank you more later on, and they have better weapons. Still dumb though cuz I can hide but not my Ellie. She would just crouch in the open and the enemy AI just don't care about her which took away some of the fun.
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I played all of em. Have all of em. what are you going for though. If your going with story I would say Tomb Raider then Assassins Creed 3. Gameplay it would go Far Cry 3, then God of War. If you want a game to beat then I say go with God of War. Its probably the shortest. The ranking that I liked them in is: Tomb Raider Far Cry 3 Assassins Creed God of War
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I like the games for ps4. Also being 100 dollars cheaper helps me seal my pick. Also like that I don't hafta be plus member to enjoy my Netflix. I will prolly get a xbox one now though sometime down the road. Definitely think the PR and that guy who said "if you don't have internet then there is always 360" should be fired as well as the head designer guy.