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Oh can u delete the demos 2?

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U can delete all ur games saved right?
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I just got my ps3 yesterday and i got Resistance.  So far i love it and i havent even played online yet.
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eh as long as they are trying to make the game better or work out all the glitches and bugs im fine with that.
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thats a crap lineup michael098
Sure to u it is. To ps3 owners its awesome. Six of those games are getting 9 and higher. Much better then the 360 lineup reviews.
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The lineup is not that impressive at all. Most of the games that were supposed to be coming out in March got delayed. The best games coming out are Motorstorm, VF5, and a PS2 game in God of War II. This is sad.
Still thats 20 new games in a 2 month period. So still alot to choose from. Cant wait for Motorstorm and March Madness Tourney in the dorm hall!!!
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Plus the new version is coming out and i know some people who are gonna get that 2.
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Why is everyone freaking out bout the ps3.  People are mad cuz they wont get one on launch.  Me?  Im currently happy with the ps2 still.  It has tons of good games out still. FFXII, God Hand isnt bad, Bully is fun, and still playing classic rpg Dragon Quest, as well as Madden never gets old to me specially online. Always fun to play someone new. Soon Socom is coming out so i say who needs ps3 right now. Too many good games still left on the ps2.  Whatever fanboy u are in the next gen war u gotta give the ps2 alot of credit.  Going out with a bang.  What a way to good. Congrats ps2.